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Chapter 209 Misunderstanding

 Chapter 209 Misunderstanding

The reason why he said to keep it short was that he still had others things needed to be prepared.

The night of the camp was the same as every other place he went to. There were no stars or moon in the sky, it was dark and quiet as usual. The only difference was that the camp was surrounded by a strange "" sound.

The temperature was still very low outside the shed, there were snow flurries falling from the dark sky from time to time. The roof of the sheds and the top of the spore plants which were surrounding the camp were already covered with a thin layer of snow, perhaps it had been snowing for some time now.

If Chu Yunsheng had to mention one benefit that dark blood age had brought to earth, it would probably be the fresh air.

Of course, not counting the miasma of spores.

Zhang Hu couldn't stand outside for long because of freezing temperature, so once he got the meat from Edgar he quickly moved back to the shed.

Looking at his shivering body, Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Although he promised that he would save his mistress, he did not think the girl could survive in an isolated room for such a long time. Even though the food might be enough, the mental torture was much deadlier.

:"Mr.Lennon, thank you for saving me." Jing Mouyou's voice was low and tender.

:"You don't need to thank me, you saved my man as well. " Chu Yunsheng said. What he said was true, the girl almost lost her life to save Edgar, but compared to her, Chu Yunsheng didn't have anything to lose.

:"my ability is still very weak, otherwise, many people would have survived. Also, thank you for the vitamin C, my mom...." she said. She was bowing her head down while she was talking, it seemed like she had a very low self-esteem.

The girl was probably thinking too much about what Chu Yunsheng had told her, but Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to listen to what she wanted to say.

All Chu Yunsheng could think of was probably that the girl felt embarrassed to ask the question, so she was trying wait until she felt less embarrassed and then ask.

But who knows when that would be, so he immediately stopped her. :" your name is Xiao Jing, right? I know why you are here."

:" know? You will....." Jing Mouyou instantly raised her head and looked at Chu Yunsheng in surprise.

Chu Yunsheng interrupted her again:" I know! The method I used was different from a wood element dark... oh.. I should say different from a Skywalker's...there was just a small accident, so your clothes and quilt were destroyed by my energy, there was nothing like what they said. So you don't need to worry. Originally I didn't want to explain this...but since you are here... Anyway, you are a good girl, but it is not good for both of us if you are still demanding for an answer!"

Jing Mouyou was dazed for a second, then her white ears instantly turned red, she did not expect Chu Yunsheng to say that this bluntly. But this was not what she was here for, so she immediately explained:" I trust you, Mr.Lennon, and I did not think that way.... I am here for another thing."

"Other thing?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

:" I....I...Mr.Lennon could you teach me how to cure the poison?" she was very embarrassed to ask.

Chu Yunsheng frowned just when he was about to refuse, Jing Mouyou begged nervously again:" I'm sorry, Mr.Lennon, I know I have asked too much from you, please don't get mad."

The reason why she was so nervous was because the people in the camp had already told her what happened in the secret passage and how powerful this man was. She didn't want to make him angry because she knew that the consequences would be deadly.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head:" it's not that I don't want to teach you, it's that you won't be able to use it. You and the old man both should focus on your own abilities and forget about this."

The reason why he deliberately mentioned both was because he wanted to tell her that he had already rejected the old man once.

A glimmer of hope slowly faded away in her eyes when Chu Yunsheng rejected her. However Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to be angry, so she was also relieved.

Chu Yunsheng closed the map and put it back into his cotton coat then turned around to Edgar:" Edgar, let's go!"

Suddenly, he smelled a hint of fragrance when he passed by Jing Mouyou. The smell which had a trace of wood elemental energy flew into his lung and followed the path his Rong Yuan cells travelled then quickly got into one of the talismans he made. It happened within a split second, when Chu Yunsheng tried to sense it again, it had already disappeared.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, he instantly harnessed the energy inside his body to check if there was anything wrong. Then he suddenly stopped walking. He quickly turned back around and stared aggressively at Jing Mouyou like a wolf staring at a sheep.

Jing Mouyou had a sudden shudder at Chu Yunsheng's aggressive eyes.

She instinctively moved back one step. Then she saw that the man was hesitant, it seemed like he was struggling to make a decision or maybe he had some concerns. But one thing didn't change, it was his aggressive look, he was staring at her from the top to the bottom and he was getting closer and closer.

Even Edgar felt something was wrong. :" is Mr.Lennon really interested in the girl...." he thought.

:"Mr....Mr.Lennon?" the girl said nervously, Chu Yunsheng was only one step away from her now, she couldn't help but start to breathe rapidly, every part of her body instantly became tense.

:"Shush...don't move!" Chu Yunsheng said, he wanted to catch that smell, and he didn't want anyone to interrupt him.

At the same time, Shan Yuxiong and the other people also walked out the shed. The first one was Li Xi, but he was stunned when he saw Chu Yunsheng's face less than 10cm away from Jing Mouyou's face, what was more shocking was that Chu Yunsheng even took a huge sniff and it seemed like he was not even satisfied.

He is molesting Mouyou! Everyone was thinking the same thing when they saw it.

A few of them got relieved that Zhang Zizhao was locked up, otherwise, he would definitely want to kill this man.

But no matter what he was doing, the whole camp instantly fell into an awkward silence. Jing Mouyou was looking at them with teary eyes, she was seeking help, but they didn't dare to say anything to stop the man.

Qin Renno however didn't hold back, he gritted his teeth and charged out immediately when he saw Mouyou's hopeless expression, Li Xi tried to stop him, but how could he stop a Skywalker, even if Qin Renbo was an old wooden element skywalker, he was still not someone he could stop.

Perhaps Li Xi had tried too hard, even though he couldn't stop the old man, the old man's clothes were ripped when he broke free.

Both Shan Yuxiong and Li Xi didn't know what to do now. The entire camp depended on both Xiao Jing and the grandpa Qin. What grandpa Qin just did was to force them to fight this Skywalker, but how could they defeat this man.

Qin Renbo might be stronger than others, but compared to Chu Yunsheng, he was as weak as a little chick.

Chu Yunsheng could feel something coming towards him, however, he didn't really want to be interrupted, so he reached one of his hands out to stop and hold the thing that was coming towards him.

Seeing grandpa's head being grabbed by Chu Yunsheng's like a basketball everyone instantly stopped breathing. :" grandpa is going to die!" everyone was thinking the same thing.

The situation started to get worse, even Edgar started to switch off the safety of the gun he was holding.

Jing Mouyou's lips were twitching, she was on the verge of crying. :"Mr.Lennon, let grandpa go, I'll not resist..." She took a deep breath and said with a voice full of despair as if she was going to die.

"ok!" Chu Yunsheng subconsciously responded and released the old man. At the same time, he was murmuring:" why she could do it, but he couldn't? Huh? If I remembered it correctly, Witch also couldn't do it... why is that?..."

He subconsciously reached his hand out again to touch Jing Mouyou's head, but he missed, because Jing Mouyou quickly moved back a few more steps.

Chu Yunsheng slowly started to feel something was not right, he looked around and noticed that everyone was staring at him and the atmosphere was very tense around him.

Then he noticed that Edgar was holding the gun and was standing next to him.

:"Edgar, why did you take the gun out?" Chu Yunsheng frowned, he was trying to remember what happened earlier, and why everyone looked so tense.

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