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Chapter 208 mistress

 Chapter 208 mistress

What Chu Yunsheng just said made them realize that the Skywalker in front of them didn't really care about what they thought.

Then everyone was looking at Xiao Si hoping that he would give them some sort of explanation as to why would this Skywalker come here to look for him.

:" is ready." Xiao Si was very nervous, he felt like what he did betrayed his camp. He didn't dare to have an eye contact with Chu Yunsheng. All he did was quickly take out the map and pass it to Chu Yunsheng.

:"Thank you." Chu Yunsheng said, he opened the map then noticed that the map was very detailed, not only were the locations circled out, there were even some words around some circles explaining what monsters were in the circles... etc.

This kind of map would help Chu Yunsheng a lot.

:"my long as it can help you." Xiao Si waved his hand.

:" There is no such thing as pleasure when you helped someone but you could not get anything in return! Two cigarettes for a map is a fair deal..." Chu Yunsheng took out another cigarette and threw it Xiao Si.

:"Mr.Lennon, you don't need to do this, you saved our lives....." Xiao Si felt embarrassed, he felt sorry for what they did here and he thought that what he did might be able to compensate the trust they lost from this man. So he didn't dare to take the cigarette.

Li Xi who was standing next to him, he patted his back and whispered:" he asked you to take it, then you just take it."

With Li Zi's permission, Xiao Si quickly took the cigarette and moved behind the crowd.

"You can carry on, I am leaving with Edgar first!" Chu Yunsheng said and turned around.

Suddenly, he noticed the person who was standing next to the door to be very familiar. He thought for a second then realized that he was the billionaire Shan Yuxiong told him about.

:"Hi, mister, if you don't mind, may I talk to you for a second outside?" Chu Yunsheng said and then walked towards the door without getting the man's reply. he did not think this man would dare to refuse it.

:"of course, Mr.Lennon, after you!" Zhāng hù said who politely opened the door for him.

When Chu Yunsheng walked out the door, he bumped into another person. It was the girl he saved.

:"Mr.Lennon, can I talk to you for a moment?" her voice was extremely quiet, Chu Yunsheng could barely hear what she said. She had already put on clothes. But the clothes seemed to belong to a man, they were dirty and ripped. In contrast to the crumpled old man's clothes, her skin was extremely white and clean.

:"ok, but you need to wait. I need to talk to this guy first." Chu Yunsheng said while pointing at the billionaire.

Chu Yunsheng understood why the girl would want to talk to him. No matter who you were, if your clothes were taken off by a stranger while you were unconscious, you would definitely find the person and ask him clearly what did he do to you. Especially when you were a girl.

But it was not urgent, at least he didn't do anything to her. He didn't even touch her.

Just when he finished his words. A voice appeared on his back. :" Li, I don't really understand what you guys were thinking. This was a great chance for you guys. If Mr.Lennon likes the girl. He may even stay here for her. Think about how your lives would be improved if he stayed. Would you ever live in fear again?

And also according to my recent study, the possibility of your child being a Skywalker as well, between two skywalkers is very high.... trust me... I am a zoologist... I know stuff...."

The room instantly fell silent after he said that. It was so quiet to an extent that even if a needle dropped on the ground, the sound it made would be clear to everyone.

"Edgar! What the fuck did you just say? Do you believe I will not throw you back to the insect's sticky area!" Chu Yunsheng immediately turned around and dragged Edgar out of the room.

Edgar was actually higher than Chu Yunsheng, however, Chu Yunsheng could still pick him up like a little chick.

"Yes...Yes... Mr.lennon, it was just a joke...look! That pretty girl blushed." Edgar quickly explained.

"Listen, I don't have time for your jokes, if you say one more word, I will leave without you!" Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

Edgar instantly broke out into a cold sweat, he knew that Chu Yunsheng did not really need him, but he needed Chu Yunsheng, without him there was an 80% chance he could not survive, the rest 20% chances depended on if he could stay in the camp or not.

"What is your name?" Chu Yunsheng threw Edgar aside and turned around speaking to the billionaire.

"Zhāng Hù" Zhāng Hù said with a calm voice.

:"ok, let's just save everyone a bit of time." said Chu Yunsheng while carried on walking out of the door. He opened the map which Xiao Si gave to him and switched on the flashlight:" I know that you have an underground bunker, and you stored a lot of food, and I also know the location already, but I need some more details from you. What does the inside of the bunker look like, and what kind of food do you have stored? It is better if you could draw it down."

"Of course you will get something in return. I will use the monster's meat in exchange for your information. But I also don't have many left. " Chu Yunsheng said straightforwardly.

"Mr.Lennon, my underground bunker was quite complicated, if you have a pen and paper I can draw it out" Zhang Hu was very smart, he did not ask how many he would get exactly, because he knew that he was in no position to demand anything.

"You can talk to me while drawing." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and took out a notebook and a pen from his cotton coat.


"Chief, what should we do? " Er Guai poked Shan Yuxiong lightly and asked.

Shan Yuxiong let out a hollow laugh and said reluctantly:" Lock up Zizhao, let him calm down first."

"But chief, Zizhao is a local, two third of the people in the camp are local people, what if they want to argue...." Er Guai was very concerned.

"You got any better ideas? Do you think it is better to offend local people or it is better to offend Mr.Lennon? " Shan Yuxiong said while looking at Chu Yunsheng.

"You are right, I am just worried that after Mr.lennon left, they will....." Er Guai let out a long sigh.

"Don't worry about later... we don't even know how many days we could survive after the man leaves....." Shan Yuxiong smiled again.

"True....but we have more guns... I really hope we could live happily together...."Er Guai secretly waved his hand to signal Da Li to knock Zhang Zizhao out. Then both of them quietly moved Zhang Zizhao out of the room.

But when they left the room, they were seen by Jing Mouyou.

"Er Guai, where are you taking brother Zhao ?" Jing Mouyou frowned her brows

"Xiao Jing, we are trying to protect brother Zhao, if he continues being unreasonable, he might really provoke Mr.Lennon. At that time, we would not be able to save him at all. " Er Guai did not lie to Jing Mouyou.

"But brother Zhao is a good man. I'll speak to Mr.Lennon. Please don't lock him up for too long." although Jing Mouyou said that, she did not have much confidence that she could change Chu Yunsheng's mind.....


"This is the entire floor plan, Mr.lennon, all my food are in a vacuum packaging. The temperature there is also extremely low now. So the food is definitely still in a good condition. I wish you can successfully get them!" Zhang Hu gave back the pen and stood up. He paused for a second and took a huge breath and said:" if you can really find it, could you do me a favour?"

"What is it?." Chu Yunsheng said.

Zhang Hu hesitated for a second and carried on:" when the insects appeared, all of my family died in the bunker, only me and my mistress survived. She is just a girl, and she was stuck in a small room, the entrance to that room could not be opened by an ordinary man, and the food inside the room was only enough for her to live for a year.

I tried my best to save her, but I still could not open the entrance. Then more insects appeared. I had no choice but to leave her in the bunker..... If....if she is still alive, and if she was not eaten by the insects, then the food in her room should be finishing soon. If you really find the bunker. Could you please save her!"

"Mistress?" Chu Yunsheng was speechless.

"Yes." Zhang Hu smiled with embarrassment.

"Ok, if she is still alive, I will save her." Chu Yusnheng did not want to waste time here, it was not hard for him to save one person, let alone that the person was in the bunker he was planning to go to.

"Thank you!" Zhang Hu said.

"Edgar, give all the meat you have to him." Chu Yunsheng waved his hand at Edgar then turned to Jing Mouyou:" ok, now it's your turn. Keep it short."

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