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Chapter 207 Unbelievable

 Chapter 207 Unbelievable

:"huh?.." many people were confused why there was a brand new quilt on top of Jing Mouyou.

:"Ah.....get out...all of you! Get out...." Zhang Zizhao was shocked for a second after he lifted up a side of the quilt, then he instantly shouted out loud and pushed everyone out of the shed.

:"Hmmm? Xiao Jing's strength has recovered... I can feel it." the old man said.

When Zhang Zizhao and the other people walked out the room, everyone had a gloomy look on their faces.


Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng had already taken out a sleeping bag and went straight to sleep on a simple wooden bed.

Before he went to sleep, he also didn't forget to summon the green shell to guard him. When the green shell was summoned, its body took over all the space in the room.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't really care about what those people would think, who knows what would they do after they discovered that the girl was naked.

After all, Xiao Si told him that all the men in this camp fantasized about the girl. So he had to protect himself.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know for how long he slept until he was woken up by his bladder, but he didn't really want to get up, because he did not have a luxurious peaceful resting moment like this a lot, so he preferred to sleep as much as he could.

However, he could not hold onto it for more than 10 minutes. He was annoyed by his bodily functions but eventually got up.


His head bumped into the green shell's body. He had forgotten that there was a monster in his room.

He let out a long sigh and patted the green shell, it instantly shrunk back to the monster seal talisman.

He opened the door and noticed that the sky had already gone completely dark. The camp was dark but the spore plants around the camp were glowing in a strange dim fluorescent light.

Chu Yunsheng took out a flashlight and swept around the area. He noticed that Edgar was leaning against the wall of the shed. The flashlight was shone at him, and he was instantly woken up:" Mr.Lennon, you are awake?"

:"You can take a rest now, I'm going to the toilet." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said.

:"I'm ok, when you were out of the camp, I already took a rest." Edgar shook his head.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to spend time talking to him, his bladder was full and it was killing him. So he quickly went around the shed to pee.

After he zipped up and planned to go back to cook something to eat, two men holding fire torches walked towards him.

:"did you know that the new Skywalker took off all Xiao Jing's clothes." one man whispered.

:"who told you? That can't be true. I heard that the man was trying to cure Xiao Jing, and Xiao Jing is okay now, right" the other man said.

:" You think that everyone is like grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing? Xiao Jing is pretty, every man likes her, that Skywalker is also a man!"

:"lower your voice, if he heard you... You would die."

:"What I said was true! The Chief is in a meeting since this evening, if you don't believe me, you can secretly listen to their conversation yourself later on. Anyway... I don't know why the new Skywalker wanted to take off Xiao Jing's clothes. I heard that he only stayed in there for less than a....a....a. Ah .. M...Mr..l....l...lennon, you are awake..."

The man with moustache suddenly couldn't speak properly and his legs were shaking.

:"where is Xiao Si?" he asked with an unpleasant tone. He didn't expect those people to repay him with anything, but why did it sound like he did something immoral to them.

:"he... he ....he" the moustache man panicked, he didn't know what to say.

:"he is at the chief's shed." the other man next to him said. :"over there." he pointed at a shed not far from them.

:"Edgar, it's time to go now!" Chu Yunsheng walked to the front and said to Edgar.

Chu Yunsheng was not happy with their attitude, but that didn't mean that he was going to leave without the map.

He was still thinking about what would happen to the green shell after consuming enough leech monsters.

If the green shell were to become much more powerful than the centipede-like monster, then it would greatly reduce the time for him to find the third map.

Of course, he still needed to find out how strong the centipede monster was. He had only encountered them twice, so he couldn't estimate how strong the monster exactly was.

Edgar closely followed behind Chu Yunsheng, soon they arrived at the chief's room.


": Grandpa Qin, do you think it is really necessary to take off the clothes during the treatment?" the voice belonged to Zhang Zizhao.

:"Normally.... There is no need, but every skywalker has their own way of ....." the old man Qin also found it very hard to explain.

Li Xi's face was twisted, he couldn't bear it any longer and interrupted the old man.

:" Zhang Zizhao, I don't think you are suitable for deputy chief any longer. The questions you asked were all based on your personal interest. We all know who you like the most, but you have gone too far with that, you have lost your mind!

Mr.Lennon saved Xiao Jing, this is a fact; Mr.Lennon killed all the animals and saved the entire camp, this is also a fact! You are so fucking blind that you didn't even see those facts. Do you really think he needs to molest Xiao Jing during the treatment?

That man could kill an entire animal's army, can you stop this kind of man? If he wanted to rape someone in front of you, could you stop him?

But did he do it? No. He didn't, he even asked the black man to give you some foods, and cured the girl you like without even taking a rest... and you are here to question him...

Zhang Zizhao you have lost your fucking mind.....

And Chief, brother Xiong! for fuck sake, what the fuck is this meeting, a child's game? Don't you think it is really stupid!?"

His words made everyone in the room feel ashamed. What he said was true, the man could kill all of them here easily.

But Zhang Zizhao still argued:" are you sure he is not a second Wu Weijian? Chief, I think we'd better leave here as soon as possible......"

:"You! ....unbelievable!" Li Xi wanted to say something, but then he gave up, he snorted and just walked out of the shed.

:"Mr.Lennon?" Li Xi bumped into Chu Yunsheng who was about to push the door in, his heart skipped a beat then looked around. The faces of the two guards were as pale as ghosts, they were so scared that they didn't even make any sound.

:"Mr.Lennon..., Mr.Lennon... Mr.Lennon..." everyone in the room stood up in panic.

:"Chief Shan, you don't need to explain anything, and I'm not here to give some excuses. I'm here to get Xiao Si, and we are leaving." Chu Yunsheng said before everyone tried to explain something to him.

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