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Chapter 206 a small accident

 Chapter 206 a small accident

:"The monster's king? What is that?" Chu Yunsheng asked while picking up Xiao Si and started running.

"We have never seen it before, All the people who had seen it are dead!" Xiao Si's voice was shivering:" We used to hear it roar from deep inside the spore forest all the time, but it hardly ever came out... Unless...unless..."

:"unless what" Chu Yunsheng frowned.

:"unless the monsters inside forest started to fight with the insects outside again, and it must be a large battle, small conflicts wouldn't make the monster's king come out of the forest... Right!... let's go ..quick, there must be a large battle near here!" Xiao Si said nervously.

:"Monsters inside?? Insects outside?" Chu Yunsheng was even more confused now!

:" Yes, ever since the spore forest appeared, the red shells and other insects outside of the forest never stopped fighting the monsters inside the forest, that's why we could survive this long!" Xiao Si explained.

:"ok..." Chu Yunsheng said. he paused for a second then asked again:" Do you know any other places like this?"

:"Mr.Lennon, have you not finished it yet?" Xiao Si said. He sounded very concerned.

: "it's already done, but I still need to get some more of those monsters after I cure the girl." Chu Yunsheng said simply, of course, he would not tell Xiao Si what he wanted to do.

:"Mr.Lennon, could you teach Xiao Jing the method, we....we have a lot of people..." Xiao Si didn't know why he suddenly had the courage to ask.

Chu Yunsheng laughed:" even if I teach her, she still won't be able to use it. It's just like your night vision eyes."

Xiao Si instantly realized he asked something he should not have asked:" I'm sorry Mr.Lennon...I....I" he apologized in panic.

:"it's ok." Chu Yunsheng patted Xiao Si's shoulder and took out a Wu city's map and said:" when we get back to the camp, could you help me to mark down all the areas that have the flying head monsters. Also all the safe passages you can remember, as detailed as possible. Thanks."

"We have a map in the camp, it was also made by me. But that map only contains the passages near the camp. We haven't travelled outside this area for a very long time. The spore plants grow very fast. The passage we travelled earlier might disappear in a month." Xiao Si nodded his head and took over the map.

The sound of the monster's king roar slowly faded out into the forest. But Chu Yunsheng and Xiao Si didn't slow down at all. It took them quite a while to return from the forest back to the camp.

": You are a local, right? What did you do for work?" Chu Yunsheng felt sleepy, so he habitually took out a cigarette and got ready to light it up.

The girl only had two days to live after she was infected with the virus. Since the time she had gotten infected until now, it was almost 12 hours now. So Chu Yunsheng didn't have the time to take a break.

He took out one cigarette and passed it to Xiao Si. Xiao si was overwhelmingly flattered by this unexpected favour, he quickly took off the gas mask and took over the cigarette with his trembling hands

:" I almost forgot about what it smells like, the last time I smoked one was almost half a year ago....." He took a long drag of it and paused it for a very long time then exhaled it slowly.

:" I used to be a driver, doing all kinds of the transportation businesses, but I didn't have a business license. So you could say that I was driving illegally. My family helped me to borrow money from everywhere they could think of. My dream was to pay off my debt and build my own house, then get married... but then the world became like this... hehe!" Xiao Si let out a hollow laugh.

:" but, I was not the worst off, with my eye's special ability, I could get more food than other people. A lot of female survivors would like to marry me. Some of them even had a very high education.

Mr.Lennon, do you know how hard it was for a person like me to marry someone like them in the age of light...

I knew that I am not good enough for her. She was smart and pretty. So I cared for her, as long as I had food, she would not be hungry... she also cares about me, whenever I went out with brother Zhao, she would be very worried... I mean.. I still have a family...right?... But we couldn't have kids. Because we would not be able to raise them..."

Chu Yunsheng smiled and patted his shoulder again:" Xiao Si, You did your best..."

:"Mr.Lennon, you are a Skywalker, you probably don't know how ordinary people felt. Even a person who had a small ability like me could be so popular in the camp. Let alone a Skywalker. Xiao Jing is a pretty girl and a warm-hearted person, she is also a Skywalker. She is every man's dream. But no one dares to express their feelings towards her. Even brother Zhao."

He laughed, then he suddenly looked around and lowered his voice:" some girls even said that, as long as grandpa Qin wants, they are all willing to.... It's crazy.....they are crazy...."

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he didn't realize Xiao Si was talking about grandpa Qin's age. Just when he tried to say something he saw Edgar running towards him.

:"Mr.Lennon, they have disassembled the gun. Do you want to take a look?" Edgar was panting while talking to Chu Yunsheng.

:"Really?" Chu Yunsheng threw away the cigarette and stood up. Then be saw Xiao Si quickly picking up the cigarette he threw away and putting in his pocket and smiled awkwardly at him.

:"We had done it with Wu Weijian before. So it wasn't difficult for us to do it again." Shan Yuxiong said, he was just right behind Edgar.

:"Ok, let Edgar bring the parts over, I'll have a look, Chief Shan, can you find a room for me, I need to prepare something to cure the girl."

"It's already done!" Shan Yuxiong said readily.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said to Edgar:" same as usual, watch the door for me. Don't let anyone interrupt me. "

:"Don't worry Mr.Lennon, I'll not leave." Edgar said.

According to the ancient book, the talisman of cure poison has five types. Amongst those five types, Chu Yunsheng was only familiar with the fire element poison, it was also the type of talisman he still had backups of.

Although each was used for a different type of poisons, the ways of making them were quite similar to each other.

However, it still took Chu Yunsheng more than 3 hours, meaning three tries until he finally completed a new type of talisman of cure poison.

:"I'm ready now, take me to her." Chu Yunsheng said after he came out.

:"This way!" the Chief Shan said.

:"You will all need to leave the room, wait outside!" Chu Yunsheng said after he saw that people tried to squeeze into the room.

Zhang Zizhao and the other people looked at each other, they hesitated for a minute then finally left the room one by one.

:" You need to leave as well." Chu Yunsheng said to the old man.

:"I can help you." Qin Renbo said carefully. In fact, he also wanted to see how this powerful daywalker would cure the poison. he might be able to learn something from it.

:"No need, you need to leave. I'm tired, so don't waste my time." Chu Yunsheng declined.

Indeed, he was very tired, he had not had a good rest ever since he met this group of people and he had just broken out from the area of the sticky substances before he met them. So the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion was tremendous.

Qin Renbo blushed, probably he thought that Chu Yunsheng knew what he was trying to do. So he also left the room quickly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste any time. After he saw that everyone left, he immediately cast out talisman of cure poison!

The symbol of "cure" was instantly projected into the air, as it slowly scattered and converted into a phantom fog that warped around Jing Mouyo. The fog was slowly getting smaller and smaller, it seemed like the fog was being absorbed by Jing Mouyou's body.

Just when everything was going well, an accident happened, maybe because Chu Yunsheng was too tired, he forgot about what would the fire element do to people.

Luckily, there was only a small amount of fire element stored in the talisman, it was used as a part of the trigger to activate the talisman. That small amount of fire element wouldn't kill anyone, especially the skywalker like the girl, despite her ability being very weak. However, it was more than enough to burn anything that was used to cover her, including her clothes.

Chu Yunsheng was focused on the energy movement earlier, so when he realised what happened, it was already too late. Having seen her naked body Chu Yunsheng was stunned for second,

But then the talisman of cure poison started to have a reaction inside her body, it instantly attracted Chu Yunsheng's attention.

The girl's face was twisted when the three types of energy started fighting inside of her body. Fortunately, the fight didn't last very long. When the energy from the talisman joined the fight to help the wood elemental energy inside the girl's body. The virus instantly lost its advantages. It was quickly destroyed by two energies together.

She did not wake up immediately, however, her expression returned to normal, meaning that she was okay now.

Perhaps she was still very weak. Chu Yunsheng looked around, he did not find anything that he could use to cover her, so he took out a brand new quilt that He had stored a long time ago and used it to cover her.

Chu Yunsheng was very tired. After the girl was cured, he only had one thought which was to take a rest as soon as possible.

"She is fine now, but she needs rest, so don't let anyone else get in!" Chu Yunsheng said and then hurriedly left the place.

:"That's fast." Zhang Zizhao was surprised. He felt like he just came out of the room, and this man already said she was ok now?

:"If Mr.Lennon said she is fine, then she is definitely ok!" Edgar said.

Everyone was looking at each other still not quite believing what he said. In the next second, all of them pushed the door in....

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