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Chapter 205 Land of the dead

 Chapter 205 Land of the dead

"It was the mycélium, I ate the poison once when I was hungry. Because of grandpa Qin, I got to live again. After I was cured by him, my eyes started to see stuff others could not see, but it was very blurry. When it was completely dark, however, I also couldn't see anything." Xiao Si was walking while talking. He also changed his scarf to a gas mask, presumably it was picked up from the secret passage.

:"so it means that the spore virus isn't totally useless. Anyone else had a similar condition to you?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

But he didn't wait for Xiao Si's respond. He passed the freeze gun to Edgar and said:" find Li Xi and Shan Yuxiong, ask them to help you to try to disassemble this gun!"

Chu Yunsheng had no idea how to disassemble it. But maybe those two gun hobbyists would be able to figure something out.

Looking at Edgar holding the gun tightly while running back to the camp Xiao Si said:" it was not that easy, many people had been infected with the spore poison before, but only my eyes could see in the dark. Even if the chances were to be increased, no one would ever want to try it either. Because it is too risky."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. What Xiao Si said was true. It didn't really matter to them much if they could see in the dark. No one wanted to risk their life for such a small thing.

Darkness was not only a problem of the ordinary people, it was also the problem of the dark warriors and Chu Yunsheng as well. Unless he was able to break through Yuan Tian stage two and reach stage three, where his six senses would be enhanced to a degree that he could "see" the world through the dark energy.

However, he had stopped at stage two for a very long time now, he couldn't even progress from the second sub-stage of Yuan Tian stage two.

Having come out of the camp and entering the prosperous spore plants forest, Xiao Si became very cautious, although he did not sleep last night, compared to the life of Jing Mouyou, he could still endure it. To him, the quicker he led Chu Yunsheng to the place he wanted, the sooner Mouyou would be cured.

Keeping footsteps quiet was the key when walking in the spore forest, otherwise, the noises would attract a lot of strange monsters, especially those lantern-like monsters.

Time slowly passed as two people lurked in the forest.

Chu Yunsheng was thinking of eating some poison mycélium to see if it could increase his eyesight while walking.

:"Mr.Lennon, look! the place we are looking for is at the front!" Xiao Si suddenly stopped, pointed at a few big mushrooms and said.

:"Are you sure?" Chu Yunsheng looked around and asked while taking out the dark energy gun.

:" Yes, that place used to be a highway junction, a lot of people were blocked there when the insects appeared, and a lot of people died as well. When the spore plants appeared, they covered most of the bodies, this place then became the main origin of the flying head monster." he swallowed very hard and his eyes flashed with fear:" if .. If..I didn't crawl out of the pile of the bodies.. at that time... I'd probably...probably..."

:"Wait for me at outside, I'll be out in a half hour!" Chu Yunsheng said to him. A flying head monster was a lot weaker than a purple flame monster. To him, its danger level couldn't even compete with a red shell. But to Xiao Si this type of ordinary people, it could kill him at any time.

He still needed Xiao Si to take him back to the camp, the road inside the spore forest was much more complex than he thought was. At the beginning, he could still remember how many turns he took, but the longer he walked, the more confused he became. At the end, he totally lost his sense of direction.

So to be on the safe side, he asked Xiao Si to wait outside. Xiao Si appeared to be relieved when Chu Yunsheng asked him to wait outside.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't really care about his reaction. He held the gun and walked straight into the land of the dead behind the big mushrooms.

Have to say, the spore plants here were even more colourful and prosperous than the other places Chu Yunsheng had seen. Presumably, the dead provided a decent nutrition to those plants.

As Chu Yunsheng stepped into a pile of foam-like spore plant's leaves which instantly caused a rustling sound. The sound immediately alerted many flying head monsters which were originally hidden in the mushrooms and other spore plants.

Compared to the previous encounter which happened in the dark. This time the sky still had the hazy shimmer. The appearance of the flying head monsters was clearer. Apart from two wings on each side of the head, Chu Yunsheng could see that the top of the head was as bald as a pebble, but its face was completely dried out like a deflated balloon.

There were yellow smokes constantly coming out of their mouth and they were constantly flapping their wings to make creepy noises. When they heard the noises Chu Yunsheng made, they all flocked towards Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng moved back one step and immediately summoned the five green shells to assist him.

If it were not for the purple flame monster and the three golden shells being heavily injured, Chu Yunsheng really wanted to test out what would happen if those two type of monsters consumed those leech-like monsters.

Through the seal mark, Chu Yunsheng could feel the five green shells feeling very irritated and uncomfortable about the spore forest's environment, but because they were controlled by the seal mark, even if they did not like the environment, they still needed to follow Chu Yunsheng's commands.

The flying head monsters also appeared to have a similar feeling towards the green shells. All the monsters instantly changed their direction 180 degrees when the green shells appeared. As if they saw their predators, every monster flew away in panic.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not let these monsters fly away. Under his command, the first leech was soon captured and brought to him. Chu Yunsheng used the sword to slice the leech monster from its head to its tail and used the absorption talisman to absorb its energy.

According to Xiao Si, this type of monster was like the earthworm, if he did not cut the monster in a correct way, the monster could still survive. That was why Chu Yunsheng sliced the monster from its head to its tail.

"Why it is a wood element and not an earth element?" Chu Yunsheng was confused to see a wood element pattern appear on the absorption talisman after absorbing the energy from the leech-like monster.

Originally he thought that the poison should be an earth elemental poison, because the smoke that the leech-like monster released was of a yellow colour. Based on its colour, it should be an earth elemental monster.

Then he thought about it for another second. The spore virus could spread inside a human body very fast, and within a short amount of time, it could grow into a leech-like monster, this type of incredible growing power, only the wood element could achieve it.

This also explained why the green shells were not scared of spore virus and like to eat leech-like monsters. The green shells were fire elemental monsters. Wood would generate fire. It meant that the leech-like monster's wood element was a great nutrition for the green shell's fire element.

However, the leech-like monster did not contain much energy, so Chu Yunsheng gave up absorbing their energies. Instead, he controlled the other four green shells to capture the monsters and use those monsters to feed only one green shell.

He wanted to see what would a green shell become if it consumed all the leech-like monsters.

Time passed quickly, the green shell was constantly eating leech-like monsters like a puppet.

The flying monster's number was a lot more than Chu Yunsheng imagined. Chu Yunsheng had already missed the time he agreed with Xiao Si, but there was still a small amount of flying head monsters remaining.

Suddenly he heard a raging roar coming from deep inside the spore forest. It was loud and powerful. All five green shells instantly stopped hunting the leech-like monsters at the same time. Apart from the one green shell which ate a lot of leech-like monsters that could screech back, the rest of the four green shells showed signs of panic.

Did something notice him? That was Chu Yunsheng's first reaction, then he realised that probably something noticed the green shells killings.

Soon a powerful Yuan qi fluctuation started to ripple through the spore forest, it even disrupted the Rong Yuan cells' movement inside his body.

"Shit! Whatever the thing is, it is definitely more powerful than the purple flame monster! " Chu Yunsheng was startled:" no wonder they could kill the insects, and take over the insect's territory."

He immediately decided to seal the five green shells again and returned back to Xiao Si. He had already gotten enough information, it was time to leave now.

The flying head monsters did not dare to chase Chu Yunsheng, they were still flying around in the spore forest in panic.

What Chu Yunsheng saw first was Xiao Si's pale face, when he came out of the land of the dead, it seemed like he was in a huge shock.

Xiao Si let out a long sigh after he saw Chu Yunsheng finally coming out.

:"Mr.Lennon, Quick, let's go, the monster's king is coming out!" he immediately said with a panicked tone while grabbing Chu Yunsheng's hand, he was so panicked that he had even forgotten about whether he should be scared of Chu Yunsheng as well.

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