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Chapter 203 The changes that happened during 9 days

 Chapter 203 The changes that happened during 9 days

The front of the survivors camp was wide and its back was very narrow, its shape was very similar to a trumpet when you looked at it down from the sky. The camp was also surrounded by various types of spore plants, they became the natural walls that surrounded the camp. Only the centre of the camp was hollowed out and it seemed like nothing was growing inside the camp.

Inside the camp, many sheds were neatly built using all kinds of abandoned wooden materials. All the survivors seemed to know what they were doing, and they seemed to be very busy. Looking at the camp, Chu Yunsheng could tell that the chief of this camp was very good at organizing people.

Chu Yunsheng turned the gun back and forth. The gun was most likely a product of an extraterrestrial civilization, so he wanted to disassemble it and have a look inside. Although he was not a gun specialist, he could be considered as a specialist at using dark energy. This gun could shoot out ice energy and freeze him, it definitely had something to do with the dark energy.

Shan Yuxiong's information was undoubtedly a blessing from heaven.

"Did you find out who did it?" Chu Yunsheng asked after he could not find anything from the gun. However, he did not think Shan Yuxiong had the answer.

"No, no one knew who that person was!" as he expected, Shan Yuxiong did not know who that person was, but then he paused for a second and said:"we only knew that the person was dressed in white...."

Chu Yunsheng's hand visibly trembled a bit before he finished the sentence. He suddenly frowned his brows and told Shan Yuxiong:"it's ok, carry on..."

Shan Yuxion saw his reaction, but he did not say anything:" we don't know if the person was male or female, we only knew that the person was very powerful, even bullets were not able to kill that person.... think about it, it was just two days after the disappearance of the sun, it was not like now where you can see the skywalkers once in a while. It was as unbelievable and ridiculous as Loch Ness monster to see a person who did not fear bullets and almost could not be killed at that time. It was because of that person the troops had to wait for the reinforcement, and only then did they dare to escort it out of the city."

Although Chu Yunsheng said it was ok, what he was thinking was entirely different inside his mind. Dressed in white, powerful ability, and most importantly it had something to do with the extraterrestrial civilization. Apart from the "alien" woman in the white dress, he could not think of anyone else.

According to what senior practitioner said in the ancient book, the entire three-dimensional space was not stable when the sky track was unsealed, and those outsiders most likely took the advantages of it to enter the earth. Their purpose here was most likely trying to find stuff left behind by powerful galaxy overlords.

".....Then the world was plunged into darkness. At that time, there was not even a hazy shimmer, all the communication was lost, there was no way to transport the gun by air, so they decided to escort it by land. However, just when they left the Hang city, they were attacked by a large number of insects. After they retreated into the city, the situation had already gotten worse..... " Shan Yuxiong tried to remember all the details he could.

"Mr.Lennon, the meat is ready." Edgar interrupted them and passed one bowl of meat soup to Chu Yunsheng.

:"Edgar, go check if Xiao Si is ready or not. We need to move as soon as possible!" Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking about the woman in the white dress. When he took over the bowl he suddenly remembered that he still needed to cure the girl.

In order to cure the flying head monster's poison, he needed to catch them first. The camp was surrounded by the spore forest, but he was not familiar with the area, nor was he familiar with the location of the flying head monsters. Only that Xiao Si person who was familiar with this area the most could help him.

Apart from Chu Yunsheng who could get ready to leave at any time, all the survivors here needed some time to recover their physical strength and prepare the materials they needed to prevent the poison.

"Mr.Lennon, thank you for helping Xiao Jing, to be honest with you, only Lao Qin and Xiao Jing could differentiate the edible mycelium and the poisonous one. Without them..." Shan Yuxiong let out a bitter laugh.

"Where were we earlier?" Chu Yunsheng deliberately changed the topic, because it was part of his mistake, he did not want to talk more about that topic.

"In order to defend the mysterious attacker and the insects, we gathered the first batch and the biggest escort troops ever. A lot of people and senior state officials sought help from us, but not many people were selected to retreat with us.

Because Wu Weijian was the person who found the gun and his teammates were the people who activated the gun, through his contacts in the military and plus the military not having enough men at that time, my family was selected to retreat with them.

They thought we were lucky, they envied and hated us because we could leave first. But they did not know that it was just the beginning of a nightmare...."

Shan Yuxiong paused because of the tears:" wife died, my parents committed suicide while I was distracted, because they did not want to hinder daughter lost an arm, Wu Weijian also lost consciousness. There were more than thousands of people... but we didn't even complete half of our journey... and we were left with less than a hundred people!"

Shan Yuxiong buried his head in his hands and sobbed painfully. Chu Yunsheng did not interrupt him, he knew that the man needed to let it out.

"The gun was used once and many insects were killed by it, but then it stopped working again. After we defeated the insects, we also lost our supplies and the directions, people were dying every day, in the end we only had a dozen people left... without food everyone was starving, I tried to find anything that could be eaten and gave them to my daughter and Wu Weijian who was having a constantly high fever first.... I have already forgotten how long it took us to arrive in the Wu City. " Shan Yuxiong said after he calmed down.

At that time, all the officers were dead, but Wu Weijian still told me that he had to escort the gun to the Jin Ling city, he wanted to avenge the death of his family and friends. The country would definitely be able to reverse engineer the gun and make more replicas to kill those insects.

But the reality was cruel, all the information we gathered indicated that Jin Ling city was also surrounded by the insects. Many people wanted to escape to Jin Ling city, but all of them were forced to retreat back to Wu city. Lack of support and food made the situation in Wu city get worse every day. People started to kill each other, many gangs were formed. Until one day, a Skywalker defeated all the other Skywalkers and united the gangs.

But then... they started to eat people, starting from kids first, in order to protect my daughter, Wu Weijian and I were hiding in the city, relocating our hideout every day. Until one day we were found by them. The leader of the gang could have been a criminal in the age of light or he may have been just a psychopath, he hated police a lot... when they saw Wu Weijian was wearing the police uniform, they used my daughter's life to threaten him... they started to torture him.... torture....him...

They did not kill us, they locked us up and used our life to threaten Wu Weijian to do all kinds of .... Kinds... of... Mr.Lennon, it was because of us.... Because of us..... He laughed while telling me that we were brothers, and I saved his life three times. What he did for my daughter was nothing compared to what I did for him....

After the first day of the torture he had a high fever again, but the third day his temperature started to drop, the fourth day he could stand up, and the fifth day he said there was something burning inside him. The sixth day, he awakened, and 7th day he killed the leader of the gang, the 8th day he hunted down everyone who tortured him, and the 9th day he became the new leader.....

But soon I noticed that he had changed. After he became a Skywalker he no longer mentioned anything about escorting the gun to Jin Ling city, he also took off his police uniform and became the people he killed.

The only difference was that we were safe, and his men knew about our relationship so they did not dare to touch us.

We had argument several times, He said I was a hypocrite and it made him sick, but whenever he murdered someone, and ate the human flesh, he would get drunk in the basement, he would come to me after he was drunk and beg me not to tell his family what he did after we died.

The alcohol was getting less and less every day, as well as the time when he was "conscious".

I knew that sooner or later he would kill everyone.. So I took the people who were against Wu Weijian's behaviour with me and left the city...

Shan Yuxiong gazed afar at his daughter who was weak skinny and only had one arm:" I owed him too much....sometimes I felt like my old friend was already dead the day he awakened...." he said.

"Oh.. I forgot to tell you... the military had already given it a name. It is called freeze gun" Shan Yuxiong said while standing up.

Xiao Si had still not arrived when Shan Yuxiong finished his story, so Chu Yunsheng used the gun to push the bowl of the insect's meat forward and said simply:" insect's meat. Edible."

Looking at the meat Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought, if Wu city had a lack of food when Shan Yuxiong was with Wu Weijian, how did he and his daughter survive? it seemed like there was one possibility...

In terms of the gun Chu Yunsheng had in his hand, Chu Yunsheng had a feeling that he might be able to find something from this gun and use it to upgrade his enchanted gun.

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