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Chapter 202 the origin of the strange gun

 Chapter 202 the origin of the strange gun

"You know something about the gun?" Chu Yunsheng asked Shan Yuxiong who seemed to want to say something.

As of this moment, they had already returned to the camp, Zhang Zizhao's people had also picked up the firearms left behind by the animals in the secret passage to arm themselves. Soon, the animals that were attacking them at the front of the camp started to lose.

Shan Yuxiong nodded his head, but he didn't reply Chu Yunsheng immediately. Instead, he was looking at the people in the camp busily fixing stuff and his eyes started to lose focus as if he was trying to remember something

:"I don't know if you still remember about a UFO which appeared in Hang city airport in 2010. All the newspapers, and major websites had photos on their headlines, it was seen by many people. "Shan Yuxiong said after a short silence.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, the things that happened back in the age of light seemed to happen a very long time ago. Every time when he tried to remember something that happened during the age of light, it would take him a while. :" very vaguely, can't remember much about it."

Shan Yuxiong smiled, he understood Chu Yunsheng's feeling. He then peeled off one fungus, passed it to Chu Yunsheng and said:" this is edible, we live by it."

He also put the rest of the fungus in his mouth and started to chew it:" it was only exposed for a short period of time, then everything was quiet. It seemed like another prank, but in truth, it was not."

:"oh? What was it? There is no government now, so there is no such thing as the top secret!" Chu Yunsheng took a bite of the fungus, although it wasn't as tasty as a mushroom, it was much better than his insect's meat.

Shan Yuxiong shook his head and said:" At that time, many reports were sent to the capital, they even disturbed the higher-ups of the military. At the beginning, we thought it was just another drone that came from the country at the other side of the Pacific ocean, so many experts were sent to the airport from the capital overnight to gather the first-hand information."

:"how do you know all of this?" Chu Yunsheng interrupted him.

:"I was transferred to the airport after I retired, my position can be considered as a high senior official." Shan Yuxiong ridiculed himself while eating the fungus.

:"insider?" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head to signal that he could continue.

:"you have also heard what Wu Weijian said earlier, we grown up together, went to the same school, joined the military at the same time and retired at the same time...." Shan Yuxiong's voice became lower and lower, Chu Yunsheng could feel the sadness in those words. But soon he adjusted his emotions and carried on:" sorry, I got carried away... he was transferred to the local police department, when the UFO appeared, he helped the military to search the area."

:" Did you find that UFO?" Chu Yunsheng said.

Shan Yuxiong shook his head.:" we followed it's flying path and searched everywhere until we arrived at the coast. Then we lost its trace, even the coast guard couldn't find anything along the coast."

:"Maybe it flew to the USA." Chu Yunsheng replied.

:"the problem was that it was not from the USA! The photos that were released online were all edited. So you probably didn't realize it. In terms of the photos that were taken by the individuals, as long as they were published online, they would all be tracked down by the police. You know how the censorship works so I don't need to explain it to you in detail.." Shan Yuxiong said.

:"based on the limited information we had at that time, and after several days of analysis. The conclusion was that it might be an extraterrestrial life. In order to avoid causing social panic, all the information was immediately kept confidential, the military used a special military aircraft and even the latest fighter jet to escort information to the capital....."

"you mean the gun has something to do with the UFO?" Chu Yunsheng realized that their conversation seemed to be carried farther and farther away from the topic, it had already deviated from the original topic.

Shan Yuxiong nodded his head, then took out two crumpled photos from a pocket inside his coat. :" this is one I kept in secret, it was an equilateral triangle shaped flying object, due to the air resistance or maybe the turbulence around the object, it looked like a rectangular shaped flying object."

Although the photo was crumpled, Chu Yunsheng could still see the white coloured flying machine, he could even see the lights below the flying object.

"It came out of thin air, from here to here and then its tail seemed to have a problem, because it started to descend rapidly and then disappeared. Here, this way was the direction where Wu Weijian's research team went. But they spent three days and still couldn't find anything." Shan Yuxiong explained while pointing at some areas of the photo.

:"crashed?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the photo and asked.

:"yes, we also thought it crashed as well. This is another photo, it was taken one year later. Wu Weijian took the photo himself!" Shan Yuxiong said after he passed over the second photo.

:"Is this what you were looking for?" Chu Yunsheng took over the photo. It seemed to be a white wreckage of something on the photo.

:" It was found by the local fisherman a year later which was 2011, at that time I was no longer qualified to participate this research. Although Wu Weijian's team was the first one to arrive at the scene, after some people from the capital took over the control of the place, he was also asked to leave.

That night when we had dinner together, he told me that the wreckage looked like it was made out of some kind of metal. But he had never seen it before, It could also float on the water and most importantly, the wreckage was completely empty inside." said Shan Yuxiong.

"This gun, was it from the wreckage?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Maybe, but we can't be sure." Shan Yuxiong looked at the gun and shook his head. " We could not tell anything from just a few photos. All we knew was that the reappearance of the UFO caused a huge stir in the capital.

I still remember that the incident even made the military think that transporting the wreckage by air was not safe. They sent an entire military division to escort the wreckage to the capital.

you probably have also heard of the huge maritime military exercise at that time... it was not a military exercise. what really happened was that they sent out a large number of naval ships to salvage and search the coastline. But according to the rumour, they still did not find anything."

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, if it really caused a huge stir, there was no way that the Jin Ling city's military did not know anything about it. But why did the professor Sun and even Zhu lingdie who was working for GCH not tell him anything. Originally he thought that the existence of the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress would make them become honest with him. But he did not expect that they would still hide something from him....

"It was said that the military also suspected that the local people took the stuff inside the wreckage, they even searched the local villages in the entire area. The result was still the same, nothing was found from those villages. " he paused for a second then continued.

:"It was not until a strange homicide happened in the local village, did Wu Weijian find the gun you are holding right now. I still remember the night he came to tell me the strange thing that happened after he found the gun. That day was 22/12/2012! "

"Why did he tell you all of this?" Chu Yunsheng felt very strange.

"I will tell you that later, at the beginning he did not think too much about the gun, all he thought was that it might be the murder weapon, and he took it back to the station.

During the court trial process, in order to restore the scene of the crime, Wu Weijian and his teammates tried many times to fire the gun, but the gun did not seem to work at all. Because the murderer was dead, and there was no way to restore the scene of the crime, the trial was delayed for several days.

Until 22/12, the day when the sun disappeared for the first time and also the day he came to talk to me about the things that happened to the gun. That day an officer accidentally activated the gun and froze all the shooting targets.

When they realised that the gun might have something to do with the UFO which was discovered 2 years ago, they immediately reported to the city. However, when the military personnel arrived, something even more strange happened!

The military was attacked by an unknown person, it's said that the military suffered heavy losses, Only after bringing out a tank, did they finally manage to injure the man and protect the gun." Shan Yuxiong's eyes were wide open, it seemed like he still found it hard to believe.

Just when they wanted to carry on, a gust of wind that brought the smell of food blew towards them. It was Edgar and the food he prepared was almost ready.

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