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Chapter 201 Strange thing

 Chapter 201 Strange thing

Once Chu Yunsheng entered a combat state, he would always be extremely focused, and his attacks would never stop.

In the narrow passage, after the fire energy bullet was fired, the second and third closely followed. Chu Yunsheng was constantly moving forwards while firing the gun to suppress them.

Every bullet contained powerful fire Yuan Qi, and all of them hit the animal's shells, even if they had three shells, they still could not stop the bullets and the people behind the shells were lit up.

At first, those animals were shocked, but when they realised what happened, they all fired their guns frantically at Chu Yunsheng. At this time, everyone knew Shan Yuxiong had found a powerful Skywalker to help them!

Within a minutes the secret passage was filled with bullets flying everywhere.

Wu Weijian subconsciously stepped back, there were too many bullets, and it was very dense, even if he was a Skywalker, he still did not dare to use his ability to withstand the attack.

However, after the smoke, the Skywalker who was just wearing a woollen balaclava mask was still moving towards them. There was not even a hole in his body.

"Monster!" the animals from Wu city could not hold it any longer.

Even their boss - The most powerful Skywalker in Wu city could not withstand the machine gun's attack without any injury.

If this person was not a monster, then what was he? A Skywalker could not be this powerful, only a monster could do things like this.

"Carry on shooting, don't stop!" Wu Weijian's heart sunk. But he was still shouting loudly. He did not expect Shan Yuxiong could find a person this powerful.

Their camp did not have anything left, what could they use to hire this guy?


This time Chu Yunsheng did not let those bullets hit him again, although he had a level two energy shield, it was not the combat armour, the impact would still cause pain on his nerves.

So he just increased the energy bullet's area damage to either blow away the bullets or use the fireball to melt them.

In the next second, Chu Yunsheng instantly speeded up and crossed the fire zone, when the machine gunner was still in shock, Chu Yunsheng used one energy bullet to end his life...

"Shan Yuxiong, you think a Skywalker would protect you?!" the animal's group was suffering heavy losses, but Wu Weixing was still sneering at them.

After destroying the animal's frontline, Chu Yunsheng adjusted the gun and aimed it at the leader.

"Young man, remember to mind your own business in the next life!..." although Wu Weijian was talking, he still did not stop moving. When Chu Yunsheng aimed the gun at him, he also took out a strange weapon and aimed at Chu Yunsheng at the same time. ".....if you can..." he fired the weapon right after he finished the word.


A strange white beam was shot out from the gun and passed through the fire energy bullet fired by Chu Yunsheng.


Wu Weijian was hit, and the fire instantly spread across his body. He was also sent into the air and flew backwards by the impact.

At the same time, the white beam was so fast that Chu Yunsheng did not even have time to dodge it. He was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture.

The secret passage instantly fell into silence, no matter which side, all of them were stunned by the attack.

"Boss, boss, you can't ...." the animal's team members were crawling on the ground trying to put out the fire on Wu Weijian's body in a panic. One of the members called wolf was dead, now they were left with only one Skywalker which was their leader.

If they wanted to live on this land, without a powerful Skywalker to protect them, the answer would be very obvious.,...


"fuck off.... I am not dead yet... shut the fuck up" Wu Weijian pushed the man away, then picked up a gas mask from one of his dead team members and put on his face. His mask was already burnt into ashes.

"Quick! Get a cloth for our boss!" one of their members said hurriedly as Wu Weijian was almost naked at the moment.

Originally Wu Weijian thought that since his ability was fire, so the fire wouldn't burn his cloths. However Chu Yunsheng's fire attack was too powerful, when he stopped the attack it was already too late.

He also thought he was lucky, if he did not have the fire ability, then he might have ended up like Wolf.

"Lao Xiong, you really think a strange Skywalker could kill me?" Wu Weijian said while holding the strange gun. Although he could still feel the burning pain inside his body and it seemed like that strange Skywalker's ability still had an effect inside his body, he needed to show everyone that he was the real winner:" where did you find this trash... you really underestimated your old comrade!" he forced himself to smile.

"Did not expect you could fix it, if this is our fate, so be it." Shan Yuxiong let out a long sigh.

All the survives lost their hope when Chu Yunsheng was frozen. They were very close to escape from the animal's hunt, once and for all. But they still lost.

"No... no... no.. no way!" Edgar was shaking his head:" Mr.Lennon? Mr.Lennon?...."

"Hey black man, shut up, no one can survive this gun! haha!" Wu Weijian wanted to kill Edgar as well, however, he could not move now, all his energy was used to support him standing, that was why he had the patience to talk to them.

"Now you still have a chance to put down your weapons and surrender to me, I promise you can still live for one or two months, girls, if you serve our brothers well, you might live longer!" Wu Weijian glanced over their preys then spat at Chu Yunsheng's ice sculpture and said:" if you dare to resist, I will skin you alive and hang you... I will feed you to the insects... no... I will cut off your arms and legs... and store them in a tank! hahaha....."

Wu Weijian's presumptuous smile made his group members very excited, however, it made all other survivors tremble with fear

"Brothers, don't let anyone run away! Kill whoever resists....." Wu Weijian started to order his men to finish the fight.

Although Chu Yunsheng killed half of them, they still had almost 16 people left. They did not seem to care about their group members bodies. All of them were rushing towards Zhang Zizhao's group.

"In terms of that stupid Skywalker, let me send you to the hell in person!" Wu Weijian finally recovered a little of his strength. He grabbed a gun from his men then pointed at Chu Yunsheng's ice sculpture and grinned evilly:"oh I forgot, this fucker is already dead... "


The ice sculpture cracked and all the ice-like pieces burst out.

In the ice, it was no longer a man who wore a woollen balaclava mask, it was a greenish ancient amour.

"No way... that is not possible... how.... Even the insects would die instantly!" Wu Weijian panicked, he could no longer stand up straight. When the ice pieces burst out, he sat on the ground instantly.

He wanted to fire another shot, however, with his ability, he could only fire that gun once.

All the animals group members started to ran backwards, no one even cared about their leader anymore.

However, they were still not fast enough.

In the split second when the armour appeared, the narrow secret passage was lit up by white light beams. All the beams were shot towards the animal's groups and blasted all the people on the other side into pieces.

"Oh! Mr.Lennon, I knew you are the number 1." Edgar was so excited that he didn't even notice the tear in the corner of his eyes.

Zhang Zizhao and other people's feelings changed rapidly, they were in despair earlier, but then they were relieved when the armour appeared. However, when the beams disappeared, all of them kneeled down started vomiting.

What they saw was a tunnel to hell... all the internal organs... body parts were on the ground, hanging on both sides of the passages.

:"Edgar! Find that gun, and bring it back to me!" Chu Yunsheng deactivated the amour and said to Edgar. He did not expect that he would still need to use the sword fighting technique. He was worried about being traced by the woman in the white dress that was why he did not activate the armour earlier on. However, it was too late now!

-------------------------------------Translator's note-----------------------------------------------------------

Ok the traitor was "Fu Lijing"

Here is my thought,

Remember what the traitor said in the secret passage in the last chapter?

"Boss Wu, you promised me that you will let Zhang Zizhao and Jing Mouyou go"

Now, who would most want those two people to live?

Then look at the word Fu Lijing said in chapter 197,

"my life was saved by you and Mouyou, the first time were you, the second was Mouyou,"

So here is my conclusion

Fu Lijing lied about Sun Daqian was a traitor, but the Chief was indeed asked him to tell Zhang Zizhao to go back to the camp through the secret passage. That was why Fu Lijing could "shouted in panic" in the secret passage in the last chapter, remembered in chapter 198 both of them were tied up and gagged. Only when he was released by other people, was he be able to shout, and only if he was telling the truth, did other people would release him.

The reason why Sun Daqian lied was explained the last chapter.