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Chapter 199 The world of spores

 Chapter 199 The world of spores

"coo..... Coo...


The sound made by unknown creatures appeared deep inside the quiet and colourful forest from time to time.

As the Survivors were moving forward, all kinds of bizarre spore plants started to appear and the colour of the plants was no longer monotonous.

Chu Yunsheng had an illusion, and this illusion was very strong, it was like he had already left the earth and had entered a breathtaking world of spore plants, and he was in a group of "indigenous people" holding the arrows and sticks crossing a quiet Ancient woodland.

There were many giant mushrooms, spiky "lotus sticks", bloody cockscomb-like plants, long and thin stem plants that had a giant red sphere thing on top them; and many unknown strange green spore plants on the ground...

A hazy shimmer shed on this quiet and mysterious world from the gaps between the top of every plant. The mass of flocculent objects floating between those strange plants were like ghosts, they were only visible when they reached the light rays that were being cast down through the gaps of the plants.

Rustling sounds constantly appeared when they stepped on the plant's "leaves".

According to Li Xi's analysis, those "leaves" contained a large amount spore viruses. So what they were stepping on was actually a sea of deadly poison.

The road the survivors showed Chu Yunsheng was a narrow and dark passage, it was only big enough for three people to walk side by side, there was a touch of a light shimmer at the end of the passage, although it was not strong, compared to the dark passage it was surprisingly bright.

Zhang Jia village was originally an old village of Ting Bai town. There were not many houses at the beginning, but now only a few of them were visible in between the strange spore plants, most of them were either covered by the plants or overturned by it.

Through the dark passage and after the "glowing exit", in front, them was an open area surrounded by a prosperous spore forest with a few houses scattered around in the middle. The hazy shimmer shed onto this small village made a few houses reflecting the light, dazzling. The small village looked like it had been isolated from the outside for centuries.

:"coo...coo..." Xiao Si looked around and carefully mimicked the sound of those strange animals.

Zhang Jia village was still very quiet.

:"Coo.. Coo.." under Zhang Zizhao's instruction, Xiao Si made the sound a few times more.

Still nothing.

"brother Zhao, shall I scout out the area?" Xiao Si said.

:"it's too dangerous, it might be a trap!" Zhang Zizhao shook his head. The sound Xiao Si made earlier was their secret code, even though they sent out the signals several times, they still didn't get any response. So, it was either that the chief and the other people were not here, or because of some reasons, they couldn't respond to them.

:"what if the chief and the other people already left, I have to explore the area, if they were really here, they must have left something for us." Xiao Si said.

Zhang Zizhao thought for a second and said:"ok, but you must be careful. If there is anything, run..."

His last word was reminding Xiao Si to not run back to them, but run somewhere else in case it would expose their hideout.

They had been living under the animal's suppression for a very long time that they even forgot that there was someone even more powerful on their team.

What surprised Chu Yunsheng was that Xiao Si didn't even show any sign of reluctance. As if they had done it many times before.

:"Edgar, guard the back, let me check the font." Chu Yunsheng always felt that they were being followed by someone. However, he did not have the little tiger's wind ability, so he was not sure. Edgar had the energy shield, so the regular bullet wouldn't harm him. So he would be able to stop block the attack for a while if anyone attacked them from behind.

:"does anyone of you know how to use a gun?" Chu Yunsheng looked around and asked.

Everyone shook their head including Zhang Zizhao. Only Li Xi nodded his head.

": I'm not very familiar with a gun, but I'm not a total amateur, but what I have is mostly textbook knowledge...." Li Xi said.

:"I don't want to know about this." Chu Yunsheng said. Then he took out a gun which he got from Edgar's old teammates and gave it to him, he also gave him a box of ammunition as well:" once the fight starts, I won't be able to protect you, you will need to protect yourself."

All the survivors gasped in shock. This strange skywalker was like a magician, he could almost take anything out of his cloak.

:"oh right. Why didn't you guys use the insect's shell as a shield, and you guys also didn't have any firearms? " Chu Yunsheng said while aiming the gun at Xiao Si.

:"we lost them yesterday during the escape, they were too heavy. We also had some guns, but we had already run out of bullets, so they were useless." Li Xi shook his head.

:"shush!" Chu Yunsheng hissed. He suddenly felt an energy fluctuation in the area, and it came from those houses in the village.

Chu Yunsheng pressed his finger closer to the trigger and got ready to fire.

All the survivors stopped breathing, some people also took out their spears to get ready for the fight.

Suddenly a screeching sound rang out in the quiet village. It was loud and clear.

Then a giant green "Centipede's head" slowly crawled out of the broken house. As It was moving out, it also moved it's head up and down, it seemed like it was trying to detect something.

Then it noticed Xiao Si who had entered his territory. The head which was almost as big as three humans slowly bowed down and stared at Xiao Si.

Xiao Si was so scared that he instantly fell on the ground, at the same time he was constantly kicking his feet on the ground trying to move backwards desperately. Chu Yunsheng could almost hear his cry.

This was the second time Chu Yunsheng encountered this monster. The first time he was in the sky and was forced to land.

Just when Chu Yunsheng locked his gun at the monster Qin Renbo who was behind him stopped him:" everyone, don't move, it just shed its old skin, so, don't provoke it! Otherwise, the noise will attract more monsters..."

Just right after he said that the monster slowly raised its head and slithered into the sky in the hazy shimmer.

Zhang Zizhao and other people quickly ran out of the passage and headed towards Xiao Si:" Xiao Si, are you alright?" everyone was asking the same question.

Who would have thought that this monster would come to this place to shed its skin?

But there was also a good news. If the monster was here, it meant that the animals from Wu city were not here.

"Fuck me,, that scared the shit out of me...." Xiao Si's chest was constantly moving up and down, it seemed like he really was scared.

"Edgar, it seems like you were wrong, there is no one here, the second person lied." Chu Yunsheng smiled at Edgar.

"I knew this fucker would betray us, you motherfucker!" Er Guai kicked Sun Daqian several times and said.

"What are you doing Er Guai! Stand aside!" Zhang Zizhao instantly pulled Er Guai aside and shouted angrily.

"Brother Zhao, this fuc... ah!.... forget about it....."Er Guai saw Zhang Zizhao was still trying to protect this guy, he gave up persuading him.

Zhang Zizhao took a deep breath and picked up Sun Daqian from the ground:" Da Qian, you saved my life. I am not an ungrateful man but it's about a hundred people's lives! If you really did it, I will kill you myself. if you did not do it, I owe you too much already, at that time, you can do whatever you like to me! "

Sun Daqian's mouth was gagged, so he only sneered.

"Let's go to the secret tunnel." Chu Yunsheng looked at the dark passage behind them and sneered.

If someone really followed him and that person could keep his distance without being seen by him, then the person who followed him must be a wind element dark warrior.

:"Mr.Lennon, are you sure about this?" this time it was not Li Xi, it was Zhang Zizhao, once they entered the secret tunnel, then their only escape tunnel would be exposed to those animals.

"I will guard the back, if they really followed us, unless they kill me, there is no way they can reach you first, are you still worried?" Chu Yunsheng said.

Chu Yunsheng helped them a lot more than he should have, so Zhang Zizhao also felt embarrassed to ask more questions.

They took a short break, then they began to leave the Zhang Jia village. This time Zhang Zizhao was walking at the front to lead the road. Only he knew where the secret tunnel was and how to get there.

As they were travelling in the dark spore forest, they could see many green and red "lanterns" floating in the gaps between the strange spore plants, everyone was so scared that they tried to stay as close to each other as they could, no one dared to find out what exactly were those lanterns.

Almost half an hour later, they entered a passage that only allowed two people to walk in side by side.

A few minutes after they entered the passage, Zhang Zizhao suddenly raised his right hand to stop the people behind him. Then a faint and strange noise appeared in the dark place at the other end of the passage.

It was the noise that Xiao Si made earlier!

"Our own people!"

"Must be the chief!"


................................translator's note..............................

As I said this novel is all about the reader's own interpretation of the information that was hiding in each chapter, so here is a small puzzle for you and my own way of interpreting it.

My thoughts on this chapter.

Two possible scenarios here,

1.both are traitors, Fu Lijing was informed the name of the other traitor by the "animals". But Sun Qaqian wasn't, he was only told that there was the other traitor. one of the clues was in chapter 194. Zhang Zizhao said that he is playing us like what they always did. So it could be that those animals just want to play "guess who is the liar!" game... there are many reasons why those two people would play the game with them. survive is one of them. food....etc..

2 Sun Daqian was not a traitor. But he still lied. it could be that he noticed the "animals" was trying to surround the camp when he was about to go back to the camp from outside, (the information Fu Lijing said in chapter 197 "he went out yesterday morning...." could be used to explain this possibility) the gun wound could be caused by when he tried to run away.

The reason why he told lie was because he didn't want other people to go back and fall into their trap. This could also explain why there is a wind element warrior follow them after Sun Daqian was discovered. because they want to see and wait if they can go back and catch them all.

(the chapter in 197 also explained perfectly why Sun Daqian would do such thing, the Grandpa Qin's impression of Sun Daqian was "Da Qian this kid has always been a shy, reticent person. " plus Da Qian saved Zhang Zizhao as well, so it could explain his motive of lying.)