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Chapter 198 the bigger fish

 Chapter 198 the bigger fish

"one of you must be lying. I don't know who is it. But it's still not too late to admit it. Think about it. Your word could save hundreds of lives! "Zhang Zizhao raised his hand to stop the people talking. :" if none of you admits I'm afraid I have to kill you both! I know that one innocent brother will die. But I'll not let those animals get what they want easily!" he gritted his teeth and said.

:"tie them both up!" Zhang Zizhao said and then signalled to the other people.

:"Zhang Zizhao! You... you! I risked my life to tell you this... but you want to kill me! Have you lost your fucking conscience!" Sun Daqian was agitated. He resisted from being tied up.

:"brother Zhao, I'm not a traitor, only he is! He left the camp yesterday, the animals from Wu city just arrived this afternoon, how did he know we can't defend it?" Fu Lijing was distraught:" right... secret tunnel.. tunnel...chief said only you two know the tunnel. If I'm lying, how do I know about the tunnel? I don't mind if you want to kill me, my life was originally yours. But don't trust him. We have hundreds of people in the camp he will get us all killed!"

"I give you three minutes to come forward, I swear in front of everyone: if you come forward I'll let you live. if no one admits it. Then you both have to die! " Zhang Zizhao ignored him and said.

"Zizhao!...." Li Xi frowned, he approached him and whispered in his ear.

"Lao Li, I know what you are trying to say. But I am the captain, just listen to me, I'll bear all the blame! They both are my good brothers, I'm just as sad as you! But we can not take the traitor with us, he will expose our location, this is the only way, it's about more than 100 lives! "said Zhang Zizhao while his face was twisted in pain.

"I don't think they will confess, let's discuss what we should do next. Should we go back to use the secret tunnel or should we change the route and go to Zhang Jia village... ..." Li Xi let out a long sigh.

The survivors were gathered together trying to figure out what to do next. Of course Chu Yunsheng and Edgar those two outsiders weren't invited to discuss with them.

"if you could choose one. Who would you choose?" Chu Yunsheng asked Edgar again.

:"it's a difficult choice Mr.Lennon, but if I had to choose one...." then he paused a second to think:" although I don't like Jews, they have many fascinating philosophical stories. There was one story very similar to the situation right now. The story tells people that the people who helped you are more trustworthy than the people you helped.

So If I had to choose, I'll choose the second person who was injured, not the young man who appeared at the beginning!." a smile slowly appeared on his face as he thought that his theory was correct.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said:" based on your theory, I can't trust you, but you can trust me right?"

Edgar's smile instantly stopped there and he gasped in shock. oh my God what did I just say... he thought.

:"I....I'm sorry! Mr.Lennon, I don't mean by that..." he stammered.

Chu Yunsheng patted his shoulder and walked towards the survivors:" may I ask you a few questions?" he asked.

:"of course. Mr.Lennon, what would you like to know." Li Xi responded. He realized that this Skywalker could potentially help them go through the danger this time.

:"The animals in Wu city, do they have cars?" the first question Chu Yunsheng asked was very unusual, everyone was dazed for a second.

:"They have. Not only that they also have machine guns...." Li Xi nodded his head.

:"Ok, then we might have the same target. Next question. Why do they want to attack you? And according to what you said. They will kill you if you get caught, why is that?" Chu Yunsheng asked again.

:"They are a bunch of animals, if they get us, males will be forced to try all kinds of poisonous mycelium in order find out the edible ones. then women... kids...." Li Xi suddenly stopped there. His eyes were as cold as ice, he took a deep breath and said:" if they had enough fun with the women and the kids, they will then eat them!"

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, So that's why they were called animals. However, he had already seen many things like this. Even in Jin Ling, Mo Wuluo's "sister" was also almost killed and eaten by other people.

"To them. The hundreds of people in our camp are just a pile of food. They want us, especially grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing. They might let them live but rest of us will die." said Li Xi.

:"I'll rather die than join them!" Qin Renno shook his head.

:"last question, if they wanted this old man and the little girl, why didn't they just come here to catch you. Why do they have to go through all this trouble?" Chu Yunsheng said while pointing at the two men on the ground.

:"They want to catch us all, but there is a secret tunnel which only me and the Chief know where it is. We could escape from the camp before they destroy the wall. So they don't want that to happen!" This time it was Zhang Zizhao

:"So both of them are suspicious. If Fu LiJing is the traitor. Going back will expose our only escaping route; if Sun Daqian is the traitor, going to Zhang Jia village will expose our alternative camp."

"It seems like you did not do a very good job at keeping a secret. " Chu Yunsheng said bluntly:"go to the village first. Do not expect your traitor will talk, if no one is there, we will take the secret tunnel. Whoever the real traitor is, We will see at the end."

:"but Mr.Lennon, what happens what if those animals follow us?" Li Xi was worried, even if Chu Yunsheng was a skywalker those animals had the numbers.

:"can you think of a better way? Trust me it's your only option! by the way after the fight, all their stuff are mine, especially the cars!" Chu Yunsheng said.

It took them almost three minutes, but they still couldn't think of a better way. At the end, they decided to listen to Chu Yunsheng and changed their direction towards Zhang Jia village.

:"thank you Mr.Lennon, thank you for saving me one more time. If I ever get to see my wife and kids, I'll definitely tell them....." Edgar had already heard what Chu Yunsheng used to exchange for his life. He was very grateful for what he did.

However, he didn't get to finish his words. :" Those words are meaningless. After we finish the business here, you can consider staying here." Chu Yunsheng interrupted him. The other survivors had also heard part of their conversation. But just that part of the conversation already made them break into a cold sweat. Is this Skywalker over confident or is he really much stronger than the others?

"Mr. Lennon, although I do not know where you want to go, I can drive, cook, be a sentry, etc... I am a strong, multilingual and I know a lot of things ..." Edgar was counting the advantages of having him on the team. He still wanted to stay with Chu Yunsheng...

"Zhang Jia village is in the front of us, everyone, be extra careful..." Zhang Zizhao raised his hand up high to signal other people...

Edgar got startled and stopped talking immediately.

---------------translator's note--------------

Wo Wuluo was the kid who had a wood element ability but could not increase his power, he just had his 16th birthday when he joined the office building clan. who also called his 3 years old niece "little sister" .