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Chapter 197 Unpredictable human nature

 Chapter 197 Unpredictable human nature

"Thank god, I finally found you!" the young man was panting on the ground and said:" animals... animals from Wu city..... Huh? What is wrong with Mouyou?" he raised his head and saw Mouyou was in Zhang Zizhao's arm.

"It's a long story, but tell me how did they found out the camp?" Zhang Zizhao quickly got up from the ground and handed over Mouyou who was still unconscious to the other members of the group.

"A traitor, we have a traitor in our camp!" the young man said furiously.

"Who? Who is that fucking traitor!" Zhang Zizhao was also enraged. There were more than hundreds of people in the camp.

"It must be Sun Daqian, he definitely could not bear the hunger. Seeing you did not come back to the camp on time, he went out yesterday early morning. He must have gone to join those sickening animals in Wu city!" the young man clenched his fists.

"Are you sure it's him? Could it be a mistake? " Zhang Zizhao hoped that there might have been a misunderstanding somewhere.

"Brother Zhao, I know he saved your life. But this world.... human nature is very unpredictable" young man nodded his head and said.

Zhan Zizhao felt deflated.

"Da Qian this kid has always been a shy, reticent person. Even him would do such thing! Does God really not want us to live? Does he want to turn everyone into animals?" Qin Renbo sighed again.

"Brother Zhao, Chief said that we can't use the old route now, Da Qian knows the route, we are scared that there might be an ambush. So we need to use the secret tunnel. Chief is waiting for you to come back. We need to discuss if we should defend or relocate." the young man looked at everyone and whispered at Zhang Zizhao's ear.

"This is probably the only way to do it. Mouyou also needs to be taken care of as soon as possible!" originally only Zhang Zizhao and the Chief knew about the secret tunnel. But when Zhang Zizhao heard Fu Lijing also talking about secret tunnel. It meant that the station had gotten worse.

"Is Mouyou ok?" Fu Lijing appeared to be very worried.

Zhang Zizhao shook his head in pain, but he did not want to answer him. The series of things he experienced since last night made him physically and mentally exhausted.

"Are you injured? Da Li is injured as well!?" it seemed to grieve him to see all the people injured. "Let me hold Mouyou!"

Then he took over Mouyou from other people's hand.

"Brother Li, they are?" Fu Lijing asked.

"Passing by."Li Xi looked at Chu Yunsheng, but he didn't dare to say anything extra.

"They got a gun! Are they...." he stepped back in panic.

"No, stop worrying about them, let's go!" Li Xi waved his hand and said.

Fu Lijing looked at Chu Yunsheng and Edgar sceptically then subconsciously held his arm around Jing Mouyou tighter and said:" let's go!"

With the help of the hazy shimmer, Chu Yunsheng and Edgar's visibly had increased. They were stunned for a few seconds by the scene around them before they realised that everyone had already started to move.

"Shit!" Edgar's face was twisted.

What they saw first was "big mushrooms" as tall as a two-storey house. Its milky white "mushroom stem" was so thick that it would need to take at least three people to encompass it with outstretched arms; its yellow "mushroom cap" was covered with patterns that resembled "mushroom lamella".

There was a cluster of green soft lotus-shaped plants below the big mushroom, and a small part of them were some strange spherical plants, the long thin stalk and bright red sphere top, were very eye-catching.

Underneath the mushroom cap and above strange spherical plants a mass flocculent objects appeared from time to time in the wind, as the winds blew the mass, it was quickly spread out, some of them fell on the ground and some of them flew into the air and flew into the places far away.

"It's beautiful, but it is also deadly, if an ordinal man were to inhale just a little bit of it, his lungs would rot and he wouldl die ... ... a lot of people have died here. a lot ..... Same as the insects... a lot of them have died here too."Li Xi walked past Edgar and said.

"Spores viruses?" Chu Yunsheng asked. This place was not very far away from Jin Ling, but why would two nearby cities became two completely different worlds, The same thing also happened with the fog city and horror city.

"Yes, there was a genius college student who had escaped from Lu city. She had done many experiments on all kinds of spore viruses and she had miraculously found a type of Mycelium that could be used, but later on, it was said that she died of starvation. Some people also said that she was lost in the spore forest. In short, no one had seen her again. "Li Xi said

"Mr. Lennon, please wear this, it is a special scarf that was soaked with Mycelium, it can prevent some of the spore viruses going into the respiratory system." Li Xi took out two pieces of cloth from one of his team member's backpack. He handed one to Chu Yunsheng and the other one to Edgar.

"I don't need it, but Edgar you will need to wear it." said Chu Yunsheng. It was not that Chu Yunsheng was trying to be brave, it was that those viruses almost had zero effect on Chu Yunsheng.

Of course, this was not the only reason why he did not want to wear the anti-virus scarves, he could not rely on this thing forever, nor did he wanted to rely on it to pass through this city. He needed to find another way, but first of all, he needed to figure out the properties of these spores miasma as soon as possible and the quickest way to do it is to have a direct contact with those spore viruses. While his body was exposed to those viruses he could observe the Yuan Qi's reaction and study it. Then he might be able to learn something from how Rong Yuan body handled the virus and then he would be able to use this knowledge to make a new type of talisman of cure poison.

"you really do not need it?" Li Xi was surprised to see that Chu Yunsheng did not take the scarf.

"I don't need it, instead tell me something about the animals from Wu city you were talking about!" Chu Yunsheng asked.

He had been listening to this group of survivors talking about the animals from Wu City and they used of a lot of metaphors like, evil spirits, demons, animals, extremely cruel...... ... to describe those animals, whenever they talked about it, their emotions were either panic or hatred.

"They are humans, but they don't act like humans! They are a group of animals! Mr. Lennon. If you saw what they did, you will understand, they eat everything, they even eat.... "Li Xi was dazed for a second when Chu Yunsheng asked him this question, but then he was interrupted by Chu Yunsheng again,

"Wait, someone is coming!" Chu Yunsheng said.

After the battle in the area of sticky substances, the bullets for the type one dark energy gun only left less than 10 bullets, so Chu Yunsheng took back the gun from Edgar and gave him a regular rifle which originally belonged to Edgar's original team members.

"Who is there?" Xiao Si was at the front of the group, he fired one arrow into the dark and asked.

In the dim light, a vague figure was staggering towards them, Xiao Xi's shout instantly made the figure shake a little and fall into the ground.

"Wait here, let me check it!" Xiao Si signalled his team members and moved forward. The person fell on the passage between two clusters of lotus-shaped plants, it was the only passage that the survivors could use to get through here.

The exit of this passage was a three-way intersection. It was formed by a large number of spore plants, the secret tunnel which led to the camp belonged only in one of these routes.

"Be careful, archers and peltasts get ready." Zhang Zizhao signalled rest of the people.

Chu Yunsheng was not a wind element dark warrior, so his detection range was limited. If the little tiger was here, it would definitely be able to tell if there was danger around or not.

But Chu Yunsheng was not that worried. As long as it was not the cloaked man's people or the woman in the white dress. He could easily deal with regular skywalkers.

Xiao Si slowly approached the person on the ground, his footsteps were unusually loud. The closer he got to the person, the tighter all the survivors nerves were stretched.

"Brother Zhao, it is Da Qian, Sun Daqian!!" Xiao Si waved his hand and said.

Sun Daqian? That traitor?

It instantly created a commotion in the crowd. Everyone was looking around to see if the animals from Wu city were nearby.

"Calm down, Xiao Si bring him here!" said Zhang Zizhao.

Soon, Xiao Si brought a skinny man back. The man's eyelids sagged inside and his lips were dry. His left arm was bleeding and it looked like a gun wound. His sleeves were already covered with blood and he was constantly murmured:" water.... water..."

"Er Guai, give him some water!" Zhang Zizhao immediately said.

"Brother Zhao, but he... he is a traitor!" Er Guai frowned.

"Give him water!" Zhang Zizhao raised his voice.

Er Guai got scared, he did not dare to say no again and quickly passed the water to him.

"Cough..., cough,.... there is,.... a traitor, a traitor!" Sun Daqian coughed several times then said intermittently.

"Who? Who is the traitor?" Zhang Zizhao knitted his brows and moved his ear close to Sun Daqian's mouth.

"Chief said, don't go back to the camp...wait...they will wait for you at Zhǎng Jiā Village...they could not defend it..." Sun Daqian's voice was very weak.

"What is going on?" Zhang Zizhao said coldly, at the same time he looked sharply at Fu Lijing and Sun Daqian. One said they needed to go back, the other said they needed to wait outside. Who is lying?

"Brother Zhao, are you suspecting me? my life was saved by you and Mouyou, the first time was you, the second was Mouyou, this kind of ungrateful things ..I. ... I, OK, if you think I am the traitor, you can kill me right now. my life is yours .... Now I am giving it back to you!" Fu Lijing felt like he was being humiliated, so he pulled out the knife, and said categorically.

""Edgar, what do you think? " Chu Yunsheng suddenly turned to Edgar and asked

"Mr. Lennon, with you present. Whoever is lying is not important. because the outcome would still be the same!" Edgar cracked a smile.

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