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Chapter 196 Animals in Wu City

 Chapter 196 Animals in Wu City

The words Chu Yunsheng blurted out made all the survivors confused, but when it went into Li Xi's ear, he instantly frowned his eyebrows.

Li Xi was standing behind Chu Yunsheng so he could get to see the gun Chu Yunsheng was carrying. He was sure that he had never seen this type of gun before.

As a weapon hobbyist in the age of light, Li Xi had subscribed to almost all the magazine about any type of combat weapons, however after he seared all the information in his memories, he still could not find any information in his memories matching this weapon.

Until when he heard Chu Yunsheng suddenly blurted out wood element dark warrior. He started to reconsider where Chu Yunsheng might come from.

Li Xi came from Zhe Jiang Province, he had been through so many difficult and deadly situations, but he still dreamed to escape to the legendary safe land - Jin Ling City. From the first day he set out, he had been to many different places, seen many different things. He had also heard all kinds of name that people used to call those who had special abilities.

They were called awakenings, supermen, mutants...and here they were called skywalkers.

However, unlike all those names, the name Mr.lennon said when he saw Mouyou unleashing the power was very special. The word - wood element dark warrior had a prefix. It was definitely not some random name he gave out, like other people he met before.

Plus this strangely shaped gun. Li Xi slowly started to have a vague conclusion. This black man and this Mr.lennon must have come from a big; stable and safe base, no one could just make this type of gun out of thin air. There must be a big organization behind this gun.

Li Xi was trying to get closer to the gun to see if he could find any more information. he was eager to find a safe and stable organization or the military base.

Chu Yunsheng was alerted, he instantly turned around and pointed the gun at Li Xi.

Li Xi immediately stopped and did not dare to make one more step. He realised that he had done something very stupid. Most of the Skywalkers were usually very violent and had a very bad temper, the Skywalkers like grandpa Qin, and Mouyou almost like endangered animals. Zhang Zizhao might have guessed Mr.lennon's origin wrong, but one thing Zhang Zizhao was right. This Mr.lennon was as cold as other Skywalkers.

"Coo.... coo... coo.. "

The noise that Edgar made attracted Chu Yunsheng's attention once again, Li Xi took the opportunity and quickly moved backwards. However, his heart still could not stop beating fast.

Chu Yunsheng was staring at Jing Mouyou who was using her ability to cure Edgar. His knowledge about the wood element dark warrior only limited to "the witch". Comparing to witch's healing ability, this girl's ability was so weak.

Based on Jin Ling city's evaluation standard. She was most likely at rank 1 Bing class.

Jing Mouyou's delicate and white forehead started to sweat, and her small mouth started to open and close faster as if she was having difficulty in controlling the green light.

Qin Renbo, Zhang Zizhao and others were looking at her with worries.

Just when Chu Yunsheng thought she could not cure Edgar. A stream of yellow smoke flew out Edgar's mouth, nose, ears and eyes as Jing Mouyou made a quiet and short grunt. The smoke quickly flew into Mouyou's palm along with the light at an incredible speed...

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he had seen how witch cured people before. Whoever infected with red shell's fire element poison, no matter it was the ordinary people or the dark warriors, Witch would be able to remove the poison from their body. But he never once saw witch had transferred those poison into her body.

Jing Mouyou's struggled to her feet, she appeared to be extremely weak all of sudden. Then she smiled feebly at Chu Yunsheng. But before Zhang Zizhao could hold her, she collapsed on the ground,

"Mouyou! Mouyou! Wake up! Wake up! You were lying... your power did not increase, you lied to me!"Zhang Zizhao's voice was shaking.

"Mouyou, Mouyou!" immediately all the survivors surrounded the girl.

"huh? where is this?" Edgar said and slowly sat up while using his hands to press his dizzy head.

"You were infected with viruses, but you are fine now!" said Chu Yunsheng, but his brows were still knitted together. 'Is it because the spore virus was transferred to the girl?' he thought.

"Ah? Mr.lennon, I got viruses? I felt like my neck was broken..." Edgar was even more confused.

However Chu Yunsheng did not pay attention to Edgar at the moment, he was staring at the girl and asked the old man:"what happened?"

"Sigh!.... Probably you did not realise, although we are skywalkers, but our power is very weak, the method we used to cure the virus is to move the virus to our body, then use our body's strength to slowly move those spore virus out, but if it surpassed our limit...."Qin Renbo gently stroked the girl's tender forehead and sighed.

"You mean the girl will die?" said Chu Yunsheng.

"If she can not wake up in two days. Shell will become.... Sigh.. silly girl... why do you have to do this.." said Qin Renbo.

"You can not cure her?" Chu Yunsheng guessed that the old man was also a wood element dark warriors. Although he did not understand how their ability works, if this old man was a wood element dark warriors he should be able to cure her.

"After the virus was transferred into her body, the virus will start to mutate, even if I were not injured, I still can not cure the mutated virus." Qin Renbo shook his head.

"Grandpa Qin, let's go!" said Zhang Zizhao whose eyes were already turned red. He glared Chu Yunsheng with hatred.

He hated Chu Yunsheng, because of him Mouyou only had two days to live. He hated the vitamin c Chu Yunsheng took out. Because of it, he did not stop Mouyou.

Silly girl. Is it really worth it? Zhang Zizhao regretted.

At this point, a trace of hazy shimmer slowly appeared on the horizon, it indicated the arrival of a new day

Li Xi bent over to picked up three things on the ground. Zhang Zizhao was holding the girl in his arms. All the survivors were holding each other and begun to leave slowly, they all looked depressed.

"Wait!" Chu Yunsheng helped Edgar to stand to his feet and said loudly.

Li Xi's hands suddenly trembled a bit. Is he going to take back those things? Not only Li Xi had this kind of thought, almost everyone was thinking about the same thing. Xiao Jing's sacrifice was in vain!

Chu Yunsheng knew what they were thinking so he quickly said:"I think I might be able to save her life!"

All the survivors were dazed for a second: what did he say?

"I think I might be able to help." Chu Yunsheng repeated. He had enough time in two days to find those monsters and study their virus. Then he could try to make a talisman of cure poison to cure this type of virus.

"You can't even save the black man! How can you save her" Zhang Zizhao sneered as if he heard a ridiculous joke.

"I can ignore what you said this time, but if you want to save her, it's better to keep your mouth shut." Chu Yunsheng did not like this guy's attitude at all.

"Mr.lennon, can you really save Xiao Jing?" said Li Xi.

"I will try it. But my method is not like yours. I need time." Chu Yunsheng said, of course, he did not want to explain how he was going to cure her to everyone here.

"Are two days enough?" asked Qin Renbo. Even him started to believe what Chu Yunsheng said.

"If you cooperate, it should be no problem." Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

"Mr.lennon, if you really can save her, I'll do everything you asked!" Zhang Zizhao then kneeled down.

:"I don't need it!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly. He did not like this guy at all.

Suddenly, a young man with ripped cloth was running towards them in panic. At the same time, he was shouting in an extremely worried voice:"the animals from wu city is coming....."