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Chapter 195 deadly temptation

 Chapter 195 deadly temptation

Those survivors mistook Chu Yunsheng as someone else and Chu Yunsheng wrongly accused those survivors of what happened to Edgar.

When the truth was revealed, they suddenly fell into an awkward silence.

"it's really strange, why his head has not been pulled off? Obviously, the spores have begun to grow inside his head, now the head should have been pulled off his neck! why?" Qin Renbo squatted down in front of Edgar. He was examining Edgar's Head from left to right. However, he was confused.

"Mr. Lennon, is your friend also a Skywalker?" Qin Renbo turned to Chu Yunsheng and asked as he couldn't think of any other reasons.

:"I have a method to stop him from injuring himself, do you have any way to cure him?......" Chu Yunsheng said ambiguously. Although the energy shield talisman could stop Edgar's head from being pulled off and according to those survivors, from the symptoms that Edgar had, it was also indicated that the worm inside Edgar was not fully grown yet. If he still could not be cured soon, he would still die.

"If it were yesterday, then I would still have the ability to save him, but now, I am also infected with the spore virus in the miasma, so I can't draw it out, sigh! ... "Qin Renbo let out a long sigh at the end.

:"I...I can try it." Jing Mouyou said timidly.

Only when the girl spoke, did Chu Yunsheng realise that he was still using his arm to lock the girl's neck.

:"No! Mouyou your ability isn't powerful enough to deal with those miasma viruses!" Zhang Zizhao suddenly raised his head.

:"Can you really do it?" Chu Yunsheng let go of Jing Mouyou slowly. If it were not that Edgar was in a critical situation, he could try to cure Edgar by himself. However, studying a new type of poison and finding a way with the book to cure it needed time. But Edgar did not have much time.

So he hoped that the girl could really do it. After all, Edgar had broken out of the swarm with him. He did not really want to see Edgar being killed by a little "leech".

"Mr. Lennon, I will try my best to save your friend." Jing Mouyou coughed a few times trying to breathe in more air, then she nodded and said.

"Mouyou, are you crazy! You fell into a coma for two days and almost died when you tried to save Er Guai last time. This black man's condition is even worse than Er Guai's at that time!" Zhang Zizhao quickly dragged her to the side and almost shouted out loud.

"Brother Zhao, I'm fine, my power has increased. Let go of me first, you are hurting me..." Jing Mouyou said quietly and then she slowly started to have watery eyes again.

"You are lying.... How come your power increased all of sudden? You..." Zhang Zizhao did not believe her at all.

"It's real, brother Zhao, you don't know anything about skywalker's ability. My power has really increased." Jing Mouyou argued.

"If you can save my friend, I'll give you some salt" Chu Yunsheng suddenly interrupted them and took out a bag of salt.

In the flickering fire, the word "salt" on the plastic bag was abnormally tempting, all the survivors were looking at each other and gasped!

In the dark age, salt was one of the supplies that was even harder to get than regular food.

Everyone's eyes had already exposed their inner desire. It had been a very long time since the last time they tasted salt!

"And milk powder!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly threw out another "bomb" in the crowd. From their conversation earlier, he knew that they seemed to live in a camp, and it seemed like there were many people over there, So the milk powder must be important to them as well.

Chu Yunsheng could tell that those survivors were very special, they were very united and probably had been going through the dark age together for a very long time.

Even though those people knew they might die, they still came back to stop him. They reminded Chu Yunsheng of a person he had met before. His name was Zhao Shanhe - A person that even though he knew he would die, he still had a strong belief, a belief that the human life was above anything else.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not stop there. The last thing he took out instantly destroyed everyone's last bit of hesitance, even Zhang Zizhao also could not help but started to tremble slightly!

A small white bottle that had the words vitamin c written on it!!!

"I'll do it!" Jing Mouyou immediately shook off Zhang Zizhao's restraining hand. Perhaps Zhang Zizhao had just lost his focus, so she broke free easily. In her clear and bright big eyes, there was determination and hope.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He knew that this girl would definitely accept it.

The longer the dark age continued, the lesser those rich in vitamin C vegetables were. Even though those people had survived the monsters attack, they still had to face another devil's curse: scurvy!

Originally Chu Yunsheng had prepared a lot of vitamin pills during the age of light. However, he did not actually use it that often. Especially after he reached Yuan Tian stage two. His body did not seem to require any additional vitamin intake.

Only until he arrived Jin Ling City, did he learn that tens of thousands of humans had already died because of lacking in a variety of vitamins and all kind of strange diseases, especially the scurvy.

In Jin Ling City, vitamin C, and various foods, weapons, ammunition, drugs, etc.... were classified as the special materials, only the soldiers in the central area of Jin Ling city could get a small amount of those supplies.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng's vitamin storage was a lot more than the food he prepared. Even though he had left most of them back in the office building with his auntie, he still had some of them in his storage talisman.

Although Edgar was not very close to him, at least they had been through the swarm's attack together, and also to him, the vitamin was kind of useless at the moment, so if he could use vitamins to save this black man's life. He would be happy to do it.

Zhang Zizhao could only pray that Jing Mouyou did not lie to him at the moment. Because Mouyou's mother was on the verge of dying because of scurvy!

"Mouyou, if... if you can't do it, do not force yourself, okay?" Zhang Zizhao grasped Mouyou's small hand and said with an extremely worried tone.

"Brother Zhao, I know that you care about me, thank you!" Jing Mouyou nodded her head lightly.

"Xiao Jing, take your time, don't rush, follow grandpa's instruction, Zizhao is right, if you can't do it, don't force yourself. Those things are not important, do you understand?" Qin Renbo sighed and said: "if your mother knew you were doing this for her, she would definitely not want you to take the risks for her, in her heart, only you are the ... ..."

"Grandpa Qin, I know!" Jing Mouyou pressed her lips together and glanced at Chu Yunsheng. Then she walked towards Edgar without any hesitation.

Chu Yunsheng was puzzled by their behaviour. From what he had heard from Li Xi, the girl and the old man were skywalkers, although they were weak, they were still skywalkers.

And he had already started to realise that the so-called skywalkers were probably the same as the dark warriors, it was just the name they gave to those awakened human beings.

Since they were dark warriors, they would most likely just feel tired after they used up their energy. However, it would only take them a few days to recover. But why did those people acted like she was making a life and death choice.

Suddenly a touch of soft green light interrupted Chu Yunsheng's thoughts.

Light came out of the girl's hand and it was being sprinkled on Edgar's head, all the wood elemental energy around the area slowly became active and moved towards the girl's hand.

"Wood element dark warrior?" Chu Yunsheng could not help it and blurted in surprise.

--------------translator's note------------------

Zhang Shaohe is one of the 7 warriors back when MC just escaped from a nuclear explosion, they were separated after they enter Jin Ling city.