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Chapter 194 the truth

 Chapter 194 the truth

When Chu Yunsheng went upstairs, the first thing he did was- go to the roof to take back the green shell. As he thought the green shell's body had expanded outward almost ten centimetres or so. In order to determine if he was correct, he also summoned the other four green shells to compare their sizes.

Although the green shells originally were already different in their sizes, it wasn't very obvious. When he put the five green shells together, the one which had eaten the leech-like monsters instantly stood out in the group.

Obviously, it had something to do with the leech-like monster, however, in terms of the specific reasons, Chu Yunsheng hoped that he would be able to find the answer from the ancient book.

It was at that time, he heard Edgar's painfully groan under the roof, then followed by the sound of beating and smashing.

He quickly put back the monster seal talisman and went back to the second floor. Then he saw Edgar's mouth covered with the blood and foam, his eyeballs were rolling up and both of his both hands were constantly pushing his head up as if he wanted to remove his head from his neck.

Chu Yunsheng tried to wake him up, however, no matter how much Chu Yunsheng called out to him, he still did not wake up.

Then, Edgar suddenly put his head on the table and then pulled out his dagger and was about to chop his own head off. If it were not that Chu Yun Sheng reacted quickly, he would have probably stabbed himself to death.

Chu Yunsheng had never seen such an absurd scene. In order to get Edgar under control, he immediately tied up Edgar with a rope from the storage talisman, then he also clogged Edgar's mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue off.

But unexpectedly, Edgar's neck was still making a squeaky sound, his neck looked like it was being twisted by something. If it were not the energy talisman, Chu Yunsheng did not doubt that his neck would break.

Chu Yunsheng's first reaction was that this had something to do with those monsters, but he knew nothing about the new monster, so he could not lay down the conclusion, and then he realised that when he killed the monster, Edgar didn't even have a close contact with the monster, so there was no way that this was done by the monsters!

He then thought carefully again. He was separated from Edgar when he went out to kill those monsters, and it was the only period that that he was not with Edgar. Was it because of those people? He thought.

Regardless of the head monster or the huge mushrooms, it was the first time they had encountered those things, but for the survivors they met, they might have been dealing with those things for a very long time, and it was not impossible for those people to make some kind of poison out of those monsters or mushrooms.

Plus those people had always been hostile towards them, they even called him an animal as if he was going to eat them, so they had the motives.

Moreover, even when he said that they could temporarily stay in the first floor until the second day, those people still prefered to take the risk walking in the darkness. It could also be that they were afraid of being caught.

Although Edgar was not close to him, they both escaped from Jin Ling City, so he could be counted as half of his man. How could those people be so vicious so as to poison his man!

Chu Yunsheng had always been minding his own business and trying to avoid having any conflicts with anyone. He didn't want to kill anyone. Because he didn't want to lose his morality. However, people always seemed to force him to do the things he didn't want.

He quickly tied up Edgar with a rope and then jumped on to the roof, then he fired the dark energy gun in all directions attempting to find those people.

Chu Yunsheng had heard the conversation of those people, the old man and the girl seemed to be very important to them.

If he wanted to control the group, he had to capture those two people first. That was why Chu Yunsheng passed those who tried to block his way and went straight to the muscular guy who was holding the girl and the old man under his armpit while desperately trying to run away.

His flying kick sent the man into the air while both people fell onto the ground. The girl's bright eyes were filled with despair.

:"tell me, who did it!" Chu Yunsheng used the gun and poked the girl's head:"I said everyone mind their own business, why do you want to force me to kill you!"

:"please.., no... Brother... take me instead, please!" Zhang Zizhao was panting when he arrived. He immediately begged Chu Yunsheng when he saw Chu Yunsheng was pointing the gun at Jing Mouyou's head.

:"it was me, just me! You take me instead!" Xiao Si gritted his teeth and walked forward.

:"No, it was me, not him!" another person came out.


:"take me!"


Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second when he saw all of them come forward. 'Are those people not scared of dying?' He thought.

Seeing them come closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng snorted, he quickly grabbed the girl and held her tightly around his left arm. At the same time, he used his right hand to fire the dark energy gun three times at the house not far behind them.

The mushroom next to them was still on fire, the light was flickering in the dark and the house could be vaguely seen from Chu Yunsheng's position.

Puff, puff, puff! Chu Yunsheng didn't miss.

There wasn't any sound of explosions. But the house was instantly burned into ashes. It instantly made those people lose their courage.

"you are in no position to make a demand! Cure him or no one lives!" Chu Yunsheng said angrily.

:"Mr..... Mr.Lennon, your friend might be infected by Carcass Worm's(1) miasma of spores. They didn't do anything. Please let them leave. We really did not ... ... " the girl who was still in Chu Yunsheng's arm said.


"Carcass Worm? A miasma of spores?" this was the first time he heard those words, so he was confused, then he suddenly knitted his brows:" how do you know my name?"

Edgar was calling him Mr. Lennon every day, after a while he was kind of used to it, so subconsciously Chu Yunsheng thought it was really his name.

:"I've heard your friend calling you like this...." Jing Mouyou said quietly.

"Mr.Lennon, Mouyou is right, we did not poison anyone, please believe us, your friend must have inhaled the carcass worm's miasma of spores." Li Xi said, at the same time he also glared at Xiao Si.

They obviously did not poison anyone. However, Xiao Si wanted to save Mouyou so badly, so he just admitted the things he did not even do in a panic. What he did, not only didn't make things better, but it might even cause the skywalker to suspect them even more. Many people even followed him blindly, it made things become even more complicated, it would get them killed.

"Yes, he is right, we did not poison anyone. Mr.... Mr.lennon, please let her go. I promised= we will find a way to save your friend." said Zhang Zizhao.

"Do you really think I will believe you? Cure him first! and I have to remind you one more time. You are in no position to make a demand." Chu Yunsheng was not smart, but he was not stupid either. There was no way he would just trust those people.

Meanwhile, the old man was helped up by other people and finally got to his feet after the minor concussion. It took him a while to breathe normally again, however, he was still very weak:" please step aside, let me have a look at this young black man. Let me see if it is still possible to save him or not. Sigh~ Zizhao, you are really...... sigh~ "

"Grandpa Qin, you have not even removed the miasma inside your body, you can't save him. Besides, don't you understand! This guy is a Skywalker, he is an animal from Wu city, since when did they start to care about their partners? He is just playing with us like how they always did. Even if we saved that man, he still won't let us go!" Zhang Zizhao stopped Qin Renbo and said. Chu Yunsheng's extremely strong tone destroyed Zhang Zizhao's last hope. He had made up his mind, since they were going to die anyway. He did not want to play the game with this animal.

"Step aside! Zizhao, you are blinded by the hatred, Mr.lennon is not the animal from Wu city. Since when was there such powerful Skywalker in Wu city? Do you really think such powerful person is the same as those animals who eat humans? "Qin Renbo said sadly. All of this could have been avoided. He had already noticed the symptoms when they were in the house earlier, but Zhang Zizhao stopped him. Moreover, the miasma of spores inside his body was still expanding, so he did not really know if he could still save the young black man or not.

"Grandpa Qin is right, this man is very powerful, with this kind of power, what kind of food could he not get?" Li Xi nodded his head.

"But what about that man, the black man! Er Guai saw him back in Wu city before!" Zhang Zizhao seemed to be very stubborn.

"Black man? To us, all the foreigners look the same. Er Guai, are you sure this man is the one you saw back in Wu city? Er Guai!" Li Xi dragged Liú Chuánmín(Er Guai) out of the group.

"I.........i.......i can't remember....." Liú Chuánmí Stammered.

When Zhang Zizhao heard what he said, his face instantly turned pale, he was staggering then kneeled down and begged: "Mr. Lennon, I beg you, do not hurt Mouyou, she is innocent, it is all my fault, if you want to vent your anger, you can kill me! Please, I am begging you, do not to hurt her."

"I don't know anything about the animals in Wu city you talked about, but if you can't prove that what happened to my friend has nothing to do with you guys. You'd better cure him!" Chu Yunsheng had tried the talisman of cure fire elemental poison, but it did not seem to work at all. Otherwise, he would not spend time talking to those people.

Li Xi was relieved when he hard Chu Yunsheng admitted that he was not from Wu city. :"Mr.lennon, do you remember whether there were any flying head monsters that released any yellow miasma of spores in front of your friend?"

"There was one, but it was far away from us." said Chu Yunsheng.

" In this type of yellow miasma, there are a large number of carcass worm's of the original ecological spores, once they are diffused into the air, without any precautionary measures, the spores will be inhaled into the human body and pass through the tracheal wall and will go all the way into the human brain. They will then start to grow inside the human brain until they've formed a carcass worm in order to take over control of the human brain completely. Then It will become the monster you saw earlier! "Li Xi explained carefully, he faintly felt that this Skywalker may know nothing about the carcass worm, so he must take this opportunity to iron out the misunderstanding.

"But why am I fine, why only he was infected" Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Energy shield talisman did not seem to be very effective to protect them from this type of poison.

"You are a Skywalker! Inhaling a little bit of miasma into your body will not affect you in any way. Grandpa Qin and the girl in your arm are both skywalkers, but their powers are very weak." said Li Xi.

His words instantly reminded Chu Yunsheng that Rong Yuan body seemed to be able to cure poisons by itself. Just right before he met Edgar, he was infected with a strong fire elemental poison. At that time his Rong Yuan body was still able to stop the poison from spreading and even remove all of it at the end.

"Oh right! once a person is infected , during the time that the spore is growing inside the human brain, the person will have some obvious symptoms, for example, the person will have a creepy smile appearing on his face from time to time.... " Li Xi added.

"Okay, I think I understand it now!" Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped him. He realized he misunderstood those people, because he had also seen Edgar's creepy smile before. However, at that time he did not think too much about it.

From the information they provided. Edgar was most likely infected by the monster that appeared in the kitchen.

1.Carcass Worm was the name of leech-like monster.