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Chapter 193 he was too fast!

 Chapter 193 he was too fast!

:" brother Zhao, he really killed all the flying head monsters, all of them!" Xiao Si came from the back door and said with a surprised tone.

Strangely enough, when he finished telling everyone, his friends did not seem to have heard him.

:"Brother Zhao,? brother Zhao? Da Li? What's the matter with you?" Xiao Si panicked when he saw everyone just standing there not moving.

:"we are fine, what's the situation outside?" Zhang Zizhao subconsciously asked. He was stunned by Chu Yunsheng's words early on, then he suddenly realized something: "Wait! all dead? Are you sure?"

"Yes, all dead!" Xiao Si nodded and said.

This time, all the people heard it clearly. They all could not help but gasp in shock.

"He is a Skywalker ... ..." Qin Renbo said it slowly while staring at Chu Yunsheng.

"But in such a short period of time, how did he kill 30 of them? Even if he is a Skywalker, ..." Zhang Zizhao murmured.

"brother Zhao, are we still leaving?" Xiao Si whispered at Zhang Zizhao's ear while looking at Chu Yunsheng who was standing next to the stairs vigilantly. He went outside earlier, so he did not hear what Chu Yunsheng said.

"Brother Zhao, grandpa Qin and a few other people were injured, it is dark outside, and we can't see the road. Couldn't we wait until tomorrow?" Jing Mouyou pleaded.

"No, this man is very dangerous, especially that black man, the black man Er Guai saw in Wu City was most likely this man, we can't take this risk, the safety of both you and grandpa Qin is the most important thing, so we need to leave here, Xiao Si check the outside again to see if there is any ambush" Zhang Zizhu said in a quiet voice scared that Chu Yunsheng and Edgar would hear it.

"If he wants to catch us, would they really need an ambush?" Jing Mouyou thought, however, she didn't dare to argue with Zhang Zizhao.

At this point, Chu Yunsheng had already run out of patience, he turned around and said: "Edgar, let's go upstairs."

He had seen the skinny monkey-like young man sneaking in at the beginning, he also heard everything he said.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask them about the situation in the Wu City, but now it seemed that the other group was being too defensive, they were even being a bit hostile towards him. So he didn't think that this group would tell him anything. That was why he decided to just leave them alone and go upstairs with Edgar. He planned to leave the house early tomorrow and head towards the city. He wanted to try his luck to find a car and fuels before tomorrow night.

Edgar seemed to be nervous, as he was still holding the gun and did not seem to hear what Chu Yunsheng said, he was standing still like a piece of wooden stick.

"Edgar?" Chu Yunsheng frowned, this guy was too Timid, perhaps he had a mental trauma from what happened in the small town near Jin Ling City.

"Ah... Mr. Lennon, what's the matter?" Edgar suddenly shouted out as if he were a frightened rabbit.

"Upstairs!" Chu Yunsheng said one more time and then stopped reminding Edgar and started to walk upstairs.

Chu Yunsheng was surprised to discover that after the green shell ate the leech-like creatures, its connection to the seal mark was tightened, he could clearly feel that the green shell's body was swollen and its power seemed to be slowly increasing.

This was a very strange thing, because the ancient book said that it was impossible for the sealed monsters to increase their own power. once the monster was sealed, then its power would be fixed. But why could the green shell increase its power? Chu Yunsheng wondered, he needed to find a place and look through the ancient book once again to see if he missed anything.

But just when he turned around, the creepy smile appeared on Edgar's face once again. however, it only appeared for less than a second, Then he returned back to normal.

:"Okay!" Edgar said then he walked clumsily upstairs.

"Huh?" a trace of doubt flashed in Qin Renbo's eye.

"Grandpa Qin, let's just mind our own stuff. those animals have done so many horrible things, they deserved it!" said Zhang Zizhao. he frowned his eyebrows and grabbed Qin Renbo's wrist.

"Zizhao, but I don't think they are those animals, they don't look like them at all!!" Li Xi shook his head and said, he was the first one in the group to notice that Chu Yunsheng was a human in the dark and he was also the first one who shouted it out to stop the conflict.

"Lao Li, did you forget how Er Guai escaped? They are a group of sick animals! They were just playing a game. They let us go, then catch us again, then let us go again... until they have enough fun, then they will reveal their real face "Zhang Zizhao gritted his teeth and said.

"If that is the case, do you really think that we can run away? I think It is better to stay here, wait and see." Li Xi said calmly.

"huh, if you want to die sooner, then you stay here to play the game with them! I need to send grandpa and Mouyou back! They are our only hope! I will not give them up "Zhang Zizhao snorted.

"Brother Zhao!" Xiao Si came back from the back door and whispered to him, then he nodded his head to signal everyone it was safe outside.

"Let's go!" Zhang Zizhao said without any hesitation.

Once they got out of the house from the back door, Zhang Zizhao immediately asked everyone to put out the fire: "everyone hold each other's hand, be careful! Do not get lost. Xiao Si, we depend on you now!!" Zhang Zizhao whispered in the dark.

" Brother Zhao, don't worry, I am familiar with this area, I can even walk with my eyes closed." Xiao Si said confidently.

However in the completely dark world, where they could not even see their own hands, how could they walk on the rugged village road easily?

These people were slowly moving in the dark drenched in fear. They were scared that there would be a group of animals jumping out to catch them while laughing at them.

Bang! Bang! bang!

Suddenly, there was a burst of beating and smashing sound appeared in the house behind. In the quiet and dark night, it was exceptionally clear.

"Don't stop moving! Quick! Let's go" Zhang Zizhao who was the one staying at the back of the group, urged when he saw that everyone suddenly stopped.

:"look, there is a fire!" someone shouted in the group.

Zhang Zizhao looked back. In the dark, he saw many fireballs being cast out towards different directions from the roof of the house. The fireballs landed on the ground and lit up the surroundings at an incredible speed.


A fireball was smashed onto a huge mushroom plant next to them and lit up the mushroom before they could react.

"He is coming! Quick! Run! Da Li! Take grandpa Qin, and Mouyou with you! Run!" Zhang Zizhao shouted at his group members who were still in shock. He took a wooden spear turned around and faced the house.

"Brother Zhao!" Xiao Si burst out crying. He knew that Zhang Zizhao wanted to stop the Skywalker, but he was just an ordinary man.

"Go!..... Quick! Forget about me! Go!" Zhang Zizhao shouted hysterically.

"Xiao Si, go! only you can lead the way in the dark, Da Li, you stay at the back of the group. Grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing in the middle, you all need to go, now!" Li Xi dragged Xiao Si back and said sternly: "Xiao Si think about Grandpa Qin, Mouyou and the people in the camp, everyone is depending on you. That's more than 100 people! Go! Quick!"

Li Xi was a weak man, but he still constantly tried to push and drag them forward:"GO! ....." he shouted again.

Just after he told everyone what to do, he also took a wooden spear and ran towards Zhang Zizhao and stood next to him.

The wind of the dark night made their thin cloth rustle in the air.

"Lao Li?" Zhang Zizhao had tears on his face.

"Maybe I was wrong, the animals will always be animals, they will never change, right?" Li Xi smiled desolately.

"Yeah! Animals will always be animals, they will never be humans!" said Zhang Zizhao.

"He is coming!" Li Xi suddenly changed his face.

"Zizhao, I'm here to help you!" a man returned.

"Brother Zhao, I am not leaving without you!" another man also joined his defence.

"My whole family is in the camp. If they want to kill grandpa Qin, and Xiao Jing, then they have to kill me first!"


"Come, you animals!" shouted a woman who had also returned to help them.

The flames were still burning, Jing Mouyou was held tightly under Da Li's armpit and her face was covered with tears, she felt like a knife was being twisted in her heart when she saw many people sacrificing their lives to save her....

"Brother Zhao, uncle Li....." Jing Mouyou instantly crying out loud.


At the same time, a voice burst out in the dark from the direction where Zhang Zizhao was facing:" No one can leave!"

Then a shadow flew out like a lightning.

The shadow flew over Zhang Zizhao and the people with an incredible speed, Zhang Zizhao and the others did not even have time to react, let alone trying to stop or delay this man.

Their heart sunk deeper and some of them panicked. They still could not stop a Skywalker, they could not even delay him for a second.

He was too fast.

And he was heading towards Da Li directly!.

"NO!" Zhang Zizhao was stunned for a second, then he shouted out while running towards Da Li.


Chu Yunsheng quickly passed the tall muscular guy whose name was Da Li. He raised his feet and fly-kicked the man, Da Li was instantly sent forwards with the two people and then fell to the ground.

"who poisoned him." Chu Yunsheng said coldly, then threw Edgar on the ground. He pointed the dark energy gun at the girl's head who was trying to get up from the ground. and used the other hand to point at Edgar who was tied up by a rope.


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