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Chapter 192 Suspicion

 Chapter 192 Suspicion

Chu Yunsheng was not that worried once he understood what was behind the creepy giggle, no matter how strange a flying "human head" was, at the end, it was still a human head. Even one arrow could kill it, so it was not very dangerous.

At least from the situation he observed, they were not a threat to his life. It was just the way they looked was rather terrifying.

Chu Yunsheng stopped at the kitchen door and then immediately deactivated his armour. He quickly put on a knitted balaclava covered most of his face leaving only his eyes outside.

There were people outside, but Chu Yunsheng did not know who they were, so he still needed to be very careful. He did not know which way the woman in the white dress escaped to or if the cloaked man had other partners. So he stored everything that might indicate who he was inside the storage talisman.


The back door of the building was pushed open, a group of people who were holding torches rushed in, then a man shouted: "...quick ...get inside....., Da Li, Xiao Si hang in there!"

Chu Yunsheng and Edgar were just about to walk out the kitchen, so both groups bumped into each other.


An ear-piercing screaming.....

Both groups got scared, they did not think that at this time, this place, they would encounter two blurred figures in this small remote building.

The person the nearest to Chu Yunsheng instinctively walked backwards and threw something at Chu Yunsheng and Edgar.

:"no, no, no..... We are humans, we are humans.....!" Edgar shouted in the dark while Chu Yunsheng blocked the sharp object. However, Chu Yunsheng Inadvertently noticed that there was a slight creepy smile on Edgar's face.

"Don't shoot, they are humans!" one of them carefully moved the fire torch forward to take a clear look.

"Humans? Why there are humans here?"

"Did they escaped from Wu city?"

"Fuck, they got guns, they are those animals!"

This group of people saw Chu Yunsheng and Edgar had firearms, their face instantly changed and they all nervously pointed their "weapons" at them.

"Oh, god! No....don't move... I'll shoot.."Edgar immediately raised his gun as well

Chu Yunsheng quickly glanced over the group, almost everyone was holding some kind of cold weapons in their hands, and most strangely everyone had their nose and mouth covered with some pieces of clothes.

Arrows and wood javelins were not threats to Chu Yunsheng now.

He just frowned his brows. He didn't want any conflict. They were all survivors. It was not easy for everyone to survive this long. Although they did throw something at him, they didn't do it on purpose. They were just scared and threw it out in panic. He totally understood their reactions.

But if they knew that he was a human beforehand and they still attacked him, then that was a totally different matter.

It was also not that he hadn't killed anyone before. In fact, The number of people he killed since the dark age begun was more than enough to give him death sentence 10 times.

Edgar probably understood them even more than Chu Yunsheng did. He was tied up by Yang Dong and was forced to become a human detector once, so Edgar didn't doubt that those people would kill him.

Everyone was pointing their weapons at each other. No one dared to attack first. Everyone had broken into cold sweat.

But this everyone did not include Chu Yunsheng. He lifted up the dark energy gun and walked straight towards the entrance as if they didn't exist.

:"Mr.Lennon, you...where are you going?" Edgar said nervously. He was scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to leave him here with those people, so he slowly moved towards Chu Yunsheng while still pointing his gun at those people.

However he didn't know that the energy shield that Chu Yunsheng cast onto him was more than enough to block all those people's attack, he didn't need to panic at all.

:"I need to finish those human head monsters, you stay here and tell them we were just passing by..." Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder and said.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what those people were thinking, but he didn't care. He was more concerned about that if he didn't kill those monsters as soon as possible, they would probably attract more powerful predators, Then he would have even bigger troubles.

:"ah! Mr.Lennon...just me... and them...." Edgar suddenly Stammered.

:" you should be strong and courageous!" Chu Yunsheng smiled. Then he opened the door and disappeared at the entrance.

Edgar swallowed very hard while watching the people in the other group. His finger slowly moved towards the trigger and suddenly a slight creepy smile appeared on his face again......

"Brother Zhao, that man really went out! Just by himself! There are almost 30 flying head monsters outside!" although Xiao Si tried to suppressed his surprise, everyone could still hear it from his tone.

:"it is possible that he is a Skywalker? Oh my god, those animals in Wu city even sent out a Skywalker to handle's over...!" a woman next to Xiao Si said in despair.

:"Skywalker! Brother Zhao, what do we do? What do we do now?"

:"we are dead!"

:" I recognize that black man, he was with those animals, it is definitely them..."


:"everyone don't panic! don't panic! Da Li you take care of grandpa Qin and Mouyou. No matter happens, you have to take them back to the camp alive. They are our only hope! Xiao Si.. You.." Zhang Zizhao forced himself to calm down and quickly told everyone what to do. However there was another voice in his mind constantly telling him to give up, it was a Skywalker, they had no chance of escaping!

Chu Yunsheng raised his dark gun, and then put it down, those flying human heads were flying everywhere, it would be very hard for him to hit anything.

At this moment, he could not help but miss the little tiger. If the little tiger was here, not only would he be able to detect them earlier, he also would not even need to do anything, the little tiger's claw wind would be able to kill them all.

After those monsters saw Chu Yunsheng put down his gun, they immediately spat out a yellow smoke and revealed their sharp teeth and a long tongue that had many prickles on it. After they spat out the smoke they immediately rushed towards Chu Yunsheng.

"You think that I can't do anything to you?" Chu Yunsheng immediately fired a shot at the monster that flew towards him and sneered. He could use the sword fighting technique to kill them all at once, however, he did not want to waste his valuable energy on those weak monsters.

"Let me show you what a powerful flying monster looks like!" Chu Yunsheng summoned a green shell and ordered it to kill all the flying human heads.

When the green shell was summoned on the battlefield, the aggressive flying human heads immediately became like cowards and started running everywhere in panic.

However, their speed was no way near the green shell's speed. The green shell quickly flew out and started to slaughter the human head monsters using its sharp claw.

Strangely, while the green shell was killing those monsters, it was also constantly sending Chu Yunsheng a strong desire to eat those monsters, only when Chu Yunsheng gave it permission, did it started to use its long and sharp beak to suck a Leech-like creature out of the human head.

Chu Yunsheng was very surprised. normally the sealed monsters did not need to eat, they only relied on energy to maintain their body shape, why did this monster suddenly had a strong desire to eat?

But now it was not the time to study this. He should kill them as soon as possible.

Also, Edgar's energy shield was just a level one talisman, he was still not sure if he could handle it just by himself.

With the green shell killing those monsters outside, it was superfluous for Chu Yunsheng to stay outside, Also with the green shell's speed, it wouldn't take too long for it to kill them all.

"Mouyou, do not be afraid, Da Li will protect you, later on, you and grandpa Qin leave first, do you understand?" Zhang Zizhao whispered in a girl's ear who looked frail.

"Brother Zhao, I am not scared, grandpa Qin said they are not those animals from Wu city. Look at that black man, his body was constantly shaking, he was scared just like us. They are definitely not those animals." said the girl whose name was Mouyou.

:"Mouyou, you need to remember, those animals are always pretending. They are ruthless and extremely cruel! Did you see the man just went out, did you see his cold eyes, those eyes did not have any emotions, those eyes did not care about our lives. this kind of disdain and arrogant look only exists on those animals." Zhang Zizhao gritted his teeth and said with hatred.

"sigh...."Qin Renbo who was sitting next to them let out a long sigh, after he heard what Zhang Zizhao said.

Jing Mouyou frowned her delicate brows. The reflection of the torch was flickering in her limpid innocent eyes....

:"brother Zhao, listen! It was the flying monster's dying scream!" said Xiao Si who was a skinny young man, it looked like his entire body weight was no heavier than 80 pounds. It was so skinny, it was scary. But he was the most nimble person in the group.

"He really is a Skywalker, listen, the screams did not even stop, no one is able to achieve this speed apart from a Skywalker!" said someone who seemed to be very good at hearing.

"Xiao Si, quick, while he is fighting with the flying head monsters, you take them and leave from the back door. It's dark outside, so once you left the house, he won't be able to find you!" Zhang Zizhao said quickly. Originally he thought Chu Yunsheng went out to get his other partners. However With that many flying head monsters outside, even if he was a Skywalker, there was no way he could kill them all before the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky.

"Ok!" Xiao Si swiftly moved out from the group.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng opened the door and walked back in. :"almost done now, you guys will be able to leave safely!" Chu Yunsheng said to those people.

Zhang ZiZhao and others people were stunned for a moment, they could not believe what they heard. Did this man just say that they could leave safely?

Did those animals set a trap outside? Just when everyone was thinking about why this man would let them leave, they all heard from this man saying:"if you want to take a short break, the ground floor is yours, the first floor belongs to us. Everyone minds their own business. If you follow the rules, you will all be fine."

This time, Zhang ZiZhao and the others were completely baffled. They had even prepared to sacrifice himself to make a bloody way out. Is this man not a skywalker from Wu city? Is he really a skywalker just passing by?

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