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Chapter 191 Frightened

 Chapter 191 Frightened

In the past two months, Chu Yunsheng had been thinking about the restriction of entering the channel carefully.

The reason why he and two aliens were kicked out by the channel was either they were too powerful or the channel was not stable.

He did not know how long it would take the channel to stabilise, so he hoped that once he found the third map, he would be able to understand more information in the book and He would probably be able to find some way to bypass the channel.

When they finished the meat soup, both of them looked much better than before, Then they took turns to boil the water and had a quick shower. It had been a long time since they cleaned themselves. Their body had already begun to smell.

Edgar was disappointed that he didn't get to see what Chu Yunsheng looked like, even after Chu Yunsheng had a shower, he was still wearing the armour.

:" we are heading south, there is a city here, we may be able to find a car and if we are lucky we may find some fuels as well. Then I will need to travel to the west." said Chu Yunsheng while using his hand to point their location on the map.

"Mr. Lennon, how do you know our position?" Edgar was puzzled.

:"the telephone area code and the newsletter. We are quite far from Jin Ling city now, so the insects should not be able to follow us here, you need to prepare the water, and we will set out tomorrow morning!" said Chu Yunsheng.

"Mr. Lennon, where are we going? Is there a base like Jin Ling in the west?" Edgar stirred a few pieces of wood in the campfire and asked with concerns.

:" I don't know, also, it's just me, not us. If we bumped into any human group, you can stop following me." Chu Yunsheng said, then he leant against the wall and closed his eyes. There was still a long time until the next day. So he needed some good rest to prepare himself for a long journey.

:" thank you, Mr.Lennon, I don't know how to repay you...." Edgar said earnestly. He then paused for a second and said hesitantly:" Mr.Lennon, I saw some strange plant at the back of the house earlier on.

:"what plant?" Chu Yunsheng asked alarmingly. The experience he gained in the fog city told him that whenever there was a new plant along the food chain, there would also be new monsters.

"It's kind of difficult to describe it, it's better you take a look in person." said Edgar with a strange expression.

He then held the fire torch and led Chu Yunsheng towards the back of the house. On the way Chu Yunsheng clenched the dark energy gun, he had more experience in the wild than Edgar, so he could sense the danger.

"Mr.lennon, this is the place!" Edgar raised the fire torch up high, it was enough to lit up the area.

"Mushroom? Super mushroom?" Chu Yunsheng slowly used the tip of the dark energy gun to touch the mushroom-like plant. His index finger was closely against the trigger and ready to pull it.

"From the morphological point of view, it should be a spore plant, classified as Fungi plant. but this body is too big. It is at least .....a meter tall." Edgar measured the super large mushrooms with his own height and said.

"Do you think this plant was originally from earth, was it mutated since the dark age begun or it was like the insects came from outside?" Chu Yunsheng frowned, generally anything not from this planet was extremely dangerous, it was just like what happened in the fog city.

"Mr. Lennon, strictly speaking, I am just a zoologist, I can not make an absolute conclusion based on the limited information. There was a female botanist on our team two months ago. but unfortunately, she was killed before you entered the room." Edgar said in frustration.

"You think it carefully, aren't you both categorised as biological experts? Aren't animals and plants both living creatures?" Chu Yunsheng said .

"Gray surface, yellow spots ... ... Mr. Lennon, shall we go outside to check if there are any more plants like this?" Edgar really could not tell what they were, so he carefully asked.

:"not right now, it's dark and dangerous outside, let's go back first." Chu Yunsheng rejected.

"Put out the fire!" Chu Yunsheng said once they got into the house. He also blocked all the windows and entrances, but He was still very concerned, so he had asked Edgar to put out the campfire.

:"Mr.Lennon?" Edgar said with a shivering voice, he didn't know why Mr.Lennon was so nervous. It made him very scared.

:"shush!... come closer and we take a turn to rest. Pay extra attention to any noise in the surroundings." Chu Yunsheng said quietly.

"Oh, right...Mr. Lennon, if the spore is from the earth, they would generally be divided into parasitic and saprophytic these two types. unless there are lots of rotten corpses around here, otherwise ... ..." Edgar said quietly and suddenly he had a shudder!

"Do you remember the situation around this area when we landed from the sky?" Chu Yunsheng asked

"No, it was too dark, I couldn't see anything." Edgar thought for a second and then shook his head.

:"ok, we will have a look tomorrow, you take a rest first, I'll guard the area, remember don't make any sounds." Chu Yunsheng instinctively looked at his watch, but he could not see anything, so he gave up.

While leaning against Edgar he was holding the dark energy gun and carefully listening to the noises in the area.

The night was quiet as usual, as the time was slowly ticking away in silence, the louder and clearer ringing sounds became, it irritated Chu Yunsheng.

At the beginning Edgar was very nervous, it almost took him an hour and finally, the exhumation made him fall asleep.

Chu Yunsheng tried to stay awake while guarding the area, while at the same time, he also tried to speed up his Rong Yuan body's transformation.


Time slowly passed in the dark... Chu Yunsheng also fell asleep without noticing it.


No one knew how long had passed, Chu Yunsheng head dropped all of sudden and it instantly woke up him. he was scared, then he realised that he had fallen asleep.

How careless of him! He told himself. In this kind of strange environment, falling asleep was deadly.

His heart jumped rapidly, In contrast to the dead silent surroundings the sound of heartbeats was so clear. He was like an inmate locked in solitary confinement. If it were not that he had been living in the dark age for some time, he would have probably lost his mind.

Suddenly, he heard small noises, although they were very weak and quiet, it still could not escape Chu Yunsheng sharp hearing.

He immediately lifted up the dark energy gun and clenched the monster seal talisman. If there was any danger he would immediately release the green shells to assist him.

Soon, the noises were getting louder and clearer, Chu Yunsheng tapped Edgar to wake him up.

Edgar woke up in panic, and just as he was about to shout out, Chu Yunsheng immediately covered his mouth.

:"shush!.... It's me... Something is coming!" Chu Yunsheng whispered.

Edgar's eyes were wide open and his chest was moving ups and downs rapidly because of the fear. He quickly calmed down and nodded his head.

What is it? Chu Yunsheng was trying to remember all the monsters he had encountered in the past, trying to find any monster that might show up in this type of environment.

Suddenly, a pair of yellow eyes appeared outside the kitchen windows, it was slowly floating from left to right. At the same time Chu Yunsheng also heard a creepy and hair-raising "giggles":

What the fuck is that?

Chu Yunsheng had never seen it before.

And the creepy giggles also scared the shit out of Edgar.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to fire the dark energy gun, he saw some dim lights appeared outside the windows, then he heard some human shouting!

There are people still alive? Just when this thought flashed through Chu Yunsheng's mind. With the help of dim fire, he finally saw what was floating outside the windows.

It was a human head!

To be exact, it was not floating, it was flying. There seemed to be a pair of grey wings growing near the ear on each side of the head, And it was flapping up and down. The sound caused by its flapping wings was exactly the sound Chu Yunsheng heard from the beginning.

What the fuck is this? Chu Yunsheng cursed once again in his mind. Even if he had seen so many strange things before, this still shocked him.


A flame arrow hit the head and pushed it forward. It broke the windows and the head fell inside the house, it tumbled towards Chu Yunsheng.

The face of the human head was twisting and the area that was hit by the arrow was fuming with yellow gasses and bleeding yellow water, soon the head shrunk like a deflated balloon then a Leech-like creature crawled out of the head and desperately tried to reach Chu Yunsheng and Edgar.

:"go. Let's take a look at what happened outside!" Chu Yunsheng said after he stamped the disgusting worm to death.

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