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Chapter 189 Fly into the sky

 Chapter 189 Fly into the sky

Chu Yunsheng was very surprised, originally he thought "Min" would start to fight him over the control of the insects just like last time.

However, the strange force just "hit" him, but it did not try to regain control of the insect. it seemed like "Min" was only trying to put some pressure on him.

Just right after the pressure was put on him, all the insects around him started to push in.

"Min" was a creature with a high degree of mysterious intelligence, which Chu Yunsheng already knew. The reason why it gave up having a direct "mind battle" with Chu Yunsheng over the control of the insects was probably because it had already recognized Chu Yunsheng, in other words, the damage caused by the last mind battle still affected its behaviour and judgment.

Since it did not want to have the mind battle again, Chu Yunsheng could fight freely without any concerns.

With the purple flame monster taking the lead, many red shells were smashed into pieces by its two powerful flame antennas. At the same time, the 9 golden shells were ordered to spit fire to rip the swarm open.

Chu Yunsheng was only focusing on the green shells in the sky and Edgar only focused on a few green shells that were missed by Chu Yunsheng.


Chu Yunsheng only wanted the speed, he did not want to focus on the damages, as long as he could get out of this area of sticky substances, the inset couldn't do anything to him. So he had to make sure that his group would not be slowed down by the swarm.

Once the attack began, Chu Yunsheng immediately changed his strategy, he changed his route and started to approach the tombs and walk along them.

He wanted to attack the tombs. the insects were scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to destroy the tombs, so some of them gave up attacking Chu Yunsheng, those insects moved towards the tombs and stacked one by one to build a wall to block Chu Yunsheng's attack.

The deeper he went into the area of the sticky substance, the more stressful he felt. More and more insects started to show up, only some of them were split out to protect the tombs, and most of them were stacking themselves up and trying to surround Chu Yunsheng's small group completely.

The red shells could not break into Chu Yunsheng's formation, so they were only focusing on stacking up the wall to slow down Chu Yunsheng's movement. The green shells started to gather more and more above their head. Although not many of them dived down at Chu Yunsheng, he believed that once they reached a certain amount, they would start to dive down all at once.

"Mr.lennon! What do we do?"Edgar shouted in panic in the hole on the back of the golden shell. he had never seen so many green shells gathered at once. There was no way they could break out from here!

"Shut up!"Chu Yunsheng was surprisingly calm. One insect less meant one less pressure, so he did not stop shooting.

The buzzing sound caused by the rapid vibration of the green shell's wing was getting louder and louder, the dark cloud in the sky was getting bigger and bigger in the speed that visible to the naked eyes.

Suddenly all the green shells let out a high pitched screeching at the same time, then they started to dive down at Chu Yunsheng's formation like artillery shells.

"Go to hell!" Chu Yunsheng shouted, this was the moment he had been waiting for, he immediately unleashed 12 sword Qi upwards stop the green shells' attack.

He gave up using the sword Qi to attack the green shells at the beginning because the could of the green shell weren't dense enough. If he used his sword Qi to attack, he wouldn't be able to kill many of them.

He was waiting for the moment when they all dived down at him at the same time, so he could unleash the sword Qi to eliminate them all at once.

Broken shells and meat pieces were constantly falling down from the sky. Although the green shells had numbers, the powerful sword qi still stopped them in the air.

After casting out the first round of sword fighting technique, Chu Yunsheng was staring at the power of the sword Qi. When it was almost disappeared, he immediately cast out the second round to keep green shells away from them.

It seemed like they could handle the attack easily. However, Chu Yunsheng was not at ease, instead, he was getting more and more nervous.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake.

"Fuck!" he cursed silently.

It was the golden shells.

Similar to the purple flame monster, normally they didn't like to stay in the group. Only because of the existence of "Min", they were gathered together.

Chu Yunsheng immediately cast out the third round of sword fighting technique trying to kill as many green shells away as he could, before golden shells dug out of the ground. Then he ordered his golden shells to speed up their pace.

Based on the violent ground movement, Chu Yunsheng knew for sure that the amount of the golden shells was definitely more than the amount he sealed.

The red shells seemed to know that Chu Yunsheng was in a difficult moment. They also started to speed up building the wall to slow down Chu Yunsheng.

At the same time, many red shells at the front of the swarm started to spit corrosive liquid at Chu Yunsheng.

Luckily the fire which golden shells spat out melted most of the corrosive liquid. Otherwise, the amount of the corrosive liquid would be slowing them down even more.

At the sound of the ground cracking, the first golden shell's head came out of the ground inside Chu Yunsheng's insect's formation.

Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered two golden shells next to it to stop it from crawling out, at the same time, he also jumped towards the golden shell to cut off its head before it could spit fire.

But it was not over yet, many golden shells started to crawl out of the ground at the back, in the middle and at the front of Chu Yunsheng's formation, they almost crawled out of the ground at the same time and they completely surrounded Chu Yunsheng.

Those golden shells did not care about the red shells around them, they immediately spat out fire at Chu Yunsheng's insects. At the same time, Chu Yunsheng also ordered his golden shells to spit fire to block those golden shell's attack.

Around 30 fiery dragons instantly appeared in the swarm and lit up the entire battlefield. Almost all the red shells near them were liquefied.

As golden shells were fighting at each other, Chu Yunsheng activated an icicle whirlwind talisman. He needed to kill those monsters quickly, if he could not kill those golden shells quickly, "Min" would gather more and more high-level insects here.

When the icicle whirlwind talisman was activated, a tremendous amount of ice element energy was gathered and spun around Chu Yunsheng until they formed many long sharp icicles. Then the whirlwind started to expand outwards.

Once the whirlwind expanded outside the Chu Yunsheng's group, its speed instantly increased tremendously. All the monsters within 50 meters in diameter around his group were hit by the powerful icicles!

Some of the red shells barely survived the fire attack, but the icicles instantly made several holes in their bodies.

Although Chu Yunsheng had expected the power of the icicle whirlwind talisman, it still surprised him when he saw the actual damage made by it.

If he had hundreds of icicle whirlwind talisman and if there wasn't any purple flame monster in the swarm he was definitely able to escape from here.

However, he only had 15 of them.

He took the opportunity when the swarm was suffering the heavy losses under the icicle whirlwind attack to speed up his group once again.

Within just a few minutes in the battle, he had already lost one golden shell and two were heavily injured.

Luckily he had the backup, so he could keep his formation intact.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how far he had travelled or how many insects his group had killed. When he looked at the time, it was 14:00. But there were still many insects and he still could not see the end of the sticky substances.

He had one purple flame monster; one golden shell and 5 green shells still capable to fight in the storage talisman.

When his group climbed over a hill which was covered with sticky substances, Chu Yunsheng's mouth opened uncontrollably. He didn't see the land as he expected, instead, he saw a gigantic tomb that was almost 10 times bigger than the other tombs he saw before.

There were many insects around the tomb, and it seemed like they were busy building the defence. Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng heard a high pitch screeching, he heard this type of noise before.

It was the noise that processor Sun showed him when he was in Jin ling City.

Instantly, more and more insects gave up attacking Chu Yunsheng from behind. Instead, they all ran towards the tombs in panic. They were trying rush to the tombs as fast as they could. It seemed like they wanted to help those insects building the defence in order to stop Chu Yunsheng.

'Those motherfuckers are finally scared.' Chu Yunsheng cursed.

'That must be their core tomb!' Chu Yunsheng didn't expect he would break into this area.


Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and looked carefully at the gigantic tomb. The tomb was built near Lu Guolong's granary depot. It was the place where the strange "mirror wall" appeared.

Is min here? Chu Yunsheng tired to sense the location of "Min" through the insect he sealed, however, the strange force was still very weak. the "force" should be getting more and more powerful when he was closer and closer to "Min".

Was it because "Min" was not here? He wondered.

Then what was the meatball thing he saw before?

Chu Yunsheng was still looking at the tomb. There was a channel there. It was the channel that connected to the insect's world. It was also the channel he wanted the alien to open for him.

It was undeniable that it was very tempting to him. The reason why he survived this long was because he wanted to get into the channel to find Jin ling City.

Chu Yunsheng started to struggle!

:"shit!" Edgar suddenly cursed then crawled out of the golden shell's back. In the sky, a massive cloud of the green shells was flying towards them.

Edgar's curse instantly woke up Chu Yunsheng, then he saw two purple flame monsters were moving fast towards the gigantic tomb. It instantly destroyed Chu Yunsheng's idea of breaking into the swarm to cross the mirror wall. He didn't know how many more insects were in the mirror wall, just those two purple flame monsters and the green shells would cause a lot of trouble for him.

Earlier on, Edgar's attention was attracted by the green shells in the air. Only until he turned around and tried to remind Chu Yunsheng about the green shells did he finally noticed where they were heading.

All the insects in the swarm were agitated when Chu Yunsheng ordered his insects to charge towards the gigantic tomb.

:"MR.LENNON! MR...." Edgar was shouting out loud, he must have thought that Chu Yunsheng had gone crazy.

But Chu Yunsheng wasn't crazy, in fact, his mind was extremely clear. Since the insects and "Min" were extremely nervous about this super tomb, it became an excellent opportunity. He could separate a large number of sealed insects to constantly attack the tomb. It would attract their main force and delay their time to chase him. It would also allow him and Edgar to pass the tomb with less resistance.

But before that, he had to handle those two purple flame monsters first.

The solution was simple Chu Yunsheng would use ice trap talisman to trap them. He estimated that four ice trap talismans were more than enough to deal with two purple flame monsters. Chu Yunsheng also suspected that there aren't any more of purple flame monsters in the swarm, otherwise "Min" wouldn't order two of them to come here from other places.

One ice trap talisman would trap the purple flame monster, let alone he planned to use two of them on just one purple flame monster, once the monster was trapped inside the ice, it would not be able to break out of the ice in a short period of time.

Chu Yunsheng had a strange feeling that two purple flame monsters were "min"'s last resort. He could sense that "Min" started to panic through the connection from the sealed monster.

It was a great chance now, and he did not want to miss it, He instantly took the opportunity and expelled "Min" influence from all the monster's mind he controlled.

"Min" seemed to busy controlling the swarm, so it gave Chu Yunsheng the opportunity to summon two more monsters. In total, he was able to control 12 monsters now.

Chu Yunsheng split one purple flame monster and 7 golden shells out to attack the super tomb, and himself was hiding in one of four golden shells which were heading different directions!

Many insects flocked towards the group that Chu Yunsheng used to distract them. Fewer and fewer insects were blocking Chu Yunsheng's way.

The swarm slowly disappeared from their sight until they could not see the gigantic tombs at all. The cloud of green shells also disappeared from the sky.

Chu Yunsheng slowly lost his connection with 8 insects one by one until it left him with only one purple flame monster.....

He immediately summoned one green shell then climbed onto it's back, then sealed the four golden shells back again.

The sudden disappearance of the golden shell scared Edgar. Then he was hooked by a green shell's back leg and flew into to the sky.

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