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Chapter 188 "Min" is here

 Chapter 188 "Min" is here

Chapter 188 "Min" is here

Chu Yunsheng had never actually thought about this question before. Since the dark age began, he was always busy arming himself and increasing his strength. He had never actually thought about why this would happen.

There must have been a reason behind it.

However, he didn't even know if he could survive tomorrow, so he decided not to think too much about it.

:"You should rest now, you don't need to guard the area tonight. Have a good rest. Whether we can survive or not, it's all going to depend on the fight tomorrow!"Chu Yunsheng said.

Edgar nodded his head then he leant against the table next to him. Soon, he fell asleep.


7:00 next day.

When the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky, Edgar and Chu Yunsheng also appeared on the street outside their building.

:"Edgar, later on, no matter what you see or what you hear. Do not make any sound!" Chu Yunsheng reminded Edgar one more time.

:"Yes. Mr.Lennon!" Edgar believed that he had seen many strange and scary things. But if he was with Chu Yunsheng this powerful man. He didn't think anything would scare him away.

He didn't know why he felt so pumped up today, and his body seemed to be filled with energy, he believed that even he was fighting a bear right now, he would definitely win.

However, he didn't know that Chu Yunsheng secretly cast Liu Jia talisman onto him. Since Chu Yunsheng wanted his help, he didn't want this black man to die quickly. Liu jia talisman could provide an energy shield and increase user's physical strength, So It should be able to help this black man survive sometimes.

Just when Chu Yunsheng about to order the monsters he sealed to come out from the street. He suddenly told Edgar:" remember, if you want to follow me. Do not ask any questions. Do you understand?"

:"Yes. Yes, Mr.Lennon!" Edgar was dazed for a second then replied. He was confused why Mr.Lennon would ask him this question, but he still replied with yes.

However, when he saw the purple flame monster crawling out of the street, he forgot everything. He forgot his confidence, his promises, he even forgot what Chu Yunsheng reminded him earlier. At that moment, his body instinctively turned around and attempted to run away.

However, he couldn't run away. Mr.Lennon caught him before he had a chance to run away like he had a pair of eyes on his back.

Purple flame monster. Edgar's legs were constantly shaking.

The monster was getting closer, and Edgar was struggling even harder. However, he couldn't break free. His chest was moving up and down rapidly and his mouth was wide open. Just when he about to scream out loud. He saw an extremely strange thing happened. The monster didn't attack anyone, Instead, it submissively bowed its head down!

He instantly stopped struggling and remembered what Mr.Lennon tried to remind him earlier.

So, that was the reason why he kept telling him to stay calm and not to make any noises.

Mr.Lennon tamed a monster!!!

How could a human even do this? Is Mr.Lennon really a superman? This was crazy!

When he saw Mr.Lennon used the other hand to touch the monster. His heart almost popped out his chest.

:"Hmm....Finally fully recovered!" Chu Yunsheng murmured. He then released Edgar and said:"Mr.Edgar you have forgotten what you promised!"

:"Yes!!.... Mr.Lennon...I.... Oh my god...." Edgar instinctively replied yes when Chu Yunsheng called him, but then he suddenly realized if he replied yes, Chu Yunsheng might misunderstand him, So he immediately tried to explain.

However, just when he tried to explain. He saw a group of golden shells slowly crawling out of the street corner, he lost his composure again.

One, two, three.... Nine...

A total of 9 golden shells, Edgar almost lost his ability to think.

The Mr. Lennon he knew was a mysterious and quiet man who always wore a cloak. He could not imagine this man could tame 10 powerful bugs.

His body started to shake again, and his hand clenched the dark energy gun tightly. Just when Chu Yunsheng thought he was going to run away again. He saw Edgar slowly calmed down.

Edgar realized that how ridiculous his confidence was, he couldn't compete with any one of those monsters. He also understood the reason why Mr.Lennon wanted to take him, it was because he was trying to help him.

"Edgar, get into the hole on the back of that golden shell! Swarm has already noticed us. We need to go now!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his expression.

:"o...Ok.. Mr.Lennon ." Edgar responded with a shivering voice. But he felt hard to move his legs. He tried several times but he still couldn't get on the golden shell.

This was the first time he touched a monster and it was a monster even more powerful than the red shell. He had seen 8 soldiers who were burned into ashes by this monster with his own eyes...

:"if you carry on acting like this, I suggest you just stay here." Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

However, He picked up Edgar by his hand and threw him onto the back of the golden shell.

Edgar gritted his teeth, he took a deep breath then crawled into the hole Chu Yunsheng mentioned.

"remember, your job is to kill any green shell that breaks into our formation. Wait until they get close. Don't waste any bullets. If you don't improve. I'll immediately kick you out!"

Chu Yunsheng was not happy about Edgar's cowardly behaviour, however, he forgot Edgar was just an ordinary man. No one was able to stand up straight when facing the group of insects, let alone a group of the most powerful insects.

:"Mr.Lennon, may God be with us!" said Edgar after he crawled into the hole.

"Let's go!" Chu Yunsheng immediately jumped on the head of purple flame monster and said. He was not a believer, he only knew that if he did not fight hard for himself, even the god would not be able to save him.

When Chu Yunsheng's group appeared at the area of sticky substances, all the red shells and green shells were "stunned". Maybe they had never seen the insects staying in such formation before. Or maybe they just simply scared of the purple flame monster.

All the insects were just slowly moving back as Chu Yunsheng moving forward, they kept their distance away from Chu Yunsheng's group and it seemed like they didn't know what to do.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed their strange behaviour and he immediately speeded up his pace and controlled the insects to keep a distance away from the tombs. He wanted to take this opportunity to move as far as he could; before "min" discovered him and forced the swarm to attack him.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how big the area of sticky substances was, and how far he needed to run. All he knew was those sticky substances were spread into the distance as far as his eyes can see.

Edgar had asked him before they left the building, what do they do if the sticky substances are endless?

His heart sunk when Edgar asked him this question. after a long pause, he finally told Edgar that if that was really the case, he wanted to try his best to walk as far as he could, he wanted to see if the world had really ended.

Chu Yunsheng clenched onto the dark energy gun, he did not want to fire the gun just yet. He wanted to wait until the insects run out of patience.

More and more insects started to gather around Chu Yunsheng. However, they did not have any sign of attacking them. The small town has already disappeared from their sight and the route back to it had already been blocked by many red shells.

Suddenly he was hit by a powerful "force". Then, the 10 insects he had sealed all stopped instantly.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brow, "min" is here.

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