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Chapter 187 Temple

 Chapter 187 Temple

"I'm leaving tomorrow. " Chu Yunsheng said one more time

"Ah!" Edgar woke up in shock. He knew this day would come, but he still felt like he was hit by a lightning when he heard it.

the past two month was the most peaceful period he had since the dark age began. Although he didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was doing every day outside the town, he knew he was preparing to leave soon.

"Mr. Lennon, may I go with you?" Edgar asked nervously. He was scared that chu Yunsheng was going to say no. :" I won't be a trouble, I can stay far away behind you...." he immediately added.

"you are going to die if you come with me." said Chu Yunsheng, he was not trying to scare Edgar. He couldn't even tell if he was going to cross the area of sticky substance alive, Let alone bringing another ordinary human with him.

:" stay here, I'll leave some food to you. You probably can still live for some time."

Chu Yunsheng looked at the outside through the windows. The reason why he said "sometime" was that he also was not sure how long this man was going to survive. It might be one week. It might be just two days. Once the town was covered with the sticky substance. It wouldn't be long for insects to find him.

:"Mr. Lennon, please, I'm begging you, please allow me to follow you. I'll be dead if i stay here......" Edgar begged.

"are you sure you want to leave with me? You have to understand that I'll not protect you once we enter the area of sticky substance. You are still going to die if you follow me." Chu Yunsheng said.

:"yes. Mr.Chu, I've decided it. No matter what. I'll give it a try! Please let me follow you, I can cook, I can be a lookout, I can do anything. I can protect myself, you don't need to protect me. I won't regret it." Edgar looked at Chu Yunsheng with hope.

"are you good at shooting?" chu Yunsheng was curious.

"yes, Mr.Lennon. In America, I have a permit to carry a gun. I'm also a gun hobbyist. You don't need to worry too much about me." said Edgar while raising the rifle in his hand.

Chu Yunsheng almost forgot Edgar was not from China, if Edgar was good at shooting, then he might be useful to him.

The type 1 dark energy gun was still in his storage talisman, Chu Yunsheng hasn't touched it, since he got type 2 from professor Sun. He also had spare bullets from the GRD. Roughly 80 of them.

The gun was already enchanted with fire soldier talisman, it was much more powerful than the ordinary energy gun.

If he could arm Edgar, then Edgar could hide inside the golden shell to assist him, although compared to the size of the swarm it was nothing, to him more help meant less risk.

:"ok, Edgar, prove that you are useful to me.Try your best to get used to this new gun. And you only have 82 bullets. Don't waste any of them." he took out the gun from his loose cloak and passed it to Edgar.

"type 1 dark energy gun!?" Edgar was shocked. Although he was not a formal researcher, he still worked for the GRD before, so he recognized the gun.

:"Mr.Lennon, I won't let you down." Edgar was much more confident now.

:"but I have to tell you. Once we leave this building, there is no way back and even if you are in the danger, I probably won't be able to save you. Do you understand?" said Chu Yunsheng.

"I understand it, Mr.Lennon. " Edgar said sternly. This was his only chance to escape from here, he had to try it.

"that's good. Take a good rest after you get used to it. We Probably won't be able any breaks for a very long time." Chu Yunsheng wrapped himself with his cloak again and closed his eyes.

Tomorrow, he and this man would face the entire swarm. So he had to take a good rest as well.

Maybe they would be able to run away tomorrow. Maybe....

Chu Yunsheng didn't sleep all the way to the next day. He woke up in the midnight.

In the dim light, he noticed that Edgar still hasn't slept yet. He was staring at a photo in his hand and there was a flicker of a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Chu Yunsheng sat up, threw a piece of furniture into the campfire and suddenly asked:" Edgar, are you American?"

"I'm sorry, Mr.Lennon, did I woke you up." Edgar immediately apologized.

"your family?" chu Yunsheng asked.

:"yes. Mr.Lennon, my wife and kids. They are still at America." Edgar said.

"before the sun disappeared, we had regular phone calls. I promised them that I'll come back to them alive....." he seemed to be dejected.

"that's why you didn't choose to kill yourself like other people?" he asked.

"people who killed themselves won't be able to go to the heaven. Mr.Lennon. Even if I can't go back. We are still able to meet each other in the heaven. If I killed myself. Then I won't be able to see them ever again." said Edgar while stroked the photo.

": they may not die anytime soon. Your country has the most advanced and most powerful weapons. There are also countless elites scientists in your country. So, maybe the situation over there is better than us here."

:"Mr.Lennon, thank you. But.... I'm not saying you are wrong. I have learned a lot in GRD. Everything we knew has changed.... Everything..." Edgar shook his head.

:"My wife's grandmother came from a rare ethnic group in Mexico, and she insisted that they were the Mayan descendant, she was a poor old lady but a kind and loving person. When she was young, and whenever she was beaten by my wife's alcoholic grandfather ... she would often warn me and my wife, at the last few days of 2012, the sun would fall, and it would no longer rise, she hoped that I could stay in the United States to take care of my wife and children who it happened."

"Mayan.... you mean she told you about the Mayan prophecy?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised. Because he also studied the Mayan prophecy before.

:"yes, at the time, I also thought it was ridiculous. I thought it was because she wanted me to stay in the USA with my family. So she made it up. I could understand how she felt. although I'm a black man, I have received a proper education in the university. So I didn't believe those things. That's why I came here...." suddenly his eyes were wide open.

:"oh my god! How stupid I was. I almost forgot that when we visited her, she had also mentioned that when the disaster came, escape to the ruined old temple, only in that way would we receive the God's salvation. god! She had already predicted the dark age, then the things about the temple must be true! She will take Tina and the children to the temple she mentioned, she definitely will! Mr.Chu am I right?"

:"she will!" chu Yunsheng answered simply.

Looking at Edgar who was still very excited. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a strange thought. Whether it was the Mayan prophecy or the book's prediction, they all pointed at 2012. But why 2012? Was it set up by someone, who set it?...

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