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Chapter 186 Im leaving tomorrow

 Chapter 186 I'm leaving tomorrow

Chu Yunsheng felt like he had returned to the horror city. He was like a ghost wandering this abandoned town.

In order to absorb more energy from the red shells, he decided to once again use the frost arrow.

Speaking of long-range attack weapons, whether it was a gun or a crossbow. They were something Chu Yunsheng was not good at. When it came to the skills Chu yunsheng had mastered during the age of light. The only skill he had learned was to write a program.

After all back then, he didn't have the time and money to get into these luxury sports club. He just needed a skill which could help him to earn a decent amount of money, to support him into buying a house and probably help him get married soon... in short, just like most of the people during the age of light, the skills he had mastered from back then were totally useless in this post-apocalyptic world.

However, it all changed after the earth was plunged into the darkness. He learned how to fire a gun, how to kill people, eat the stuff that were not even considered as food...

The months of experience wouldn't make him an expert in shooting, but at least he was able to freeze a red shell a hundred steps away now.

If he was hiding in the dark. Without being noticed by the red shell, he could also achieve 100% hit accuracy, as long as the red shell didn't have any big movements.

If he didn't move while the insects were moving then his accuracy would drop down to half.

If both of them were moving. Unless it was in an extremely dangerous situation, normally he wouldn't shoot the crossbow. Because he didn't want to miss the shot.

Unlike when he was in the horror city, he could no longer encounter an individual red shell. Many red shells often stayed as a group on top of the sticky substances. So not having many choices he took a huge risk looking for a small group of them and attacking them.

Only until he had enough Yuan Qi to make a monster seal talisman, did he start to change his hunting strategy.

He summoned a red shell and used it to lure the other red shells outside the area of sticky substance. Then he would kill them as fast as he could before the swarm arrived. This strategy instantly sped up his hunting progress.

When the sky once again went completely dark, Chu Yunsheng quietly returned to the 15-storey building. He had also made some adjustments to the building before he leaving it. He had spread the red shell"s corrosive liquid everywhere inside the building, from the ground floor to the third floor.

The mice also came back twice, but every time they were stopped by the corrosive liquid. Soon they all gave up and left.

When Chu Yunsheng returned, Edgar quickly prepared the mouse meat as usual. After Chu Yunsheng finished his meal, he quietly returned to the place next to the fire and held the gun to watch out the surroundings.

Time quickly passed, Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that it took him almost two months to prepare everything. The temperature started to drop again. it started to snow. Perhaps it was winter time if it was still in the age of light. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Edgar had already used a knife to shave his beard so many times before. But it was still growing.

Chu Yunsheng's supplies slowly and steadily increased in this two month time, the number of absorption talismans and offensive talismans he had also increased.

The insets are a fire element monsters, so most of the offensive talismans he made were the counteract of the fire element. Apart from the glacier talisman. He also made 10 ice trap talisman.

The success rate of making an Ice trap talisman was 50%, so you can imagine how much yuan qi he wasted.

He also made a new offensive talisman, the icicle whirlwind Yuan Fu. He also tested the power of it on a small group of red shell. Once the talisman was activated, all the red shells within a radius of 50 meters around him would be penetrated by the spinning icicles.

According to the ancient book, icicle whirlwind Yuan Fu was as powerful as li Huo fu. But because he was dealing the fire element monsters, the power of ice elements offensive talisman seemed to be more powerful.

Chu Yunsheng was scared of being surrounded by the swarm again. If he didn't have the talisman that does area damage, sooner or later he would be trapped in the swarm just like last time.

Same as the ice trap talisman, the success rate of making one icicle whirlwind talisman was very low.

It was 30%, even lower than the ice trap yuan fu. At the end, he only made 15 of them.

The only thing made him happy was the success rate of making the monster seal yuan fu was rapidly increased, he could almost achieve 100% success rate.

He also did a test on the sealed monster, he could only summon 10 monsters at a time, if he summoned more than that, the power of "min" would start to disrupt or even take back the control.

So Chu Yunsheng gave up sealing the red shells. Most of the monsters he sealed were golden shells and green shells.

In total, he sealed 20 golden shells and 5 green shells.

He had thought about just using the green shells to fly over the area of sticky substances. However, whenever he looked at the number of green shell flying in the sky and even more of them resting on the tombs, he gave up the idea immediately.

After sealing another purple flame monster, he had finally finished his long hunting.

His plan was to deploy the insects he sealed in a formation, the purple flame monster would be at the front of the group, and the rest of 9 golden shells would spit fire to assist the purple flame monster at the back of the purple flame monster.

In the past two months, the insect's sticky substances had also spread towards the small town, Chu Yunsheng didn't doubt it would spread across the town. So he needed to leave now.

In the last few days before he left, Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to go out hunt again, he needed to nourish those monsters with yuan qi.

:"I'm leaving tomorrow." said Chu Yunsheng after he ate a mouse meat.

The night was dark, and the building was quiet. There was a small campfire in the middle of the room they were in.

The faint light and the sound of fire crackles were like a lullaby made everyone felt very sleepy.

Edgar was looking at the flickering fire, didn't seem to hear to what Chu Yunsheng said.


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