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Chapter 185 Mr. Lennon.

 Chapter 185 Mr. Lennon.

"You don't know where Jin Ling city is?" Chu Yunsheng was disappointed. He suddenly felt so weak and about to fall on the ground. He risked his own life to save this black man, but he didn't even know where Jinling is!

:"Then how did you escape from the city?" his voice was less energetic than before.

"Oh! Mr. Lennon, we were sent out of the city four days ago. We were sent here to collect samples..." Edgar carefully explained.

The reason he could survive was all because of this cloaked man. Although he had cursed this man to die as soon as possible when he was leading the swarm towards the building, he would never tell anyone that.

The man was too strong, he could only use "super-man" to describe this cloaked man.

The vicious insects couldn't stop him, the purple flame monster couldn't kill him. Even those dirty and disgusting mice were blasted into pieces by this man.

And this man, this Lennon, didn't seem to have any injury at all. If this wasn't a miracle then he didn't even know what it was!?

However, he didn't know Chu Yunsheng was heavily injured. His body was even struggling to support him standing up.

" this is it..." Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh.

Suddenly his frowned his brows:"what did you call me?" he instantly changed his tone.

He was covered with the red cloak at the moment, even his face was covered with armour. Why did he call him Mr. Lennon?

"Ah?" Edgar was scared by Chu yunsheng's sudden change of voice. He just survived from an extremely dangerous situation, and he could barely calm down at this moment, Chu yunsheng's word instantly made him nervous again:" I.... In my hometown, if the person wears the cloak and moves like the thunder we call the person Lennon..."

"Lennon?" Chu yunsheng recited the name one more time, maybe he was just too nervous. Even the professor Sun and Zhu lingdie didn't know the name of the cloaked man, how could this black man know?

He unsheathed the sword, and held the dark energy gun while approaching the windows. Through the big gap on the windows, he looked down. Apart from many green dots, he could not see anything.

However, the direction where the green dots were moving made him relieved. It seemed like those mice were retreating.

Chu yunsheng guessed that probably after another hour the hazy shimmer would start to appear in the sky. But at the moment, he had to find a place to cure the poison inside his body.

The smell of blood in the air was too heavy inside the room. Chu yunsheng stepped over a male's body and said:"move all the bodies out, it's better to keep them on the ground floor."

If they kept the body here, sooner or later the monster would find his place.

Edgar looked at the dark corridor, he was really scared of those mice. But he did not dare to defy Chu yuansheng's request. So he just slowly dragged the body towards the corridor and planned to just leave the body in the stairwell And quickly run back.

Chu yunsheng did not have any talisman of cure poison, he also could not make one at the moment. Unleashing Yuan qi would only cause the poison to spread even faster. He had to rely on his body to slowly eliminate poison by itself. However, his body also needed "fuel" which is yuan qi to eliminate the poison. So he had to constantly absorb yuan qi from the absorption talisman.

After he found a clean room and stayed in there just by himself for almost three hours. He finally removed all the poison out of this body after the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky.

The room was filled with the smell of burnt meat, Chu Yunsheng did not find the smell very pleasant, nor did he felt sick. Because it was not the first time he was eating the food amongst the piles of the bodies.

When he entered the room, he saw the bodies were sacred around the floor, one of the body's head was even burned by the fire.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't care about those people's lives, he was still a human being. He still felt uncomfortable to see the body was left on the ground like that. So he asked the black man to move those bodies out.

Chu Yunsheng knew Edgar just left the bodies on the stairwell. But he didn't care, as long as he could move those bodies out of his sight. In terms of this black man, Chu yunsheng could not help him much, he planned just to give him some insects meat and leave him here. Based on the situation outside, it is just a matter of time until the area of sticky substances spread to here.

He was not sure if he could break out from the area of sticky substances, let alone bringing this man with him.

"Mr. Lennon, would you like some mouse meat?" said Edgar. He had already grilled around 5 mice meat.

Chu Yunsheng only had some insect's meat inside his storage talisman and some food roughly enough for a single person to eat for a month. But he was not upset because less food inside his storage talisman means the more food the office had. It also meant that even without him, his family could still survive for some time.

May God bless they are ok! He mumbled.

Chu Yunsheng didn't decline Edgar's offer. He picked one up and put it his mouth. Without any salt and other spice. The meat tastes horrible. But both men didn't want to spit the meat out. It was the only thing that could give them energy.

Chu Yunsheng only ate two mice, just enough to make him feel not so hungry. He purposely controlled his own meal. Because he thought that if he ate too much and became too full. His movement will be slow down, and even his brain will signal his body to relax.

In this dangerous environment, if you were not cautious enough, you might be dead next second.

Through the broken windows, Chu Yunsheng looked outside again. From the 15th floor. He could almost see the entire town. The mice have already disappeared from the street. But they left many "bite marks" everywhere.

"Are those mice aways here?" Chu yunsheng suddenly turned around and asked. If the mice's home was in this town, then it would become a trouble to his plan.

He was not scared of those mice after his body was fully recovered. Even the mutant mice would not threaten his life. however, they were too many, and they could crawl into many places, if they stayed here, they would expose his location when he was in the fight with the insects. So it was extremely dangerous to have them around.

"Mr. Lennon, I have never seen so many mice before, they came out of nowhere.... I swear..." Edgar could not hide his fear when he talked about the mice.

"Indeed. they have a lot of numbers, and it seemed like they eat everything" Chu yunsheng decided not to ask him any more questions because he did not think he could get any useful information out of this man.

He checked his weapons and decided to scout area just by himself. He also needed to go out to check the insect's area of sticky substance and choose one weak point to break out.

"those bugs don't eat them, their natural enemy is almost extinct. With their fast breeding speed...." Edgar was still mumbling even Chu Yunsheng had already stopped listening.

Suddenly his eyes were wide open:"Mr. Lennon, you saw some of those mice were glowing in green right?.. Yes... you must have... breed.. Mutation.. Gene.. heredity...oh my god! There will be more of those mutated mice." at first he seemed like wanted to ask Chu Yunsheng a question, as he carried on taking he started to mumble again, until the end, he almost shouted out loud.

"But the human can't reach that speed." said Chu Yunsheng while getting ready.

:"Mr. Lennon? You.... Are you leaving now?..."Edgar panicked. If this man left, what would happen to him?

Even the mice could kill him easily, let alone the bugs.

:"I'll be back before the sky goes dark. You need to take a good rest now. You will need to guard this area the entire evening. I may be staying here for a while." said Chu yunsheng.

Chu yunsheng needed to prepare enough offensive talismans and absorption talismans to help him break through the area of sticky substances. He also needed a large number of monster seal talismans because he could not break out of the sticky substances just by himself.. And this could not be done in a short amount of time. That was why he planned to stay here for a while.

Intense fight required him to have a good rest at night. He could not take a rest while guarding the area, that was why he needed Edgar's help at the moment.

Chu Yunsheng looked around and picked up a rifle and gave it to Edgar:" take this, if you can't even defend yourself. God won't be able to save you either!"

:"Mr. Lennon... I ... I won't let you down!" he was surprised that he was still useful in Mr.Lennon's mind. He knew that if he lost his value to this cloaked man, then he would be abandoned by this man soon.

When he was still in the state of happiness, Chu Yunsheng had already left the room.

Chu yunsheng headed east of the town when he came out of the building, however, he did not get very far, because he discovered a purple flame monster was wandering around in the east alone.

He quickly retreated from the east then changed his direction, quietly lurking towards the west this time.

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