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Chapter 184 be strong and courageous!

 Chapter 184 be strong and courageous!

Just when Chu Yunsheng charged into the building, he immediately noticed that some dark and long objects flew towards him quickly.

Puff Puff Puff... the sound of sharp objects hitting the door behind him after he dodged the attack was heard. He quickly turned around and squinted his eyes to see what that was. In the hall that was illuminated by the dim green light he noticed that there were long sharp icicles, he turned around again and found out that the floor of the hall had already been covered by the mice, and amongst those mice, there were few of them that had long sharp icicles on their back.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't kill them all, so he just fired several shots to make a gap in those mice, then he wrapped himself tightly with the cloak and charged inside

Yang dong had totally lost his composure, he retreated from the first floor to the second, from the second to the third, then all the way to the 12th floor, followed by the others, But the mice were still chasing them, they even burned all the wooden furniture in the 8th and 9th floor in order to stop the mice from chasing them. But they did not expect those mice had some strange abilities to put out the fire.

The glowing mice and the strange ability, are those really mice?

Yang dong panicked, am i really going to die soon? Seeing the death was slowing approaching them, he started to breathe fast. They had already lost three people during the retreat, almost everyone was injured.

The blood-curdling scream made by the three people when they were eaten alive made their body tremble.

Originally they thought that the mice would become their food. But they did not expect that within less than a few minutes, their "food" would become their predator!

From the 12th floor to the 14th they had completely blocked all the possible entrances in attempting to hold on till the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky once again.

The mice usually don't like to have any activity under the light, maybe they will retreat when the hazy shimmer appeared.

But at the moment, those mice's attack seemed to be very persistent, even if the floor was blocked, they still were not sure for how long it would stop them.

This time, everyone including Wang qishun hoped a red shell insect would come out to scare those mice away, however they could not find any red shells which usually would wander around their area.

:"lao yang, are we really going to die this time." wang qishun said, his lips were dry and his eyes seemed to have lost focus. As an ordinary person. It was not easy for them to hold on for so long. All the researchers on the side had already lost their mind. laughing, crying, acting like a psychopath. It seemed like they could not stand this mental torture anymore.

"You all gonna die, no one will live, hahaha-- all die`` hahaha ``` no one lives````!" shouted one of the researchers, his face was twisted, his laugh was creepy as if he had totally lost his sanity.

"This man lost his mind!" yang dong took out a cigarette box, there was only one cigarette inside, it was the last one he wanted to keep for the last moment.

It took him some time to make the crumpled cigarette straight again, then he sat next to a pile of fire and started to smoke the last cigarette he got, But the researcher who lost his mind disrupted his last moment of peace. He was pissed off, so he used the gunstock to knock out the researcher.

"Shut the fuck up!" he cursed while using the left hand to remove the cigarette and exhale a long smoke. at the same time, he kicked the researcher who was passed out on the floor few times.

He glanced over the other people and suddenly noticed the black man Edgar had not died yet:" fuck me, he is still alive!" he glared at Edgar and murmured.

Edgar did not know what he was talking about, but he knew it was not something good when he saw his angry glare, so he immediately curled up his body and moved to the side. " strong and courageous..." he was reciting the same words over and over in this mind.

"It is all because of him, motherfucker!" cursed liu tiesheng. His mind was filled with the thought, that if it were not this black man, the mice would not come; if it were not this black man they could live longer.... The anger made him stand up and walk towards Edgar. He used his right leg, constantly kicking Edgar in attempt to vent all his anger.

Edgar did not dare to fight back because liu tiesheng still had the gun. All he could do was to curl up his body and use both of his hands to protect his head. " strong and courageous..." he murmured those words quietly as if those words could help him to relieve the pain.

"Shut...the ... fuck... up... shut ... the .. fuck .. up..."Hearing that only served to make liu tiesheng even angrier; So he constantly beat Edgar as if this was the only way he could forget the fear of death.

The mice had already reached the 14th floor which was the floor below them. They could clearly hear all the squeaking and chewing noises made by them.

Yang dong's eyesight did not stay on Edgar very long. Instead, he was staring at Su Chenyi who could not stop her body from shaking. He was actually quite surprised by the thought he had. It was funny how he still had this kind of desire before he died.

But a human is just an animal, sometimes they just do what they want to do, there is no reason behind it. Since there was not much time left for him, he did not need to think too much about it. Maybe just a little bit indulgence before he dies.

"What are you doing!?" Su Chenyi said with a quivering voice. feeling the aggressiveness in those eyes, she quickly moved back in panic.

"You know what I am doing, so stop pretending it, everyone is going to die soon..." then he jumped towards her and started to rip her cloth off.

Death was slowly approaching the 15th floor, soon the entrance door to the 15th floor started to have some cracks which was getting bigger and bigger until they could see the crowded mice behind the door.

But the people on the 15th floor did not seem to care about the slowly breaking door. ...Crying... beating....struggling but no one seemed to want to try to fight the mice.

Tears kept running down from wang qishun's face. Looking at the broken door he slowly put the tip of the gun in his mouth. He removed the shoes and used his toe's to press the trigger.....

He did not want to be eaten alive, suicide was less painful.

But it seemed like he was struggling to press the trigger. His whole body was shaking and he was breathing fast. His mind finally broke down when he saw the first mouse that crawled in through the door. He roared loudly and closed his eyes...


When the first mouse crawled into the room, lie tienshang who was the nearest to the door became the first target, as the mouse quickly jumped onto him. He immediately stopped beating Edgar and fired several shots at the door:"come at me, you motherfucker!...." he shouted hysterically.

More and more mice started to appear and jump onto him. He had already used all the rifle's bullets. But he still had the pistol, he drew the pistol from his waist and pointed at his head and pulled the trigger straight away....

Su Chenyi was still fighting yang dong, she quickly took out a small knife and stabbed it into yang dong's neck very hard. at the same time, she was knocked out by the gunstock.

The gun dropped from yang dong's hand, he was using his both hands trying to cover the wound on the neck, but the wound was too deep....

A male researcher and a female researcher were holding each other's hand before they both jumped off the 15th floor together...

The door to the 15th floor was finally destroyed by the mice and all of them flocked in....

Edgar heard everything, but he did not dare to look at them, he just curled up his body like an armadillo:" strong and courageous... be strong..." he murmured and started to cry.

Many mice had already crawled onto him and there were even more of them that were still blocked in the small corridor.

Suddenly many beams of light were shot into the 15th floor from the corridor. All the mice in the corridor were blasted into pieces.

The twelve sword qi's was unstoppable, even the green light mice were instantly blasted into pieces.

Within a second, the corridor was emptied, and all the wall around the corridor was covered with blood.

Chu yunsheng stepped on the bodies of the dead mice and walked into the 15th floor.

Looking at the dead bodies scattered around the floor, his body started to tremble. He did everything he could, ran as fast as he could. But he was still late.

He had also shouted he was here to save them when he was downstairs. but why would they still commit the suicide?

Chu Yunsheng turned around with the disappointment. Suddenly he noticed a body was moving in the corner and then he heard a weak voice:" strong.... And .....courageous..."

thanks slayer wolfx for helping me editing this chapter.