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Chapter 183 the fire in the sky

 Chapter 183 the fire in the sky

Chu Yunsheng had heard about the animal which exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation can cause their genes to mutate.

He has already forgotten about where he heard it. But he doesn't think those mutant mice were caused by the radiation. Because the professor sun told him before that there was only one nuclear explosion, and it was not near Jinling. So it only left one possibility.

It is that those mice might have awakened like the little tiger. But what is this number? How the fuck they have so many "awakened mice"? He thought

Originally there were several animal awakening cases in Jinling city. And GRD had also conducted a temporary research on it. But unfortunately, the result was very disappointing. The most of the animal awakening cases seemed to be a lot slower than the human, and even they did awaken, their abilities were very weak. But the little tiger was an exception.

As the time passed, the food shortage problem became more and more severe. Many animals were slaughtered before they even sent to the GRD. So lack of research samples also made them stop the research.

It was dark around Chu Yunsheng, so he couldn't tell how many normal mice were out there. But even there were a lot of them, the number of the awakened mice was still very unusual. He couldn't tell the awakening ratio of those mice. But he was sure that it is higher than human.

But it is not important now. The important thing is, he is being transported to a different place by those mice. and the most shocking thing is he is just one of the bodies being moved by the "mice army". although he couldn't see it very clearly. But the things those mice were carrying resembled human bodies in the dim green light.

He needs to speed up recovering now. He doesn't know where those mice want to carry those bodies to. But he is sure that it is not somewhere nice. So he clenched the absorption talisman and trying to recover his strength as fast as he can.

The world he is living in right now is so unpredictable, he thought everything was going so smooth and so well, but who would have thought that he had become so weak that he couldn't even defeat those mice...

He did not think he took what he had for granted, he also worked hard to make his family's life better. But at the end, all the plans, all the effort were wasted. All he has now was a broken armour, a dying purple flame monster and some absorption talismans

Plan leads to success. Working hard will make dreams come true. This type of rule doesn't apply to this world. With such unpredictable world, you will never know what will happen in the next second...

In chu Yunsheng's mind, even though he kept thinking if he could restore his strength and if he could escape from here, he will definitely be able to survive. But in reality. Who knows what's beyond those tombs. It may be just another wasteland or it may be just another death trap.

But it doesn't mean that he will give up trying. It would be truly a shame if he did not even dare to try.

That's why he constantly using absorption talisman to restore his yuan qi in order to help his body fight the poison.

Suddenly he noticed there was a cloud of fire floating in the dark sky to his right. He slowly turned his head and squinted his eyes to look carefully. He then noticed that it was actually a building. and it seemed like two floors of the buildings was on fire.


He suddenly heard a human scream.

It was not an illusion! he told himself. He was semi-conscious earlier, but now he is fully awake, so he is sure that it's not an illusion.

Chu Yunsheng almost jumped up when he heard it again. Since the machine failed to connect to the anti-world, only him and two aliens escaped from the channel's strong suction!

The cloaked man was killed by him, and the scream didn't seem to be made by the woman. So there is only one possibility left. someone else in jin ling city also survived!

But how many? How exactly did they escape? Where is the city now?....

Chu Yunsheng had so many questions. But he couldn't get any answers. The desire to know the answers was strong that it instantly made him decided to go to the building and ask whoever was in the building those questions.

Originally he wanted to wait until he could recover a little bit more of yuan qi, but now he didn't want to wait anymore.

It was dark around him, and he didn't know where the mice were going to transport him to. He didn't know his location, and he also didn't know how long the fire is going to last. Once he left here, he probably will never be able to find the building again.

"fucking mice" he cursed again and forced himself to cut off the absorption talisman's yuan qi supply. It was still painful when he moves but he didn't care about it. He needs to get to the building before everyone was killed.

He took out the corrosive liquids from the storage talisman, held his breath and jumped up.

The sudden movement made his pain become even worse. He gritted his teeth very hard and smashed the corrosive liquid on the ground.

Then he took out the dark energy gun fired several shots to kill the mice and to see the terrain around him. when he fell on the ground, he immediately charged towards the building.

Serval mice had jumped on him and constantly worrying the cloak before he charged out. But it seemed like the cloak was still able to waistband those mice's teeth.

Chu Yunsheng was running fast, regardless his extreme movement caused the poison inside his body started to spread faster, he was still running.

he has already changed the gun to the sword, and the speed was instantly increased again... the answers to his questions were near, he could even see the entrance of the building now.