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Chapter 182 human and mice

 Chapter 182 human and mice

".... Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go...."Edgar Silently recited in his mind. His body was shaking, however, he still had no choice kept crawling into the dark.

The rope was being dragged longer and longer until he disappeared from everyone's sight.

After another wave of sharp pain, chu Yunsheng woke up once again, he started to notice that the number of times he lost his consciousness was very abnormal. Only when he carefully examined himself one more time did he realized that he had been exposed to the corrosive liquid for too long and the poison has already been spread deep inside his body. It was the main reason caused him to lose his consciousness repeatedly.

This place was not safe, went into a coma in this place was extremely dangerous. But chu Yunsheng didn't have any talisman of cure poison. All the yuan qi he restored were gathered by his rong yuan body automatically in order to suppress the poison from spreading faster and further. But the effect was very slow and he passed out once again......


Chu Yunsheng felt a sharp pain from his thigh, it instantly woke him up one more time. When he realized what happened, he instantly broke into the cold sweat. He was surrounded by many little green light dots, they were like the many ghost fire floating around him.

there was a pair of green light on his thigh, and that was the cause of pain.

He tried to move the gun and aimed the gun at the green light dots but he was too weak. The gun fell down on his thigh and it provoked The light dots. Only when the light dot jumped towards the gun, did chu Yunsheng realised what they are. those were green eyes and they belong to a mutant mouse.

The mouse was ferociously worrying the gun and trying to rip it open. Chu Yunsheng immediately grabbed the handle of the gun and pulled the trigger when the mouse was chewing the tip of the gun.

The dark energy gun didn't make any sound. but the energy bullet made a spark when the gun was fired, It instantly blasted the mouse into pieces and hit the ground in the crowd of green dots. At the moment when the spark appeared, chu yunsheng gasped in shock, the green light dots he saw were just the tip of an iceberg. There were so many more of them crawling in the dark facing different directions......

the last time he encountered the mice was when he was on the way to Jin ling. at that time, the mice he encountered were just the regular mice. But this time is different. the eyes of those mice were even glowing the green light in the dark. Even an idiot would know those mice are much more dangerous.

The condition of his body seemed to be getting worse, the poison began to slow down his movement. He couldn't even take out the corrosive liquid from the storage talisman.

"fuck, am I really going to be killed by those mice?" chu Yunsheng cursed silently.

But he was not going to give up so easily. He forced himself to split some of yuan qi out and used it to activate the Armour, then he wrapped himself in the cloak.

At the beginning, he tried to use the gun to kill those mice, but there were too many of them and

He couldn't infuse yuan qi into the dark energy gun anymore because his body needs those yuan qi units to defend the poison. so he relied on the energy field inside the gun to trigger the fire soldier talisman in order unleash the enchanted energy bullet. However, there wasn't much yuan qi left inside the fire soldier talisman. so at the end, he gave up shooting the gun.

Now Can he survive this or not, it all depends on if the cloak and the armour could withstand those mutant mice's teeth.

But in the meantime, he needs to absorb yuan qi from the absorption yuan fu and help his body to fight back the poison as soon as possible. Once he recovered. He could easily kill them all or escaped from here.


Wang qishun felt very sleepy since the night went completely dark.

When he was about to take a nap, the rope in his hand suddenly stretched very tight. Then he heard some rustling sounds came from the deep dark street.

He was startled and threw away the rope in panic. then he realized he needs to inform other people, so he immediately signalled liu tiesheng and then quickly ran towards the door to close it. But just when he about to close it, He saw the rope was loosened again.

When he was relieved and thought everything was going to be the same just like last few times, he saw Edgar was running back quickly from the deep dark street while attempting to shout out loud even though his mouth was gagged. It seemed like Edgar was trying to tell them something, but his scream was muffled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was Edgar banging at the building's entrance using his head. In this silent dark evening, it was extremely loud and clear.

"this fucker! like I said, sooner or later he will get us all killed!" liu tiesheng hissed.

"listen! It doesn't sound like the insect!" no one knew why Wang qishun suddenly became so brave to lean against the wall to listen to the sound came from outside.

"Mice! Food! Open the door! Liu! We have something to eat now!" Edgar finally rubbed off the gag and shouted with excitement.

However, liu tiesheng did not believe him. only when he saw a mouse crawled into the building through the gaps between the door did he finally change his mind.

No one likes to see the mice in the age of light, they were the definition of dirty and disgusting. However, after what everyone has been through, the definition of mice has changed to food and delicious.

It was because of that, the mice inside jin ling were almost extinct.

Liu tiesheng's mind was instantly filled with one word - food when he saw the mice. if there is mice outside, it means that there is a chance to survive longer. He instantly picked up his loose pants and looked at yang dong, it seemed like he wanted to ask yang dong's opinion first before he acts.

"Xiao wang, open the door, let's catch those mice!" yang dong picked up a chair and slam onto the mouse which just crawled into the door. He raised his head and shouted at those researchers:"if you all don't want to die, catch those mice!"

The mice like dark, and since the dark age began, they became even smarter. So this opportunity is very rare. if they missed out this opportunity, there probably won't be next time.

Soon the mice started to crawl into the building through the gaps one by one. It made them even more excited, it means that they won't be hungry for a very long time.

However, they did not know they are facing.

Wang qishun pulled the door open, a shadow instantly fell on the ground, it was Edgar with several mice crawling on top of him. He was tumbling on the ground trying to get those mice off him.

"Bitch! You Bit me! Die! Die!" he finally broke free from the rope and grabbed the mouse which was trying to crawl into this cloth, smashed it onto the ground. He was shouting while using his feet to stamp the mice

The mouse flocked in as the door opened, but they didn't seem to worry, everyone was so excited as if they were on the drug. They used everything they can find in the building as weapons to kill the mice as many as they can.

:"this does not look right! It's getting more and more!" the first one noticed the abnormal number of the mice was not the people who were holding the guns. It was the female researcher Su Chenyi.

Her scream instantly remind everyone, even though they have killed a lot of them, but the number didn't seem to reduce!

:"motherfucker! I knew this black egg would not bring luck to us" liu tiezheng cursed out loud, he grabbed two mice which were about to crawl into his cloth and slam them onto the ground. Then he immediately ran upstairs.

Everyone noticed what he was doing, they immediately followed, no one wanted to be left behind.

:"fuck off!" cursed yang dong while pushing an old researcher away. That man instantly tumbled down the stairs.

Wang qishun was the last person running up the stairs. when he saw someone fell off the stair he instinctively tried to help the person, but then he saw several mice jumped onto him, it immediately scared him away and made him ignored the person just kept running.

:"help...He... ah" the researcher was quickly swallowed in by the massive number of the mice.


The door to the second floor was closed!

But no one was relieved, they could still hear the mice were chewing the wooden door. This door won't be able to stop them for long.

Meanwhile, the mice still couldn't break chu Yunsheng's protection. But they were not giving up, many of them crawled underneath chu Yunsheng started to lift him up and move him towards the place that has even more green light dots.