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Chapter 181 the most difficult night

 Chapter 181 the most difficult night

Soon the fire rain disappeared again, the sword qi also disappeared. the world outside the building once again covered by the darkness. They did not know if the cloaked man was still alive or not. But they could still hear the insects screeching.

Everyone in the building was looking at each other. finally over! They thought. And almost at the same time, they all let out a long sigh of relief.

Probably the insects will leave soon. They thought.....

Suddenly the beams once again appeared in everyone's eyesight.

Liu tiesheng instantly jumped up. The beam penetrated layers and layers of insects and reached outside. It seemed like the cloaked man was buried by the swarm of insects once again.

But even that, he still didn't die!

How come a dark warrior can be this powerful.

Everyone's nerves have stretched to their limit.

But when a "monster" appeared they lost their hope instantly.

"purple....purple...purple flame monster!" Wang qishun was so scared that he instantly sat on the ground. He couldn't stop his teeth from chattering and he voice was constantly shaking. His face also turned as white as a dead body.

Purple flame monster is a type of monster they never had a chance to see it before, they only have heard of its existence- a powerful monster with flame antenna and scaly armour.

It is said that no one was able to kill this type of monster. Although some of the rumours say there was a man in the west district killed the monster single-handedly. But at that time all kinds of the rumours were going around inside the city. So it is not really believable, some even said there was a man had some kind of deal with the king of the insects... how ridiculous was that.....

All the people in this building are the lowest class of people in Jin ling city. Liu tiesheng, yang dong and Wang qishun only had a gun less than a month, Edgar and other "researchers" are just some contractors, they are not really the formal researchers, so there is no way they could get access to the secret research. Let alone the research about the purple flame monster.

So when they confirmed that it was the purple flame monster, they all stayed away from the windows. They were so scared that the monster would spot them. Some people even lie on the floor and curled up their bodies. No one dares to ask more questions now, no one even cares about if the cloaked man can survive or not.

Even Wang qishun who asked so many questions also kept his mouth shut.

It seemed like they already had the answers. And it's just the ways they react to the answers were different.


No one knows how long they have stayed in the silence because no one was watching the time. all they could think of was to stay as quiet as possible until the swarm leaves. In fact, it has already been a while since the purple flame monster appeared. There were not many noises outside the building now, comparing to before. All they could hear were just a few insects running past the building from time to time.

:"lao yang, are we still going to kick the people out?" liu tiesheng was the first one trying to break the awkward silence.

He seemed to forget about he was trying to avoid this topic earlier, when he realised what he said, it was already too late. He regretted it. he shouldn't have said those words. But he was also surprised that why would he saying something that was supposed to be said by yang dong.

"ah!" yang dong reacted reflexively, then he murmured:"wa...wait.. Let's wait until we confirmed the man is dead."

What if. although it is one in millions chances, but still, what if the cloaked man is still alive, then the people they kicked out might tell the cloaked man that they have food, and if the cloaked man wants to take their food, just with their three trash guns, there is no way they could kill him.

"Lao yang are you joking right!? You were the one kept saying he is not going to survive!" wang qishun seemed to be a little bit agitated by yang dong's word. Maybe he was too nervous.

Almost another half hour passed in the silence...

Chu yunsheng was hiding in the gaps of a broken wall. His throat was dry and he was breathing heavily. It was extremely painful for him to breath the air so heavily and so rapidly. The cold air went through his windpipe like a knife slicing through his throat.

He has already reached his limit, if he did not summon the purple flame monster, and temporarily scared away those insects, he could not have crawled out the mountain of the insect and hidden inside this small town which had already been destroyed by the artillery bombardment.

Chu yunsheng let out a short grunt, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in this stomach. He could not see what exactly caused it, because it was dark around him. but he could tell that he was bleeding, he felt something penetrated his stomach. He quickly took out a pile of cloth from the storage talisman and ripped them into some long stripes.

He stuffed some of the cloth into this mouth and bit it, then deactivated his armour and started to check his wound in the dark. It seemed like something sharp had pierced through his three layers of protection, presumably the insect's sharp leg.

He was sitting on the ground with his back against one side of the broken wall, and his feet against the other side of the broken wall. He used the cloth to wrap the slippery sharp leg and then took few quick breath. Suddenly his eyes were wide open, the pain made his hands constantly shaking, but he was still trying his best to pull out the sharp leg from his stomach bit by bit. He bit on the cloth very hard and his face was filled with blood vessels and sweat. In the process of pulling the sharp leg out, he had never stop grunting in pain.

Chu yun sheng did not know how deep the wound was, he also could not tell how much blood he had lost. All he could remember was the crack sound when the armour made when he was still fighting the way out. The shield was instantly destroyed by the sharp leg and when he tried to block the leg, but it was already too late, the leg had already stabbed into his body. All he could do it to cut it off to prevent the insect from pulling it out.

He was extremely weak now, it even took him several attempts to pull out the cloth in his mouth. But when he tried to clean his wound, he suddenly lost his consciousness.

Luckily he was woken by the pain just in few seconds time. He quickly took out the clean bandages and medicine in the storage talisman in attempting to stop bleeding.

The severe pain caused his body to shake uncontrollably, he took him a while to finally wrap the wound with the bandages. The qian bi sword was stabbed on the ground next to him, and he also took out the gun and held it in his arm. After doing all of this, he felt like he could not move anymore, and his consciousness slowly started to fade away.....

It was already midnight.

the small town and again restored its creepy silence. Suddenly a human figure was kicked out of the entrance of a tall building. The person tumbled over on the ground, then quickly got up and attempted to run back in panic. But then a clear gun cocking sound made the person stopped immediately. It seemed like the person was struggling to make the decision. But eventually, the person still crawled into the darkness reluctantly.

The person was tied up with a rope, and the other end of the rope was from inside the door where the person was kicked out. It seemed like the rope was constantly extending as the person crawling deeper and deeper into the darkness.

The rope was constantly extending until a loud scream appeared at the end of the street. Then the rope was instantly stretched tightly and a few seconds later, it became loose again.

The people in the building immediately closed the door and held their breath to listen to the movement outside the building.

A single red shell was holding a half of the man's body and screeching loudly then quickly ran into the darkness heading towards tombs....

One hour passed in the silence again. The people inside the building started to whisper.

"have all the insects gone?"

"should we send another person out?"


"That black man! Sooner or later he will get us killed!"

"What if he leads the insects towards us?"

"Are you stupid...we have done so many times now, and you just starting to worry?...."


The rope was slowly pulled back, the end of the rope only left a bloody half body and some sticky internal organs.

Chu yunsheng was once again woken by the human scream,he slowly sat up against the wall. The wound still hurts but it has stopped bleeding, the Rong yuan Body has also started to heal the wound by itself.

He looked around and attempted the find the direction where the sound coming from. But he could hear anything.

Probably i was dreaming again... everyone has disappeared, who else would stay here except him. Chu yunsheng thought.

He took out an absorption talisman and tried to recover his energy slowly. He had finished all the offensive talisman, even the golden shell was instantly killed by the swarm. He only has a purple flame monster but it is on the verge of dying. If the swarm comes back, there is no way the purple flame monster will be able to defend him.

He needs to find a place to hide and recover as soon as possible. And he believes that when the hazy shimmer appeared again, he will be able to find it. he just needs to get through this evening, then everything will get better.

So tonight is going to be the most difficult night ever.

"Oh, god! Liu, please! You can't do this to me, please! I am begging you....." Edgar was on his knee and constantly begging, it was not that he did not want to resist, but when a gun was pointing at him all the resistances are useless.

"Shut the fuck up, xiao wang tie him up.... xiao wang!..... xiao wang?" yang dong was irritated by Edgar's constantly begging. But when he tried to ask wang qishun to tie him up, he could not find him.

He looked around and what he saw instantly pissed him off:" are you fucking kidding me, xiao wang, it was just half body, why the fuck you are so scared. How long are you going to untie the body? Come here, watch this black man! Let me untie it. "

Wang qishun was instantly relieved. He quickly ran back like a gust of wind as if he was scared that yang dong is going to change his mind.

Yang dong put the gun on his back and spat on the floor then walked towards the body.

Seeing his begging did not change three people's mind, Edgar looked at other researchers on the side. He was hoping that those people will help him.

But almost everyone was avoiding to have an eye contact with him.

He lost his hope completely.

Knowing there is no way to escape, he bowed his head down and murmured:" ....

First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me........(footnote1)"


Footnote 1