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Chapter 179 speed

 Chapter 179 speed

Chapter 179 speed

Chu Yunsheng turned the cloak back and forth tried to find a way to activate this cloak, he even tried to infuse yuan qi inside, but there was nothing happened.

After a long sigh. He gave up. The cloak is not something he could understand at the moment. Maybe one day he will be able to find out the mechanism behind it and used it on his armour.

The hazy shimmer once again shed light into the crater. He has been staying in this place for three days now. And many insects are still running towards the huge pit left by the black sphere.

He didn't know how long it will continue. But he can't stay here for very long. Because the insects around the golden shell started to pile up. And soon the swarm will notice the difference and surround him.

The golden shell was in the "sleep" mode because it has not received any command from chu Yunsheng for a very long time. a few insects had noticed it and tried to move the "dying" golden shell away. So chu yunsheng had no choice but using the type two dark energy gun to kill them.

Fortunately, in the last three days, he noticed the insect's running pattern. There were roughly 10 minutes gaps between each big wave of insects running towards the huge pit. He could use this 10-minute gap to run away.

As he was thinking, another wave of monsters was running towards the huge pit near the crater.

He had to go now. He can't wait until the sky goes completely dark. The insects might be able to detect him in the dark. But he couldn't see the directions. Once he ran into the swarm, then it is really over.

He quickly recited the incantation to seal the golden shell again. Then he slowly moved up to edge of the crater and began to crawl on the ground. At the same time, he looked around trying to find anything might give him some information. so he could tell where his location is right now.

After the city disappeared, there is only a gigantic pit on the ground. And he had already lost the direction when the golden shell dug into the ground three days ago.

The only thing he could use as reference was the giant tombs at the distance. But originally Jin ling was surrounded by the tombs, there were tombs in all four directions.

He looked around once again, couldn't find any sign of Yangtze river. It means that he is most likely not on the west side or the north side of the huge pit.

But whether it is the east or the south, it doesn't really matter at the moment. He just needs to get out of here as soon as possible.

There was a green dragon mountain to the east of jin ling. The vast mountains range is an ideal place for him to hide. There was an abandoned small town to the south. There were many newly developed housing estate in here. So it is also a good place for a short stay.

Two minutes quickly passed as he was thinking for a place to hide. But he didn't stop crawling. Because the next crater is almost 100 meters away from him. And he needs to get there, dig a hole and cover himself with soil in 8 minutes. After 8 minutes the next wave of insects will arrive.

He was slowly approaching the area of sticky substances. Only in that way will he be able to find more reference objects to determine where he is. the night was getting darker and the visibility started to reduce. It was blurry around him so he couldn't see anything at the distance apart from the giant tombs spurting out fire from time to time.

When he reached the fifth crater, it has already taken him an hour.

He still couldn't find anything that can be related to the green dragon mountain. It is most likely he was in the south. He told himself.

In the fire that was spurted out by the tombs. He could vaguely see some shadows which resemble some houses.

Time is pressing and he needs to get out of here before the night goes completely dark. He needs to get to those houses and hide in there.

The reason why he needs to speed up was that he noticed the insects inside the swarm started to act strangely. A lot of insects seemed like they were searching something towards his direction.

It is no longer safe here. He needs to run! Run as fast as he can!

He was not sure that those shadows are really the houses or not. But there is no choice for him now.

As the last bit of hazy shimmer disappeared from the sky. Chu Yunsheng jumped up and started to run.

At the same time, the insects that were searching towards him all looked up instantly. Then one by one they started to rush and chase him.

Chu Yunsheng was not worried about the insects which were chasing him on the ground. He was more concerned about the green shells on the sky and the hidden monsters ahead of him.

He doesn't have the fire levitation ability like what lan chaoyin has. He only has two legs.

He has already stored the gun and changed to the sword. It is much easier to use the sword to slice open the insects which were blocking his way.

His other hand was clenching onto a li huo fu. Although it was a fire element offensive talisman and it is not effective when attacking the red shells. However, he only had this type of offensive talisman now.

He didn't want to kill them, all he wanted was to make a way so he could get into those housing estates and hide in there like what he did in the horror city.

Suddenly a lightning flashed by the dark sky. It was like a whip crack open the dark night.

Since the dark age began. Apart from snow, there aren't any rainy days, let alone the thunder and lightning.

Chu Yunsheng was stunned less than a second, then he was excited to see many buildings under the lightning. It was like a quiet ancient castle, wrapped in darkness, filled with "mysterious" and "evil" feeling.

But in the next second, his excitement vanished. before the lightning appeared he was running in the dark, he only relied on his sense of directions to guide him towards the housing estate. but when the lightning appeared, he noticed that he was running towards a slightly different direction, and in front of him is another crowded swarm. There are even a few golden shells in there

The lightning only appeared in a split second, and then disappeared. But chu yunsheng could still hear the buzzing sound made by the green shells when they were flying towards him.

The land was once again covered by the darkness, apart from the insects screeching sound, chu yunsheng once again lost his vision.

But his body did not stop moving, he was still running, he slightly adjusted his direction and ran towards the housing estate.

He had to get through this, no matter what!

He covered himself with The cloaked man's cloak. although he did not know how to use it, it's powerful defence ability it not weaker than his armour. he could not even destroy it using this sword


Chu yunsheng crashed into the swarm. with his fast speed and yuan qi energy shield, the first few insects were knocked away instantly. But he was still charging.

Then the sword qi was unleashed, 12 swords qi was formed into a spiral shape and drilled a way out of the swarm.

The sword qi was like a shooting star destroyed all the insects on its way.

But the insects are not scared of dying, many of them tried to fill the gap and some of them were trying to catch chu yunsheng from behind. More and more insects started to push in.

When Chu yunsheng just broke the mandibles of a golden shell which just crawled out of the ground. His upper body was instantly pinched by a red shell.

He quickly broke free from the red shell's claw, but the green shell has already dived at him. He was knocked over and tumbled on the ground. before he had a chance to get up, then he was buried under many corrosive liquids.....

But he did not choose to fight back, he could not kill all the insects, only when he reached the town will he have a chance to run away.

He could not dodge the insect's attack because he could not see anything, he could only unleash the sword qi to make a way and using the light caused by the sword qi to see the way in front of him.

At the moment, he only hoped that the cloak, armour and shield will withstand all the attacks!

As long as he was not trapped here by the insects, he believed that he will make it.

But soon, he was buried once again. this time, he was buried by the insects, one insect jumped onto him and the other insect closely followed. red shells, golden shells, green shells. Insects after insects until it became a hill of the insects. And chu yunsheng was buried underneath it.

The swords qi was unleashed underneath the hill of the insects, a few of the insects at the bottom was knocked away, but comparing to the hill of insects, it did not seem have any effect at all. Chu yunsheng roared loudly underneath the hill of insects, and his hand clenched on the li huo talisman. Yuan fu was glowing the dazzling red light and flew towards the sky......


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