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Chapter 178 set out

 "come with me, I can assure your safety." the woman said lightly, the cloaked man is dead. Just chu Yunsheng himself, it is no longer a threat to her. So this may be his best choice.

She is not worried about if Chu Yunsheng is going to run away, she is confident at her speed. although this human has some strange abilities, but he is still a human.

However, she didn't hear any response from chu Yunsheng. She was alerted and turned around. All she could see was the back of a golden shell. And it was quickly digging into the ground.

The woman instantly unleashed her power attempted to freeze the golden shell. She had a strange feeling that the human must be inside this golden shell.

However, it was too late, the golden had completely dug into the ground when the attack arrived. it only froze the collapsed hole.

The woman knitted her brow. Too careless? Or he has too many secrets that caught her off guard? How can I let a human slip away under my watch!

She looked around noticed the cloaked man's body was gone. Her face suddenly broke into smiles.

She used her index finger to wipe the blood off her shoulder. All the bloodstain started to liquefied and lifted up. Then her shoulder once again returned to the flawless and spotless state.

she then lightly jumped up and leapt towards the north....

Meanwhile, chu Yunsheng was holding his breath and curling up his body inside the golden shell, the humid and stuffy underground environment made him feel extremely uncomfortable. After the city disappeared, the force that stops golden shell digging into the ground has also disappeared.

His face was twisted and he was struggling in his mind. It was like there were two voices fighting each other in his mind. One voice says: go back and kill the woman in the white dress, avenge your family's death at any costs. You family died, little tiger died. Everyone died. Kill her... kill her... and The other voice says:" the purple flame monster is not recovered yet and only 10 li huo fu is not enough to kill the woman...your family is still alive... little tiger is still alive... run and go find them... run...

He wanted to go back and kill the alien. But his body acts differently.

He didn't know why whenever he engaged in a fight he would suddenly become an entirely different person. He also did not know why there were two voices in his mind. Why the other voice would tell him to run away and find jin ling city....


When the golden shell dug out of the ground, chu yunsheng crawled out of the hole on the back of the golden shell to breathe the air as much and as quick as possible, the lack of the oxygen made his face turn white and his mind turn blank.

his eyes were glassy and his movements were clumsy. It seemed like his body was not controlled by him and more like the defence mechanism has taken control over the body.

The giant pit left by the sphere was already far away from him. The extremely bright light dot has also already disappeared.

The endless darkness once again covers his world. Apart from the giant tombs were still spurting out the fire in the distance. It was dead silent around him.

He tried to stand up but he did not realise he was still on top of the golden shell. So his clumsy movement plus his absent mind made him fell onto the ground.

No painfully groaning sound, only the sound of a heavy object hit the ground. It seemed like he did not even feel the pain. However he was weak, he was struggling to get up.

It was pitch black, but he did not seem to care about it, when he finally got up, he numbly and clumsily moved forward. One step. Two steps... then he was tripped over and fall into a pit. His defence mechanism instantly takes over the control of his body once again. He was waving his sword in panic. But apart from hitting the wall in the pit nothing else happened.

He was constantly waving his sword until he no longer has the energy to lift up the sword and no longer able to stand up. He felt tired and cold, his body was curled up in the pit and he wished that there was something could cover the pit for him.

the golden shell seemed to have received the command. it slowly moved its body to cover the small crater only leave a small gap for him to breath.

But he still did not feel comfortable, it was almost impossible for him to rest while wearing the amour. He subconsciously wanted to take off the armour. And As he was thinking, the armour instantly deactivated.

"Hmm" he made a comfortable moan, it is much better. The only thought appeared in his blank mind. However, when he was trying to adjust himself to a comfortable position. something in his pocket was pressing against his chest and it irritated him. He angrily took it out and threw it away. The box knocked on the ground and its lid was open.

A birthday song appeared in the small pit. Suddenly he opened his eyes. His eyes were no longer glassy And his body slowly started to shake. He instantly sat up and quickly grabbed the rectangular box which was glowing the colourful light, despite the tiredness.

It was a music box, and there is a piece of paper and a small candle inside it. He used his constantly trembling hand to open the pieces of paper:

:".....Ge.... I'm sorry... happy birthday!.... Present..... Jing tian...... jing yi..."

It was the birth present from his cousins, and it was probably stuffed into his pocket by his auntie.

His eyes instantly turned red, and his lips started twitching.

"why... why.....WHY!" he was trying to hold back his tear, but it did not seem to help, the more he asked the louder his cry was. His body was constantly shaking from the loud crying. his 10 fingers were stabbed deep into the soil and attempt to stop his body from shaking, but it still did not seem to help. He frantically banging his head on the ground until he lost his conscious completely....


When he woke up again, it was already 8:00 on the second day. he was woken up by the insect's movement on the ground. His first reaction was to activate the armour. The second reaction was to find the music box.

The hazing shimmer has already shed light on the ground through the gap between the crater and the golden shell. He slowly approached the gap to see what was going on, then he noticed that all the insects were running towards the huge pit left by the sphere.

He slowly and quietly moved back to the centre of the crater, he did not want to make any sound to alert the swarm.

Chu yunsheng has already calmed down at this point. In fact when the cloaked man was killed half of his anger was already vented, All he felt after that was just emptiness, loneliness and regret. The crazy rampage he had last night had also vent out a lot of his negatives feelings.

He was thinking about finding the woman in the white dress and kill her. However his mind was not filled with anger at the moment, he started to think in a rational way. As the other voice in his mind said, he was indeed only left with few Li huo fu, the purple flame monster was also not fully recovered yet. Even the woman in the white dress is weaker than the cloaked man. He still won't be able to kill her.

Also, many insects were constantly running towards the gigantic pit, if he goes back, he probably will not be able to find the woman in the white dress. But he will definitely encounter a lot of insects.

he angrily recited the word aliens inside his mind once again while His hand clenched onto the music box tightly.

He did not know why he has a strong feeling that the people in jin ling city might be still alive. He had thought about every possible scenario, he even thought he might be at the early state of Schizophrenia.

However, he still didn't have the answer. But there is a way to find it out. It is to open the entrance again. He wanted to see for himself, he wanted to give himself an answer, otherwise, it will haunt his mind for the rest of his life.

Although the rest of the negatives feeling has been suppressed by him. But he did not doubt once it came back, it will make him lost his mind. However, he could not open the entrance by himself, he needs alien to do it for him. But at the moment there is no way he could defeat the alien, let alone ask them to open the entrance. So he needs to increase his power first.

But at the moment, his priority is to get away from here. The movement outside the crater seemed to become louder and louder. It seemed like more and more insects started to move towards the gigantic pit. He needs to run away before the insects occupied the pit.

He had thought about using the golden shell to ran away. However, since last time he sealed the purple flame monster, the mysterious force "min" seemed to be able to recognize his golden shell. Although the insects that had run past the golden shell did not seem to be interested in a non-moving and seemingly dead golden shell. But chu yunsheng had a strong feeling that once he orders the golden shell to move, those insects will definitely be able to spot the difference.

He did not want to risk it, so he was slowly searching through the items in his storage yuan fu. Suddenly he noticed the cloaked man's cloak. He recited the incantation to take out the cloak, just when he wanted to check the cloak, he noticed that his both hands were full. One of his hand was holding the sword, the other was still clenching onto the music box.

He looked at the music box, the feeling of sadness, anger and regret slowly comes back to him. He instantly suppressed the feeling.:" i will find you! I will..." he gritted his teeth, and hissed. It seemed like he was talking to himself. Then he stored the music box into the storage yuan fu and started to check the cloak.

The cloaked man was able to turn into a flame, and he was able to become invisible. He felt like he might be able to find something in this cloak to solve this mystery. And if he is able to find the method, he could potentially use it on himself. then he will be able to run away from here easily.

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