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Chapter 177 kill the cloaked man

 Chapter 177 kill the cloaked man

When a man loses everything in his life, he will do crazy things, if the man does not even care about his own life, there is nothing in the world will scare him?

Chu yunsheng felt so empty, his family is gone, the little tiger is gone, the office building is also gone, everything he has been work so hard to build has vanished. they were all destroyed by those two aliens!

If he had enough knowledge to predict future, he would definitely and desperately trying to destroy the machine and stop them.

However, he did not have that knowledge. In this mysterious new world, the human beings are just like a small group of ignorant indigenous tribal people.

He has already forgotten he can't defeat the woman in the white dress, he has also forgotten that the cloaked man might be even more powerful than the woman in the white dress.He did not care about anything right now. All he thinks was: kill those two bastards!

Chu yunsheng's sword always faster than his words. When he shouted the word in rage, his sword has already stabbed towards the woman in the white dress who was the closest to him.

He has also forgotten to use his sword fighting technique. He just wants to use the sword to stab them, uses the sword to hack them. He felt like it is the only way could unleash all this rage.

Both aliens were also shocked when the city disappeared. And chu yunsheng's attack is fast and also very sudden.

However, when the sword almost approached the woman's shoulder, it was still stopped by the woman. She only used two of her finger to stop the sword.

Chu yunsheng roared loudly and started to pour the energy into the sword frantically.

The sword instantly moved forward once again and stabbed into the woman's shoulder!

The blood instantly dropped onto her white dress.

The woman knit her brows, she immediately used her right hand to unleash the ice energy and hit chu yusnheng's stomach. He was instantly knocked back and smashed into the wall in the pit

Chu yunsheng stood up from the sticky mud. The armour was filled with yuan qi and shone the colourful light. He pointed the sword at the woman and mocked:" You fucking alien also bleed!"

"Huh?" at the same time, the cloaked man who has never spoken before also made a confused sound. It seemed like he was confused about how come a human could injure the woman in the white dress, or maybe he was curious about the chu yun sheng's armour.

The woman reached her hand out to grab something in the air, then a double-headed ice spear was formed. However, she did not attack chu yunsheng. Instead, she stopped the cloaked man who was about to capture chu yunsheng and said:"he is mine."

"Yours?" the cloaked man finally talked. his voice was not the ghastly and horror voice like chu yunsheng imagined. It was rather ethereal and it seemed like it was talking in a specific pattern or frequency.

He pointed at the woman's bloody shoulder and seemed to remind her, this human just stabbed her.

"This is our business!" the woman said coldly.

The cloaked was hiding inside the cloak, so no one knows what his expression is. "A human being....." he murmured

Suddenly, his cloak moved, at an extremely fast speed, he turned into a flame and then shot towards chu yunsheng. On the way, a thin flame sword blade was formed and stabbed straight at chu yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng didn't care about what they were saying. All he wanted to do was to kill those two aliens.

When the cloaked man turned into a flame, his glacier yuan fu was also activated.

The glacier yuan fu could freeze the purple flame monster and the flame bird. However this time, it could not freeze the cloaked man's flame.

Crack! Boom!

The cloaked man broke out of the ice before the glacier yuan fu unleashes its powerful crush.

But the cloaked man was forced to reveal himself. all the ice pieces around his cloak were quickly turned into steam at a speed that is visible to the naked eyes.

The woman in the white dress seemed to be surprised in a split second, then she returned her usual cold face again

"it is the power of Fu! it is the power that disappeared for thousands of years! This man is mine now!" the cloaked man's ethereal voice could not hide his shock and excitement.

Chu yunsheng did not want to listen to anything he says. When the glacier yuan fu failed, his sword fighting technique has already cast out and flew towards the cloaked man.

At the same time, a fierce ice storm appeared out of nowhere and trapped the cloaked man inside. The woman in the white dress turned around:" kill him first!" she said.

"you want to kill me? You really think you are as powerful as me?" said the cloaked man while using the thin flame sword to slice open the storm and using its cloak to block all the sword qi.

Chu yunsheng sneered, the longer they argued the more opportunities he has. He took the opportunity that the cloaked man was talking to the woman in the white dress and activated one more glacier yuan fu. It instantly froze the cloaked man inside!

This is his style of fighting. If he attacks, he will never stop. At the moment, he has a lot of level three yuan fu. It does not require many yuan qi to activate it. So he is able to continue to unleash the powerful attack.

No matter how strong and how powerful the cloaked man is, he believes that he will not be able to block all his attack.

The speed of the woman agglomerates the ice energy was incredibly fast. When the glacier yuan fu just trapped the cloaked man inside, she immediately gathered the ice energy and freeze the outside of the glacier to reinforce its structure.

At the same time, many ice bayonets were formed around the glacier. They were facing at the glacier and waiting for the cloaked man to break out of the glacier.

This time, the cloaked man did not break out of the glacier in time. The glacier yuan fu unleashed the full power on him.

When he just broke out of the ice, all the bayonets immediately flew towards him. They were closely followed by chu yusnehng's 12 sword qi.

It seemed like the cloaked man was nowhere to hide. However, the cloaked man once again turned into the flame, and next second the flame disappeared. The cloaked man was gone!

"Huh, you levelled up. Be careful his stealth!" the woman snorted. But she sounds extremely cautious. The last part of her sentence seemed to try to remind chu yunsheng.

The cloaked man was approaching chu yunsheng quickly in the stealth mode. He wants to capture this human and take him away.

He had already successfully gone behind chu yunsheng, all he needs to do now is just simply waves his sword to knocked out chu yunsheng. Then everything will become very easy.

He could see the victory was in sight.

However, Just when he was laughing at how stupid the woman in the white dress is, suddenly chu yunsheng turned around and hacked the sword at him. chu yun sheng did not miss his attack!

Stealth mode requires the cloaked man to give up his defence ability. So this time, he received more damages than all the other previous attacks combined.

The cloaked man made a choked groan. And he was knocked out of the stealth mode. He immediately retreated and then resumed his stealth mode once again.

He believes that this human was just lucky. However, he was wrong. Because of the ancient book's cultivation method, chu Yunsheng was extremely sensitive to the yuan qi fluctuation around him.

Although he could not see the cloaked man, but he could feel where he was.

Crack! Bang! .....

Chu yunsheng realised that the sword attack did not do much damage on the cloaked man, so he immediately started to move around and constantly activating the glacier yuan fu.

Originally chu Yunsheng wanted to kill both aliens by himself. However the cloaked man seemed to be only interested in him, he did not even pay attention or did not even have any sign to attack the woman in the white dress.

So chu Yunsheng had no choice but change his strategy to kill the cloaked man first.

After 8 glaciers yuan fu accurately froze the cloaked man, the cloaked finally realized that his stealth mode is no use when fighting against this human being.

He could not believe that a human being would have such power!

Then the cloaked man seemed to change his strategy, he used his thin long sword to cast out many flame blades and aimed them at Chu Yunsheng.

The melee fight instantly became the fight of the attrition.

Chu Yunsheng wanted to kill those two aliens, however, the longer the fight is, the more he realized. If he continues like this, even if he can kill the cloaked man, he will not be able to fight the woman.

He eventually used up all his glacier yuan fu. Although the cloaked man was injured but he was still able to cast out the powerful attack.

When he took out one yuan fu and activated it in rage, he did not realise that the yuan fu he activated was the ice trap yuan fu. It was the one which he originally planned to use in an extremely dangerous situation so he could run away.

But does he even care now?

The fu was activated and the incantation was completed.

A five meters tall ice square Bipyramid was formed and completely freeze the cloaked man inside. Its powerful force completed restraint the cloaked man's movement inside.

When chu yunsheng saw he was trapped, he knew it was the chance. He immediately cast out the sword qi once again.

Twelve sword qi was formed into a single light beam and shot into the ice square Bipyramid.

Although they are aliens, but chu yunsheng believes that they will die too if he cut their head off.

With The sword qi getting closer and closer, the cloaked man seemed to sense the danger. He gathered all his energy attempted to break out of the ice. The ice square Bipyramid was constantly shaking, but it did not crack at all.

Chu yunsheng controlled the sword qi and aimed it at the cloaked man's neck. When the sword qi hit the cloaked man inside the ice. It was slowed down by the cloaked man's fire element energy shield. However, it was only slowing down. The cloaked could not stop the sword qi slowly slicing his neck open.

The woman in the white dress was surprised to see everything, this human could not even block her attack a few days ago. And now his power has reached this level.

A concern emerged from her mind.

When chu yunsheng saw the sword qi slowly slice open the cloaked man's neck, his face also started to twist, but it was not caused by the exhaustion. he was venting anger, he was venting all the negative feeling inside his mind. he could finally kill this alien in person, "Die, you bastard!" he roared in rage!

The sword qi went into the cloaked man's neck and cut his head off. At the same time, the ice trap yuan fu has also used up all its energy. And the ice started to disappear.

The cloaked man's head fell on the ground and rolled towards the woman in the white dress. The strange thing happened again. it seemed like his head still has conscious... The woman in the white dress immediately gathered ice bayonets around her once again:"you think I am really going to go to the anti-world with you?" she said to the head.

In the next second, all the bayonets fell onto the head....

Only until now did the cloaked man realised that the reason why the woman agreed to speed up the plan was that she wanted to take this human away when he entered the anti-world....

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