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Chapter 175 cultivation method

 Chapter 175 cultivation method

The night is dark and quiet.

Without the insects, the night seemed to be very peaceful.

Chu Yunsheng "bluntly" rejected the surprise he received and sat on the roof alone. After his emotion erupted like a volcano, he felt so empty and tired.

The wind seemed have stopped tonight, the smoke stays around him, he inhaled deeply and suddenly realized that he hasn't smoked for a long time.

A warm hand gently pat his back. Then he was covered with a Cotton coat.

Chu Yunsheng didn't turn around. because he knew who she is.

:"I'm sorry auntie, I was just..." said chu Yunsheng. He put out the cigarette immediately. He knew auntie doesn't like the smell of the cigarette.

"don't be silly, it's not your fault. We scared you." auntie stroke his head and interrupted him.

Chu yunsheng's lips twitched, but he doesn't know what to say.


"Ge, regiment commander zhu is here, she is looking for you." a voice interrupted the peaceful conversation between chu Yunsheng and his auntie.

"En." said chu Yunsheng while helping his auntie to get up, then walked towards jing tian. jing tian's face was filled with sadness and guilt. It made His heart hurt. Suddenly, he reached his hand out and pinched her face to make a silly face. Before she realized what he did. Chu Yunsheng already ran away.

"the plan was pushed up once again!" said zhu lingdie when chu yunsheng arrived.

"when?" chu Yunsheng was shocked, is this cloaked man crazy. Why he kept pushing up the plan so many times.

"midnight tonight, all the dark warriors will need to gather in the central city." zhu lingdie sighed. Apparently, she didn't seem to agree with this decision.

"isn't the woman behind you as powerful as the cloaked man? Why she always listen to him?" chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.

"we did our best." she reluctantly to admit.

:"We will be there midnight, I still need to arrange some stuff first. You can go first." chu Yunsheng said.

:"thank you...." zhu lingdie said Inexplicably s and then rushed to get up and leave.

But when her slender body about to disappear from the meeting room. Chu Yunsheng suddenly said:" I hope you can keep your word when I enter the anti-world."

"of course!" she smiled.

If four dark warrior kings and two aliens all enter the anti-world, then no one will be able to threaten the safety of the people in the office building anymore. The only concern chu Yunsheng has is the fang yuehou's troops.

But if the zhu xirui isn't stupid. He should know what to do.

"lao ding, yao xiang, lu yu. We need to have a meeting." chu Yunsheng said calmly.

:"brother chu, it was my stupid idea. It's just me..." yao xiang was upset.

:"I'm not talking about that." said chu Yunsheng while looking at ding yan. Although auntie might tell other people his birthday. But ding yan was the one who makes the decision. Without him, no one else in this building dares to have a birthday celebration. However, he didn't want to criticize anyone.

:"they say if it's quick, it will take around 3-5 days. If it's slow it will take around 7-8 days. But i don't trust them. The accident can happen. So when I am not around, ding yan you take care of the office building's defence." said chu yunsheng.

"You don't need to worry too much. The main threat still is the insect, we have already been listed in the . if there is any danger, we will be protected by the GCH." said ding yan.

Chu yunsheng took two small pieces of paper and put on the table, one is for yao xiang, and the other one is for lu yu:" this is my personal research on the fire energy and ice energy, you can try to use the method mentioned here to increase your ability, if you have any problem let me know. This two pieces of paper only limited to your three. Don't leak out." chu yunsheng said sternly.

Those two pieces of paper recorded his understanding of fire and ice element energy. Only until recently, he started to understand the low level of fire element and ice element cultivation method in the book. So he sorted them out and give to them.

However, he does not know if he understands it correctly. He was not an awakening so there was no way to test it. But the situation is getting more and tenser, he has no choice but gave those untested cultivation methods to them. He believes that they will figure something out eventually.

:"brother chu? This!?" yao xiang was confused.

Compare to him, when lu yu looked at the paper, he just carefully picked it up and hide it in this cloth.

Even ding yan was shocked. all dark warriors were trying to increase their power, however, even with the help from GRD, they still have not found an effective method to increase their power.

It is said that the reason why the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress could gather so many people to listen to their order was that they have some kind of method to increase dark warrior's power.

Although chu yunsheng did not mention that those methods are untested, but to them, chu yunsheng's word is the fact, if he said it can increase their power, then it can definitely increase their power.

In ding yan's mind, chu yunsheng is equally stronger as those two aliens. With chu yunsheng's help, they received the same benefit as others. But what they already have was what a lot of people inside jin ling city was craving for.

Ding yan smiled at chu yunsheng, he was much more confident to deal any threats after chu yusnsheng left. He can imagine their future, a new clan structure, new order and new world. And they will be standing strong in the new word.

When the time approached the 0.00. Chu yunsheng brought the office building's dark warriors appeared in the city central.

He was later than others, all other dark warriors have already gathered and crowded under the bright light.

Officers were busy commanding the dark warriors. A lot of dark warriors were shouting and discussing. Trucks are constantly driving in the out to transport some stuff. Compare to the well-disciplined military. This place very chaotic.

All the soldiers that were guarding the premises were extremely anxious, they felt like they were facing a swarm of the monster when they saw almost all the dark warriors inside the city were gathered here.

Five up to ten meters of the triangular cone-shaped machines have been flashing the strange light and making the loud buzz sound. Each one of them was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.

Chu yunsheng's reputation was widespread inside the city. Although not many people recognized him, they recognized the person next to him - Ding yan. So whoever they see them, they will automatically stand aside to give them the way.

Originally chu yunsheng did not want to go to the front. He just wants to stand in the crowd to see how the thing will progress, he did not want to be the first guy to enter the anti-world. However, everyone had already stand aside. it left him no choice.

When he reached the front, he encountered the cloaked man who he has been "thinking" for a very long time.

Qian deduo was not wrong, the man's entire cloak is as red as fire, the cloaked looks exquisite and there are many strange symbols around his cloak.

The man's face was hiding inside the cloak,. so chu yunsheng could not tell what he looks like. All he could see is a tip of the sword blow the cloak.


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