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Chapter 173 seal the red purple flame monster

 Chapter 173 seal the red purple flame monster

The red-purple flame monster's fire antennas are too powerful. Originally chu yunsheng thought other insects will also start to chase him. However, after few red shells were killed by the red-purple flame monster's fire antennas. All the insects stayed behind and stood at a distance to "watch" the "internal conflict".

The monster was too quick, The golden shell was also hit by it few times. if it was not that the little tiger's detection ability and chu yunsheng's energy shield, the golden shell was probably already lost its ability to move. Chu yunsheng quickly lured the monster towards the riverside. soon, they left the swarm, and the insects in the swarm did not seem to follow them.

chu yun sheng's plan was to lure the purple flame monster into the huge hole he dug earlier. He needs to defeat the monster in this hole. In case of other insects spot it.

When the purple flame monster entered the hole, chu yun sheng immediately jumped out of the golden shell's back and cast out the glacier yuan fu he had prepared before.

At the same time, he also ordered the golden shell to bring the little tiger under the ground once again.

The purple monster did not expect a human suddenly appeared in the fight between it and the golden shell. Just when it raised its head about to roar, it was instantly frozen into ice. Through the crystal clear ice surface, chu yunsheng could still see its last posture.


When chu yunsheng heard the sound of the ice cracking, he cast out the 12 sword qi and combine them into one bright beam aimed at the monster's mouth.

Then he activated the second glacier yuan fu!

He did not want to give the monster a break time to counterattack him. Despite this kind of fighting method would consume him a lot of yuan qi, he needs to prevent the monster calling for help. He also needs to finish the fight as soon as possible.

He had used the glacier yuan fu and sword qi this type of combination attack before, it was when he tried to fight the flame bird. The purple flame monster is not weaker than the flame bird, even chu yunsheng was fully prepared, its long antenna still hit him several times and left a huge dent on the armour.

Chu yunsheng needs this antenna, that's why he did not attempt to cut it off when the monster whips him. Even sometimes he was wrapped by the antenna, he only uses the yuan fu to freeze it first then break free.

After he activated four glacier yuan fu, and released two times sword qi, the flame around the purple flame monster's body was reduced a lot.

However, chu yunsheng forgot about one thing, the monster not only communicate through the sound, they also communicate through other mediums as well. All the insects seemed to have received the purple flame monster's call, and they were rushing towards the huge hole.

Chu yunsheng had also heard the ground movement caused by the swarm, he needs to finish this fight as soon as possible.

He needs to unleash the sword qi inside its body. Only in that way, will it heavily injured this monster.

Chu yun sheng grit his teeth and charged out when the monster just broke free from the 5th glacier yuan fu. He was like a lightning flew toward the monster and forcibly stabbed his sword into the monster heavily protected mouth, and tried to unleash the sword qi twice!

If the sword was not upgraded and if he did not cast out sword qi several times earlier to damage its shell around the mouth. He could not stab the sword into the mouth.

However, this attack method was extremely dangerous. While unleashing the sword qi, he could not dodge the monsters antenna's attack and its purple fire shockwave.

All he could do is try to unleash the sword qi as quick as possible then cast out one more glacier yuan fu before it could unleash the purple fire shockwave.

The antenna was constantly whipping his amour, luckily the power was a lot of weaker now. However, his heart sank when he saw the red-purple ring appeared around his body.

The shockwave flew towards him almost the same time when he cast out the yuan qi.

He gritted his teeth to withstand the blazing fire shockwave attack.

He could almost felt the fire penetrated the armour and the energy shield directly burned his body. He felt like his body was melting.

At the same time, the sound of swarm's screeching was getting louder and louder, the golden shell and the little tiger was trying to delay the swarm as much as they can.

But even that, he still did not have much time left.


Chu yunsheng cured in pain and unleashed the sword qi inside his mouth second time!

The purple flame monster finally lost its courage to fight, it was scared and wanted to run away.

If someone tells people inside jin ling, this monster attempted to run away, probably no one will ever believe that.

However its internal organ was heavily damaged by the sword qi twice, all it could do right now is trying to run away and attempting to recover. It was trying its best to use its antenna warped chu yunsheng around and throw him away, then it turned around and trying to climb up the hole.

The huge hole has revealed its advantages, it was near the river and bombarded by the artillery earlier, the hole was deep and The soil around it is very loose. The monster was panic and no matter how it tries to climb up, it will eventually fall down like an ant in the sand trap.

Despite the armour was smoking hot, and he was in the extreme pain after he was smashed into the wall in the hole. Chu yunsheng still charged out once again and use the monster seal yuan fu to lock the purple flame monster.

He infused all the remaining energy into the yuan fu and beam of light were cast onto the struggling monster absorb its energy bit by bit.

Chu yunsheng could not hold his excitement at the moment, he was about to seal a powerful monster.

The red shell started to fall into the hole one by one. Chu yunsheng immediately used the submachine gun to kill those red shells. He could see the golden shell and the little tiger was on the edge of the hole.


Finally, before the rest of swarm arrived, the purple flame monster was sucked into the yuan fu. Chu yunsheng immediately cut off the yuan qi supply and jumped up, kicked on a red shells body which was just fall off the hole, then he landed on the top of the hole.

A lot of green shells have appeared in the sky. if he does not leave now. He will not have any chance to leave later.

He took a deep breath and got into the back of the golden shell with the little tiger and ordered the golden shell to dug into the ground. At the same time, he took out the crossbow and fired the frost arrow at the soil that golden shell passed from the front to the back. The arrow instantly froze the soil and it even froze the red shells that were chasing them. The tunnel was blocked.

However, it was not over yet, the purple flame monster has a very important position in the swarm, the swarm even sent a lot of golden shells to search the underground.

but5 locating chu yunsheng was not an easy task, especially when he was inside the golden shell. he even ordered the golden shell to pretend to join the search mission.

The insects slowly returned back to the swarm one by one after they could not find anything. However, chu yunsheng still wandered around near the riverside with the golden shell.

Chu yunsheng was actually quite surprised by the golden shell, it was a miracle that it could live this long after what it has been through. Since he was safe now, and after he fully restored the yuan qi, chu yunsheng decide to stay near the riverside to hunt some red shell to restore his absorption yuan fu storage.

Now, he has the purple flame monster, and level three offensive yuan fu, chu yunsheng finally has some confident confronting those two aliens.

However, it takes time for chu yunsheng to use yuan qi to help the purple flame monster to recover. So before the monster was fully recovered, he still needs to be careful.

Chu yunsheng tired to recover the golden shell first, then he spent three days to hunt the red shells outside the swarm and use them to make absorption Yuan Fu.

Each day, the insects seemed to be more vigilance than before, probably "min" has already noticed the difference, it probably was able to differentiate the golden shell he sealed.

Although jin ling city has never fired the flair. But disappearing three days is still quite a long time. Chu yunsheng did not want to let his family and ding yan worried too much, and also because of it is much more difficult to hunt the red shell now. So he decided to return to the city when the sky went completely dark.

Jin ling city, west district. Office building.

"Brother chu, you finally back! Auntie chu was so worried about you!" yao xiang was finally relieved when he saw chu yunsheng.

"It's ok, i'll see her later, anything happened in the city during the time i left?" chu yunsheng asked.

"Zhu lingdie came by once, she was looking for you, she said the cloaked man seemed to speed up their plan once again. But the woman in the white dress strongly against his decision to speed up the plan. They were arguing all the time, i don't know why. But you may ask brother ding. He might know!" yao xiang thought for a second.

"Where is lao ding?" chu yunsheng asked. Apart from defending the front line. Ding yan hardly ever come out of the office building. So he was curious.

"Meeting, recently the GCH are discussing some kind of entrance to the anti-world every day. GCH needs a lot of dark warriors' cooperation. So brother ding was there to help them." yao xiang answered.

Chu yunsheng nodded his head. Although yao xiang did not know many things, but from the information he told him. Chu yunsheng realised that he also need to speed up now.

Who knows what is inside the anti-world.