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Chapter 171 into the giant tomb

 Chapter 171 into the giant tomb

"are you sure that what you saw was a red-purple flame monster?" zhu yun sheng asked a young man whose name is zhang huan, who is also a rank 1 dark warrior.

"Yes, captain chu, I was responsible for the watch out at that time. I saw it through the binoculars. It is that thing killed my brother. I'll never forget it!" zhang huan gritted his teeth and said.

"how many did you see? chu yunsheng asked again. if it's more than two he will drop his plan immediately. Although seal this type of monster is very attempting to him, but he still didn't want to risk his life.

"we only saw one, but I don't know if there is more" zhang huan thought for a second and said.

"thank you for your information, you may rest now." chu yun sheng nodded his head.

"yao xiang, go back to the office building to tell ding yan, I'm going to check that purple flame monster, if there is anything urgent, tell the people to fire the flare towards the other side of the river.

Based on the limited information, he suspected that there is probably only one red-purple flame monster on the other side of the river. This is a great opportunity for him, he probably won't have any more opportunities like this in the future. So he decided to take a risk. If there is any danger, he has enough ice element yuan fu to help him to run away.

The reason why he needs the monster so badly. it is mainly because of the two aliens. Red-purple flame monster is almost as powerful as him, he could use it to fight those two aliens in the future.

Although chu yunsheng joined the woman in the white dress at the moment, but he still doesn't trust her.

At the moment, ding yan had already alerted the ice and fire combat team which was led Yao xiang. He asked them to be always on the high alert to watch out the cloaked man.

"ok brother chu, be careful!" said yao xiang .

Chu yun sheng nodded his head. Compared to the last time he crossed the river, he has fewer pressures and concerns this time!

If there is any danger, he believes that with his speed, he will still able to get away.

After Yao xing left, Chu yunsheng immediately started to make monster seal yuan fu. He is going to make two of them not one of them.

If he wanted to successfully find the red-purple flame monster. With the little tiger's "detection" ability is not enough. Without the golden shell, he could not get into the swarm.

He borrowed a small boat from the military and quietly row the boat to cross the river. Since the stone stele flew away, the surface of the river became very quiet, the black fogs has also disappeared. That water monster which looked like an upside down Shuttlecock has also disappeared from the river never show up once.

Since the tomb was destroyed, the sticky substances which were all over the ground have also moved back. many bodies of the monsters were also slowly moved back to jin ling city one after another by the military, it only left different sizes of craters on the frontline and some big tombs remains which the military could not take it away.

Chu yun sheng activated his armour immediately After he crossed the river. He carefully looked for the tracks that zhang huan mentioned, and lurked towards the swarm with the little tiger. Sometimes they noticed one or two green shells flying over their head, they quickly hide into the carters and covered themselves with the burnt soil until the green shells left.

This is a secretly hunting, and both he and little tiger are experienced in it. Especially the little tiger, it is able to react to the different level of danger. And that is how chu yunsheng going to find the red-purple flame monster.

One man and one tiger, hopped from one carter to another, slowly and steadily approaching the sticky substances. Soon they saw the crowded swarm appeared in their eyesight. And it seemed like the insects in the swarm was busy doing something.

He was hiding in one of the carters that close to the sticky substances. he slowly moved his head up until his eyes reached the top of the carter which is on the same level of the ground. he was secretly searching for his target,

But the result was very disappointing, not a single golden shell, let alone the red-purple flame monster, apart from the red shell and green shell, all the swarm has are the worms and the countless bloody meatballs as big as an adult human.

Chu yunsheng was constantly changing the carters around the edge of the sticky substance, he was hoping that he could find a golden shell at the other places.

It took him almost half hour, but he still did not find anything. Eventually, he gave up. Probably the golden shell likes to live under the ground. Unless there is some special circumstance they won't come out of the ground. He thought.

When he was thinking to go back to the city, suddenly a tomb's tube emerged from the ground in the centre of the carter he was hiding. it wriggled for a second but there is nothing came out of the tube.

This is the type of tube that reaches to the internal of the tombs. when chu yunsheng bombed the other tombs, he had controlled the red shell to crawl into these tubes before.

He knit his brow, and suddenly had an insane idea, he wants to get into the tube!

This is the only way to get into the swarm without being noticed, but it is also very risky. However, there isn't much time to him to think it through carefully. If he could not make a decision straight away, once the tube started to generate the sticky liquid, he will lose his chance.

Chu yun sheng looked at the little tiger on the side then grit his teeth.

"Do it!" he quickly made up his mind. He really wants to get the red-purple flame monster. If he has it, he will have the ability to defeat the two aliens, he could even suppress the swarm's attack for a while.

He and little tiger slowly approached the centre of the carter and looked inside to see if there is anything.

He used the tip of the submachine to poke the outside of the red tube for a few seconds to see if there is any reaction from it.

Although he had controlled the red shell to crawl into the tube before, but he didn't know if the tube has some kind of detection mechanism or not. he still remembers that the tentacles monster he fought back in the horror city has eyeballs on its tube, so he needs to be careful.

No reactions, he poked a few times more than nervously looked at the swarm of the insect, also no reaction.

Until he is sure that they won't react to anything crawls into the tube, chu Yunsheng got into the tube with the tiger.

The tube is big, chu yun sheng could even stand up straight inside. But its stinky smell is even worse than The sewer. The internal surface of the tune was very sticky, whenever he lifts his feet, he will bring up a very long sticky liquid.

The only thing good about this is, if the tube was curved up, the sticky liquid would help him to stand still.

Chu yun sheng was using a dim glowing stick to see inside the tube. He was worried that the internal of the tube will have a reaction to the strong bright light, it might also alert other insects as well.

He just needs some dim light to see what's in front of him. So the glowing stick is more than enough.

He was so anxious inside the tunnel, he even heard the insects were crawling in the tunnel above him sometimes.

He went deeper and deeper inside the tunnel until he reached the end, then, he saw an open space, he didn't know if they arrived at the central of tombs or not.

But there are many tubes filled with some kind of liquid hanging above their head. There are also some sticky meatballs here, however, unlike the meatballs he saw outside the tombs, they are hanging above the ground by those tubes. There are also two smaller tubes connected to those meatballs. It seemed like they were being constantly injected with some liquid.

Suddenly a sticky meatball near chu yun sheng started to move. Then the meatballs began to shrink, smaller and smaller until its surface tightly wrapped around the object inside. Based on its tightly wrapped outline chu yun sheng felt something.


A moment later, with the help from the glowing tubes inside the tomb. He saw a golden shell's head, size as big as a bus broke out of the "deflated" meatballs!