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Chapter 167 the secret of jin ling

 Chapter 167 the secret of jin ling

Not only zhu lingdie's people saw the fight between chu yunsheng and the woman in the white dress, even wu kezhao also saw the fight.

"Sister Ligndie?" su yun hesitated after she saw the fight.

"Don't move, let's just wait here, we can not deal anyone of them." zhu lingdie said sternly

Chu yun sheng was slowly walking down the icy roof. Although he was shocked and surprised, but he did not panic this time.

The woman was even more powerful than he expected. Despite she was in the fight, she could still notice zhu lingdie who was on the ground in the dim light. That means that she did not use all of her strength during the fight. But it does not mean that he will not have a chance. Because of the cloaked man, most of high-level offensive yuan fu he has are mainly used to counterattack the fire element energy. If he has a lot of high level of fire element offensive yuan fu, he thinks that he will definitely give her some pressure.

"what happened?" asked ding yan. All the walls have frost and it was extremely cold. Everyone was still in the state of panic after chu yun sheng signalled them to come out.

"remember the woman in the white dress I told you. She was here, and she left." chu yun sheng said sternly.

"let's talk it in the meeting room." ding yan knit his brow then glanced over the crowd and said.

Chu yun sheng nodded his head,:"zhu lingdie is outside, tell ye qisheng to open the gate and take her here. Everyone can go back to their rooms now!"

He turned around and saw Chu han's face was filled with worry. :"Auntie, go, have a rest. It's fine, I'll deal with it. Nothing serious." he held her cold hand and smiled to her.

---------------------------7th-floor meeting room.-------------------

Few senior member were already sat here. And chu yunsheng have told them what happened and including why zhu lingdie is here.

:"Mr.Chu do you know if she is a human or not?" ding yan thought for a second and asked.

:"I'm not sure, she looks exactly like us, the only strange thing is how she speaks." chu yun sheng tried to remember every detail and said.

"she seems to know a lot of secrets, she also knows about the cloaked man and seems to know a lot about him. The possibility of her isn't a human is very high. And more importantly, Mr.Chu can you defeat her?" ding yan stared at him.

"if i did not prepare anything, i will definitely lose. If i have preparation, she won't be able to defeat me easily." chu yun sheng said calmly.

"Mr. as long as you are confident to give her pressure, then things will be easy. It does not matter what they want to do. At the moment, It does not affect us much. Even you just lost the fight, it is not a bad thing at all. at least she will not be focusing on us anymore.

I think not only zhu lingide was watching the fight, probably fang yue hou and the cloaked man will also receive the same information as well. Now, one of them is supporting deputy chief commander fang, the other is supporting deputy chief commander zhu. They wanted to control the city so badly even disregard the insects outside the city. Sooner or later there will be an internal conflict.

Mr. chu we also need to prepare for the conflict. Comparing to the cloaked man, the woman in the white dress seemed to be more "friendly" to humankind. I suggest we join du lingdie and use the woman in the white dress to suppress the cloaked man. It will give us some time to reserve our strength.

We can watch them fight until the end!"

"Who are those people!? The world has already become like this, and they still want fight each other? Did they think we have not lost enough people's lives." yao xiang was very quiet early on, but when he heard the people still fighting against themselves at this time, he just couldn't stand it.

"you are not them, how do you know what they really want? Maybe in their mind the anti-world and cubic object are much more important than human lives, to them, maybe we are no different than the insects outside!" ding yan said slowly.

"once they found what they looking for, they will probably just leave us to die!" ding yan sneered.

"they are not human, but those senior officials at GCH they are human. Why they are messing around with them? Do they not care about the human future anymore?" said Yao xiang

"that question we will need to ask lady Zhu! She is the deputy chief commander zhu's daughter." ding yan smiled while looking at Chu yun sheng who was in the states of deep thinking.

"let her in."

Zhu lingdie was patiently waiting outside until she was let in.

"commander zhu, she told me why you here. So just save everyone's time. Tell me who that woman is." chu yun sheng still called her commander, after all, his clan was still in her regiment.

"that woman?" zhu lingdie frowned.

"commander zhu, don't tell me you have been watching the fight for so long and you still don't know who I am talking about. If you want to persuade me, at least be sincere." chu yun sheng also knit his brow.

"brother chu, you may have misunderstood something. Indeed, I know something, but what i know may even less than what you know. Even i am the daughter of the deputy chief commander, i still could not get access to many classified information." zhu lingdie seemed to mock herself.

"Tell me what you know, including the anti-world and the cloaked man." chu yunsheng said even more sternly. "We are both humans!" he suddenly added.

Zhu lingdie looked at chu yunsheng and there was a slight surprise flashed past her eyes. After a moment of silent, she started to talk:" when the former chief commander was still alive, and when we still have not resumed the contact with the capital. Some people at the top started to have a second thought. Since jin ling city was heavily guarded, and there were not any insects inside the city. The insects outside the city also were not as dangerous as now. So Some people attempted to overthrow the old government and started to build their own, establish their own order.

In order to eliminate the increasing number of the rebel forces, the former chief commander started to forcibly recruit the dark warriors into the military in the name of fighting the insects for the first time. He hoped that he could use the force to eliminate them once for all.

However, he started to discover more and more GCH's senior officials also involved in the rebellion. Not only he could not eliminate them, instead, those people had infiltrated into the military. The rebel's counterattack was the direct cause of the GCH's power to be split. It was the reason why three major headquarters became a thing later on.

It was at that time, a cloaked man you talked about appeared, he came to the former chief commander and told him that he can help him to defeat the gradually increased rebel force's dark warrior. It is said that he had listed out a lot of conditions, i don't know exactly what the conditions were, but i know one of those conditions. It is to use live human's brain to feed red shells. At that time, they said they did it in order to study the insect's habits and characteristics.

Because of infiltration or maybe because of some other reasons, at that time, 10 major divisions have different opinions about eliminating the rebel forces. the former chief commander realised that he could no longer control the military, so he reluctantly accepted the cloaked man's conditions. Soon the rebel forces were wiped out by the cloaked man. And the internal conflict was eventually over.

However, because of those secret conditions, the former chief commander and the cloaked never stopping arguing.

The cloaked man even started to hunt the low ranking dark warrior privately and use their brains to feed the red shells.

When the number of the dark warriors went missing started to increase rapidly, it finally alerted a lot of people, a lot of dark warriors started to turn against the GCH, they all thought that because of many dark warriors are lack of discipline, it resulted in GCH was executing the dark warrior privately. That was the truth behind the last major dark warrior's conflict. And it was listed as classified information.

After the conflict, the dispute between the former chief commander and the cloaked man had reached its peak. The cloaked man has turned and went to support the hidden rebel forces which is led by fang yuehou. He attacked the former chief commander and told outside he was suddenly sick.

The new chief commander we have now is just a puppet.

At the same night, when the former chief commander was sent to the hospital and when the chaos caused by the insect broke out inside the city. Fang yuehou's force started to slaughter all the forces that supported the former chief commander

It was at that time, the woman in the white dress appeared. She found my father and told my father she will help us. I don't know who she is, my father never told me. But i know that night, she had a fierce fight with the cloaked man, eventually, they both could not defeat each other. And at the end, they had a negotiation where fang yuehou's withdraw their forces and move them to the front line...


In terms of the anti-world you talked about, i don't know anything about it. I have heard my father talked about that. It seemed like jin ling city was the entrance to somewhere that they have to go. You should go to GRD, professor sun might know something about it.


Now you know, there are a lot of reasons behind it, it is not like what rumours says, it is not just some ridiculous the power struggle reasons, the world has changed, it is no longer the world we are familiar with. We are just trying to find a way to survive. Fang yuehuo and my father chose two different options...

.... I'll find a time to arrange you to meet with my father...


After zhu lingdie left, chu yun sheng went to the roof to smoke the cigarette. He did not go to find professor sun straightaway. He was just staring at the city center and thinking something.

What she said has totally inverted the "history" he knew.

The chaotic world...The dark world..... The saha world... human...