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Chapter 164 whoever offended office building, kill!

 Chapter 164 whoever offended office building, kill!

The night was dark as usual. In the vast land, there is only one city shine a dim light in the darkness. and It was struggling to survive.

The beautiful night scenes of Jin ling city was long gone. Every day there were people died of all kind of reasons, and people didn't seem to have any reactions to it at all.

Compare to the bright city central, the west district is a lot of darker.

Most of the streets were pitch black, but they are not empty because most often people will try to look for mice in the dark places.


Mo Wuluo just had his 16th birthday, but no one apart from his cousin's three years old daughter was there to celebrate his birthday.

He was a dark warrior, but the sad thing is his ability couldn't even reach rank 1 rating.

If it wasn't that his ability was a wood element, he would have probably already died.

He had joined a lot of clans, and it was so many that he already lost count. The reason why he changed so frequently was simple, he was kicked out.

Many people thought he had a potential because he was young, so they treated him well. But after a while, they all found out that his strength didn't increase at all and his ability couldn't heal any injuries.

Since the insects surrounded the city and most of the food was handed over to the GCH, most of the clans didn't have any spare food to give out. So after they discovered his strength couldn't increase they all kicked him out.

But Wo wuluo just a kid, he was not strong enough to join the military, he wasn't a beauty, so no one would want to feed him. At the end, he had to lie in order to get into other clans. and then trying to survive in the clan as long as he can.

But there were not many clans he could lie to. Eventually, everyone knew about him. And no one believed him anymore.

Mo wuluo tried every method he could think of to get the food. Joined the refugees to beg for the food, look for small animals he could eat. A lot of refugees suggested him to get rid of his "little sister", Just get food for himself. But he refused. Every Time when there is food, he will let his "little sister" eat first.

He was living like that until one day. he and his "little sister" has had anything to eat for a long time. he felt that if he couldn't find food soon, he and his "little sister" will die from the starvation. Some of the dark warriors he knew told him should go to an office building in the west district. There was a new clan over there, He should give it a try and It seemed like he had no other choice now.

So a 16 years old Mo wuluo carried his "little sister" moved to the west district from the north district. On the way, he made a naive decision that he will be regret for the rest of his life. He thought that if the clan noticed he carries an infant, they will not take him in. if they thought he was alone, he might be able to stay in the clan for a long time. Then he could just sneak out to feed his "little sister".

So he found a dark place and hide his "little sister", and he went to the office building alone.

But unfortunately he was immediately recognized by one of a fat dark warrior, then he was kicked out. When he lost all his hope and thinking about ending his own life. A middle-aged skinny man stopped him. The man looked at him for a very long time using his ice cold stare. It made Mo wuluo could not stop shivering. But then it shocked him when he was told that He was allowed to stay in the clan and he could bring his family member as well!

Mo wuluo instantly turned around and started to run. It was not that he ran away from the offer, it was that he wanted to tell his "little sister" what happened. He wanted to share the happiness with his "little sister". Although his "little sister" was just a three years old kid, but she was the only person he could talk to.

However, when he returned to the place where he kept his "little sister", his mind went blank! His "little sister" was gone!

He went through all the places he could think of like a crazy person, but he still could not find anything. At that moment, he burst into tears, he realised that his "little sister" was the only thing that kept him survive this long, his "little sister" was the only thing that could help him go through the days living in this cruel and bloody city.

He knew what happened to the "little sister". Because he had heard of people saying that some starving people enjoyed the flesh of..... He was filled with remorse and shame. He could not stop thinking about what is going to happen to her.

He tried to break his own hand to stop himself from losing mind, but it still did not help him much

"Miǎomiǎo, where are you... where are you....." he was constantly shouting his little sister's name on the cold and heartless dark street. But no one responded.

The more he shouted, the more miserable and desperate his voice was.

The refugees on the side of the street were woken up by him, but all they did was looking at him then sighed in silent.

Suddenly, Mo wuluo heard a kid crying. His body started to shake violently. He did not remember exactly how he still has the strength to run. But when he heard the kid cry. He lost his mind completed!

The voice came from a residential building. Mo wuluo climbed up the building with an incredible speed. When he was facing the cold door, he gathered all his strength and broke open the door.

There are around 5 people inside the room, they were panic when they saw someone broke in. but when they noticed it was just a kid, they were all relieved. Everyone was looking at mo wuluo with their ghostly face.

Mo wuluo has already forgotten the bloody scenes he saw in the room because his eyesight was locked onto a kid --- his "little sister"miao miao!

happy, excitement, scare...worried .... All kinds of feeling appeared in his mind in a split second. He charged forward without any single moment of hesitation, he pushed over a male and a female, but then his back was stabbed. Despite the pain, he held the crying "little sister" on his arm and held it tightly.

"I am from the office building" Mo wuluo tried to scare them away. But those people did not believe it at all.

"Kill this kid, don't let him runway!" a tall man said coldly

Instantly three men and two women block the exit and started to surround Mo wuluo. They were slowly approaching him with the knife that was still dripping blood.

Mo wuluo grit his teeth and ran to the balcony then jumped off from the third floor!

Even he tried to use his ability to protect himself, but his left leg was still broken!

Run! I have to run! If they catch me, then we are dead! Mo wuluo was shouting in his mind!

This place is not far from the office building, once he got there, he will be safe. Those people at the office building will definitely protect him.

He was holding his "little sister", dragging his broken left leg and trying his best to move towards the office building while he was still bleeding.

"fuck" shouted a man from the third floor. Three men and two women were looking down from the balcony on the third floor. and they went back in immediately. but they did not give up. from the cursing sound they made, Mo wuluo could hear that they were running down the stairs.

"HELP! HELP!" Mo wuluo was shouting while running, it shocked many refugees. but there were not any police.

A man who ran the fastest caught up with him and stabbed him several times. Mo wuluo was about to collapse. but with his half-closed eye, he could see the office building's door was in front of him. :"HELP, HELP, I AM Mo wuluo, from the office building!...." he used last bit of his energy to shout it out.

"Brother, why are you stop chasing!" a shorter guy who runs slower than the others asked. He could not stop panting when he finally arrived. but everyone else had already stopped chasing.

"Fcuk, he is really from the Office building, Run!" the tall man shouted in panic. Everyone in the west district knew who lives in this building.

But it was too late for them to run away. Two red shadows flew out of the entrance with the extremely high heat. Both men were wearing the red armours and caught them in a split second

One of the armoured men stabbed the tall man with a Long Spear, he held the man up high and said coldly:"whoever offended office building, KILL!"