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Chapter 160 Sonic Interference Weapons

 Chapter 160 Sonic Interference Weapons

Chu yun sheng was sitting inside a car that heading towards GRD, seeing the flickering and dim street lights quickly flashed by, his thought was drifting away.

The GRD's car had waited outside the office building for quite a while, GRD's people came to the office building shortly after zheng weibo left. Originally he did not want to go, because he thought that the professor sun probably was chasing him for the new food research's progress. However chu yunsheng was busy dealing the front line, he did not have time to look into the food research.

As if no one wants to give him a break after he woke up. he had met with people came from all three departments, the first one was GCH, then GRD and the last one was the DWH. The reason why DWH came to the office was they wanted to reevaluate his rank.

But chu yunsheng did not think it is necessary now, once he wore the armour, everyone will know it is him, so the badge from the DWH is kind Dispensable to him.

The professor's assistant was very earnest and sincere. The assistant said that the professor was stuck in the lab with latest research result and chu yun sheng had to see the research results.

Chu yun sheng also wanted to take this opportunity to take a look the stone stele, that thing is very strange, he heard from ding yan saying that in the last days, the stele did not have any movement at all. nothing strange happened after the insects retreated. it is said that when the green shells reached the stele. They seemed to want to take it away. However, their sharp feet could not make a scratch on the stele!

The insect's crazy push definitely has something to do with this stele.

What is that stele? Why would the insect want so much? Chu yun sheng wondered.

His conscious had also followed the golden shell which he sealed to the insect's world, but in that world, there were not any steles!

It was a shame that he could not retrieve more information. it seemed like the golden shell's brain could not sustain the pressure and exploded, when the book tried to help him to gain the memory of "Min", it might also be "min" wanted to protect itself and sacrificed the golden shell this communication medium.

If he could retrieve more memory, he may be able to find out what the stele is.

When chu yunsheng thought of "min", he started to have a headache, that "thing" can regain control the monster he sealed!

Maybe it was because his seal mark was too weak, probably when he reaches yuan tian stage three, then "Min" will not be able to take over his control.

He really needs to urge the lecturer tang and other professors to speed up the deciphering process. there are only a few symbols of the cultivation method of yuan tian stage two he could not understand. soon he will be able to resume his Yuan qi cultivation.

When he reaches yuan tian stage three, will he be scared of the cloaked man?

Suddenly the car stopped, chu yun sheng also stopped thinking, he looked outside, noticed that they have arrived GRD which was originally the Jin Ling university's campus.

It seemed like they have increased the security level around the GRD, they could even encounter the patrol teams that equipped with the type I dark energy gun sometimes.

After they got through the main entrance gate, the car drove into the campus and stopped at a white building which looks like a lab. The building was heavily guarded by the soldiers, even chu yun sheng was wearing the junior researcher's badge. The soldiers still did not allow him to get through.

The professor's assistant could get through, but soldiers did not allow him to bring anyone inside, so chu yun sheng had to wait inside the car and wait for professor sun to come out.

Soon, chu yun sheng noticed professor sun. Unlike this old man's age, he ran out of the lab like a gust of wind.

"Xiao chu, you recovered?" apart from chu han, professor sun probably is the only person in jin ling dares to call chu yunsheng "xiao chu" now.

Chu yun sheng smiled and nodded his head.

"Quick, come in, you will be surprised to see what we discovered!" professor sun was very excited.

As he walked with professor into the lab, a group of other researchers followed behind, amongst them, only chu yunsheng was wearing a junior researcher badge, so it seemed very awkward.

"Let me show you the result first." professor led chu yun sheng into a room that was reinforced by the green shell's shell.

Inside the room, there were three cages which were also made by the shell of the green shells. Inside the cages, three red shells were tightly tied up inside.

"Those three red shells were captured alive by the military special force, the special forces tried all kind of methods and finally brought them back. their legs and claws were destroyed, otherwise, we will not be able to restrain them., " professor sun explained.

Chu yun sheng went around to look at them, not only their legs and claws are broken, their mouths were also stuffed by the green shell's legs in order to prevent them from spitting the corrosive liquid.

"Based on our research, the red shell - the lowest level of creature in the swarm has at least three ways of communicating with other insects" professor sun walked towards a cage and carry on:" the first one was the sound they made, we have recorded and analysed a lot of voice samples, we found out that different sound pitches and frequencies, can cause them act differently. "

This information chu yun sheng already knew back in the horror city. So it is not new to him.

"The second was the scent, they could detect the energy moment and all kinds of smells."

"The last one is just a guess. base on how they attacked the city in the past, it seemed like they had received same commands during the push. but The way they pass the command throughout the swarm, we have not yet detected. But our biologists suggested the third one definitely exist, and it is their main way of communicating with each other. " professor sun walked towards a machine and said:"let me show it to you."

Professor sun pressed down a red button, the machine instantly played out an ear-piercing insect's screeching. The red shell inside the cage was originally very quiet, once it heard the sound, it immediately cautiously looking around.

"This is the warning sound the insects make, we have tried it in the battle. but it was not very effective, it only confused a small amount of insects. that's why we suspected that the sound is not the only way they communicate with each other." then professor sun turned off the machine.

Chu yunsheng was surprised, Although it was not very effective, but at least it can still confuse a small amount of the insect.

"We have also sent people to collect all kinds sounds that insect makes. at the moment, this is one of our research directions, we called it the sonic interference weapons project! Also, we have tried all kinds of the poisonous gas weapons on the live insects, but it was not very effective as well." professor sun sighed.

Chu yun sheng didn't know why professor sun would want to show him this. he doesn't think he could help them in any way.

"did you remember the purple flame monster you killed the other day, I've heard that you kept the body." professor sun laughed in a strong tone.

Chu yun sheng nodded his head. He didn't lie.

"it's ok, we have already recorded the one you took in the document. from now on, you have right to keep the body for GRD!" then he carried on the subject:" the purple flame monster seemed to be the leader of red shells, green shells and golden shells. It's a shame that they came out all of sudden, we couldn't collect the sound it made.

Xiao chu, we have sent an audio collection machine to the west district defence headquarters, in the future, if you encountered any one of them, could you help us to collect the sound?"

:"I'll try, but no guarantee. That monster is too powerful, the longer it stays, the more damage it will cause!" chu yun sheng said directly.

:"of course, safety first!" professor sun nodded his head:" let me take you to the upstairs, there is something else I want to show you."

When chu yun sheng got in the lab on the third floor, it instantly caused a stir in the group of people in the lab. probably, it was because chu yun sheng was wearing the badge of a junior research and this place has too many secrets.

"this is a fragment of the tombs you destroyed! After the insects retreated, the military sent some soldiers to collect it from the other side of the river." said professor sun while pointing at a bloody coloured organism in a big glass jar.

"these are the photos of the internal structure of the tombs. It is very unique. We have constructed a model based on the partially destroyed tombs, the result was astonishing, if we completely decrypt the secret behind the tombs, our technology will have a tremendous improvement!"