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Chapter 159 Gathering the resources

 Chapter 159 Gathering the resources

"I am sorry, Mr.chu, i hope you would understand, i am just sending the GCH's order here, and i think you also knew the deputy chief commander Fang's military background, the last chaos was suppressed under his command, if you are defying this order, i am afraid that...." zheng weibo saw chu yun sheng did not seem to change his mind at all. so he used the name of the deputy chief commander fang to threaten him. he hoped that it will scare him.

"Suppress? If i don't agree, you guys are going to execute me? You can go back to tell the deputy chief commander, if i can cross the river to bomb the tombs among the sea of the monsters, dodged all the missiles bombardment and came back alive, i can also get in your central protection area without any problem." chu yun sheng did not scare at all.

:"brother chu, calm down, i think the GCH did not mean by that, they simply wanted a cooperation." zhu lingdie saw the discussion did not go so well, she immediately stood out to calm chu yun sheng down.

"Commander zhu, do you still think there is a chance of cooperation? The first time i cooperated with them, they lied to me, i almost got burned to death. The second time i work with them i almost got killed by the missiles, not only them, even some of people in the 9th division also support to the bombardment. Do you still think there will be a third time? I know you all have reasons, but i am a simple man, i am not a hero. My life is equally important as them. I don't want to be used by them for some stupid power struggle tool. I just want to defence my west district, so please leave me alone!" chu yunsheng just simply stood up and left the room

Looking at the chu yun sheng's back, zhu lingdie knit her brows, since the new order has been approved, GCH has kept the strongest dark warriors in their hands in order to To ensure the strength and prestige of the headquarters. no one would want to defy the GCH's order. But this man still refuses to cooperate with GCH?

Zheng weibo has been a secretary for many years. He has seen so many kinds of people, but he was still shocked to see a person claimed that he would break into the GCH.

He is clearly considering himself above the law, above the GCH. Zheng weibo heart sank, but he didn't reveal his concerns on his face. Instead, he smiled at zhu lingdie and told her, he did his best and he needs to report the result back to GCH. From now on whatever the decision GCH is going to make is beyond his control.

He still remembered what happened three days ago. After chu yun sheng return to the city safely, all the information about him had been flooded to the GCH. then intelligence department was involved and immediately they started to verify the reliability of the information....

The most powerful man in the fog city.

Eliminated a group of the green fluorescent monsters;

Using the sword to kill golden shell.

defeating a rank 3 dark warrior just by firing three shots.

Wipe out an entire clan;

Single-handedly kill the purple flame monster;

Single-handedly bomb the tombs;

Strange armour!

Strange sword!

Strange tiger!


All the information had shocked all the senior officers at GCH.

He remembered that the deputy chief commander shouted angrily at the chief information officer:" how come you didn't know anything about this powerful man before? "

A lot of officers even got suspended from their position because of this. Later on GCH quickly drafted " the god creation plan" and ordered him to negotiation with chu yun sheng,

In his mind, even the four kings will be jealous of the generous conditions mentioned in this plan. As long as Chu Yunsheng agreed, within just a few days, the GCH will help him to reach to a highest social status known to anyone in jin ling city.

Fame, power, food, and beauties. He will have all of them!

However, he refused, he did not even hesitate.

And not only that, he also threatened GCH. he could not imagine what was exactly in this person's mind.

The cold wind made him shook uncontrollably when he got out the office building, he quickly got into the SUV and left the west district.

:"what do you think?" chu yun sheng stood next to the window and saw the SUV drove off. He suddenly asked ding yan who was standing next to him.

:"it doesn't matter if you accept the offer or not. The result will be the same." ding yan sat down and poured himself a glass of hot water then carried on:" accept the offer will help you to gain fame and resources. You could use it to gather more dark warriors, there is no way they will be able to control you. Decline the officer will make everything become much simpler, it means that we won't be restricted by some kind of hypocritical moral rules, we will have fewer concerns when doing things.

This world, this planet will eventually belong to the dark warriors, the most important resources right now are those dark warriors. If we want to make them feel intimidated, we need to expand our force. GCH will eventually fall, and the cloaked man seemed to be ahead of us.

But since the cloaked man was behind fang's family, it's better not to get involved. After all, we don't know what kind of agreement they have!"

Chu yun sheng turned around and smiled at him. Ding yan always has unique insights about everything, he even hinted him it is time to gather "resources"!

"you can deal with those things, I trust your ability! I'll need some time to increase my ability quietly without any disruption. No matter the insect or the cloaked man. I need to prepare some stuff for our protection!" chu yun sheng knew that himself is not a perfect person to handle this kind of thing, so he just leave it to ding yan.

"compare to other people, we suffered the lowest losses. Plus what you did, many dark warriors had come to me privately, they hoped that they can join us." ding yan took another sip water and smiled.

Surprisingly, the insects didn't attempt to push again in the past three days. However, ding yan seemed to be even busier.

:"oh.. Also, pay attention to the dark warriors which have the special ability like lu guolong and witch...they might become very useful in the future." chu yun sheng reminded him. everything has witnessed the witch's ability. During the battle, her ability could be even more useful than many other dark warriors.

and in terms of lu guolong, his ability is as important as witch's healing ability. It totally surprised chu yun sheng that the walls which were reinforced by lu guolong's ability were able to withstand a massive insect's attack three days ago.

"We have not found anyone has an ability similar to them, but there are few dark warriors who have two abilities... " ding yan nodded his head.

"Also lao ding, do me a favour, select 12 people from our brothers, they don't have to be powerful nor have to be the high-ranking dark warriors. But they must be reliable, loyal, and brave! " chu yun sheng paused for a second, he gazed at the city centre through the glass windows and said:" I will create a team of wind and fire masters!"