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Chapter 157 Rumours started to spread

 Chapter 157 Rumours started to spread

It was three days later after chu yun sheng regained his consciousness, the armour has already deactivated automatically, his cloth was also changed by someone else. There was a tube link to his arm, it seemed like he was being drip-fed. But he still felt extremely hungry.

He removed the Needle in his hand and got up. then quietly covered jing tian who fell asleep on the chair next to the bed with a bed sheet, And then he noticed the little tiger was staring at him with its big eyes.

He patted its head and signal it to go upstairs with him.

It was already late night, the wind was strong on the roof, but the city was very quiet.

Seeing the isolated city was trying so hard to keep its tiny light on, Chu yun sheng sighed

He took out the monster's meat and feed it to the tiger, but little tiger did not eat it, it used its head to rub chu yun sheng while constantly grumbling as if chu yun sheng did something bad to it.

He sighed again, and hold the tiger in his arm, he petted the place on its head where he knocked with the sword, hopes that it would comfort the little tiger.

He is so weak and The human is so weak.

If it were not the ancient book defeated the "min" that mysterious power, he would probably be already dead.

Looking at the black stele in the bright searchlight in the city central chu yun sheng sneered.

Insect's "min" almost kill his conscious, and human's weapon almost destroyed his body!

Although he was at the other side of the river, but when the book defeated the "min", he could clearly feel that the swarm has already retreated, but the military still fired the missiles as if they wanted to kill him.

Chu yun sheng's expression instantly turned as cold as ice.

"Ge, why you are here?" a voice came from his back.

"Oh, i need some fresh air." the cold expression instantly disappeared. Probably the only people that truly care about him is his family.

"It's cold out here, and you did not wear a lot, you will catch a cold." said jin tian.

"You forgot i am a dark warrior? I am fine." chu yun sheng smiled. He tapped the floor next to him and said:"come, let's have a talk."

"OK," she sat next to him and raised her head to look at the sky.:"Ge, did you still remember what the sky used to look like?........" she said quietly...


On the Second day.


The information that chu yun sheng woke up has already leaked out of the office building.

Chen Jiazhu is a family member in the office building, he is more than 50 years old. he does not have any other special hobby apart from bragging about something. he Often likes to stroll around the office building and show off to those people who live in the shack near the office building.

""Old brother chen, quick tell us, how did our boss chu blow those mosnter's tombs up. How did he get back alive, everyone was saying differently!" refugees with a pale face dressed in the broken cloth asked in an ingratiating tone.

"Wait, let me, take a sip of the water first!" chen jiazhu intentionally slow down and slowly took a sip of water, he enjoys this type of feeling, he enjoys everyone trying to please him, and he enjoys to tease them not telling them what they wanted immediately:"who do you think our boss chu is? He is the god reincarnated! He could move a mountain and split a river......."

"Old brother chu, you can skip the prologue, just tell us what happened!" someone urged.

"OK, since you guys don't want to hear, i will just leave!"chen jiazhu pretend that he was angry and about to leave. He had tried it so many times before, and everytime someone will come out to beg him to say.

:"you stop interrupting old brother chen, let him finish, old brother don't get angry, you can take your time."

"Ok, that time, boss chu was throwing out a fire dragon...all the monster ran away in panic."chen jiazhu did not really see what happened, he just heard something and spiced things up a bit. but most of the people around the office building still believes him.

"But i have heard that the boss chu was using a sword! " one voice disagreed what chen jiazhu said.

Chen jiazhu's face instantly turned red:"i am living in the same building with boss chu, who do you think knows him better!?"

Everyone thought chen jiazhu's word make sense, so they all turned around and glared at the young man.

"How dare you said boss chu does not know how to throw fire dragon, he will kill you just using two of his fingers!" chen jiazhu felt that he was embarrassed by the young man, so he threatened the young man.

Young man's face was instantly turned as white as a bed sheet, he was so scared that he sat on the ground.

"But, our boss chu is a busy man, he does not have time to punish you naive young man!" said chen jiazhu after he saw his threat was actually working.

Everyone immediately nodded their head and went along with what he said:"old brother chu, is it true that boss chu still has not married!"

Chen jia zhu rolled his eyes and said:"Wu laosi you can stop thinking about it, your daughter is not good enough for boss chu, he deserves better. Let me tell you, as long as our chu has tiny bit inventions, many girls will queue up at our office building from here all the way to Yangtze river!"

"True, true, boss chu has been staying here for quite some time, we have never seen him dated any girls in our district. Wang sanshu's daughter is a pretty girl, but even she can not get boss chu's attention" said an old woman.

"You know nothing! Our boss......"



later on, Cheng jia zhu chatted with the crowd for another few minutes about the battle between the human and the insect, food crisis, conflicts and all sort of stuff. Then he saw yao xiang who just come back from the front line, he immediately bows down to greet him....


Office building -- seventh-floor ----meeting room.....

Chu Yun sheng was eating the meal that chu han specially prepared for him while listening to the information ding yan brought to him

"A lot of things happened during last three days" ding yan looked at him with a strange face.

"Tell me one by one, no rush." chu yunsheng casually replied, but it seems like he was thinking something else.

"It's the rumour about you......three heads..... Six arms..... Riding the clouds..... Some even said you had the agreement with the king of the insects" ding yan laughed out loud. It was very unusual to see him laughing.

"King of the insects? Agreement?" chu yun sheng was also stunned by those people's imagination.

"Just rumours, nothing serious." then suddenly he seemed to realise something, his face instantly dropped:"also there are few things you need to pay attention to. The first one, the commander of the 9th division fu liaoyuan was punished by the GCH for delaying the best opportunity to counter-attack the swarm in front of the entire military!"

"Delaying? But he still fired the missile, didn't he? I was almost killed by it!" chu yun sheng sneered.

"It was not him, GCH gave the direct order without informing him!" ding yan said calmly while looking at chu yun sheng:" but the whole thing was very odd, there is definitely something more to it. Although we don't have evidence to prove it, but the excuse CGH gave during the punishment was very vague, it almost looked like the punishment was imposed forcibly on Fu liaoyuan. But he did not object it!"

"You mean someone tried to frame him?" chu yun sheng said casually. He did not care about fu liaoyuan's military future. He lost trust in the military completely, he almost killed by the military force more than once.

"It does not look like it! But i have feeling it has something to do with us!" din yan sneered.

"What made you think that way!" chu yunsheng was curious

"CGH sent someone over two days ago, they said they need to discuss something with you, if the discussion goes well, they will forget about everything happened in the past, if not......

..then something happened to fu liaoyuan. He indeed delayed the bombardment, that is the fact, so they could not cover it, fu liaoyao did it was also because of you.

I suspected that GCH intentionally punished Fu liaoyuan, so it made it looks like fu liaoyuan sacrificed a lot...... they wanted to regain our trust..... " ding yan sneered.

"Hmm... does fu liaoyuan have any movement? " chu yun sheng thought for a second then asked.

"Not at the moment!" then he suddenly asked:"there is one more thing, professor sun came by earlier, he wants you to go to the lab as soon as you woke up, he said it is very urgent."

At this time, what is so important? Chu yun sheng stroke his chin and thought