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Chapter 156 Flame whip

 Chapter 156 Flame whip

Chu yunsheng did not hesitate for a long time. to him, this is probably the only way to escape from here.

Lan chaoyin's ability was not strong, chu yunsheng was also injured, he could not take care of the front and the back at the same time.

Has to equip her so she can take care of the front. chu yun sheng thought.

He knitted his brow and thinking for a suitable weapon for her.

Gun is not suitable for her because she is not a gun dark warrior, even she is, it will be impossible to reload the gun while driving.

There is no way for the sword as well, it is only suitable for the close range. if the insect got too close to attack the bike, then both of them will be dead.

Frost arrow? She is a dark warrior. So chu yunsheng just directly skipped that options....


He was thinking for one solution after another, but he still could not find anything that is suitable for lan chao yin.... The time is quickly passing by, and the military could launch the missiles at any time!

He was looking at lan chao yin from the top down. his first impression of her was that she looks like the ghost rider in the movie.....

Wait! He suddenly had an idea, Ghost rider's weapon was the Hellfire Chain, it could be used in both long range and close range attack. And he just happened to have a material to make this type of weapon. It was the purple flame monster's antenna!

The antenna was almost 6 meters long, not only it can store a large amount of fire element yuan qi, the material itself is also very hard. If she could use it properly, it can be a powerful weapon.

Time is pressing and he did not have time to make another Huo Bing yuan fu to cast on the antenna. So he quickly took out the pistol he used before and unsealed the yuan fu from the pistol then transfer it to the antenna.

"What is this" lan chaoyin saw chu yunsheng took out a long whip from the gaps between the bodies of the monster, she was confused.

"I am heavily injured, I can not take care of both sides, when we got to the bridge, you use it to make the way, otherwise, we won't be able to escape from here!" chu yunsheng passed the antenna to her and explained briefly.

"How do i use it?" lan chaoyin asked directly.

"Just infuse your energy into this Flame whip!" chu yun sheng quickly explained, and casually gave it a name as well.

Lan chao yin took the flame whip then started to infuse the energy, the fire started to spread from the bike to her body then reached the whip until it lit up the entire whip.

She raised her hand to throw the whip,


The burning whip was like a fire dragon made a clear cracking sound in the air.

"Perfect!" lan chaoyin praised, this flame whip deserves its name, she could definitely use it.

She reached her left hand out to pull chu yunsheng and said:" thank you, I'll give it back to you when we got back! Let's go now!"

Chu yunsheng shook his head, he is still not sure if they can get back or not, let alone return this whip. He got on the bike and used his left arm to hold lan chaoyin's slender waist while his right was holding the submachine gun. "Let's go!" said chu yunsheng.

"Sit tight!" said lan chao yin. The bike's front was pulled up and she spun the bike 180°, then the bike charged out and headed towards the bridge.

the fire tracks caused by the tire seemed to be even stronger than before.

On the way to the bridge, lan chao yin used the whip to make the way in the swarm, chu yunsheng used the submachine gun to stop the red shells on the ground and the green shells in the air from chasing.

When they finally got to the bridge, they guarded the edge of the bridge and waited for the missile.

All the insects in the city have retreated!

All the dark warriors and the military immediately pushed back to regain control of the front line.

Gazing at the partially destroyed riverside, all the people in the 9th division did not have any sign of happiness.

Ding yan's face was as cold as ice, so as everyone is his group. They were looking at the other side of river hope the miracle will happen.

"no, Brother chu will never die, he will come back just like what he did so many times before!" yao xiang muttered while staring at the other side of the river.

"Is he really dead?" zhu ling die was gazing at the tombs, It has been a long time and chu yun sheng still has come back yet.


After the first wave of bombardment, the sky went dark completely for a short period of time.

Then many bright beams started to fly out from jin ling city,

those were the missiles!

Chu yun sheng's men's heart sank, they could not stop GCH's direct order.

Seeing the huge fireballs rise from the other side of the river, everyone was having the same thought: even he is still alive, he probably will never able to get out of this bombardment...

Suddenly, In light caused by the explosion, an officer saw a red figure appeared on the bridge, the officer was not sure what he saw, so he tugged a person next to him, then more and more officers started to use their binoculars see what the red figure was.

Rest of broken bridge was collapsing under the explosion, the collapsing area was spreading quickly towards the area the red figure was staying. and The giant fireball was also quickly approaching the red figure.

Then the red figure flew forwards suddenly as if it was knocked away by the explosion! "It is chu yun sheng! I saw his amour!" no one know who shouted that sentence! But everyone in the 9th division knows what chu yun sheng's armour looked like!

The crowd was agitated, everyone was excited!

He is still alive!

And he is crossing the river now!

Ding yan and yao xiang snatch the binoculars from the officer's hand and look at the red figure.

Yes, he is still alive!

That armour...

However, In the next second, the red figure was swallowed by the fireball....

1 second.... 2 seconds.... 3 seconds...

The fireball was still expanding, but the red figure still has not come out.....

Just when everyone lost their hope. They suddenly seemed to hear the motorbike sound came out of the fireball.

Then they saw a motorbike broke out of the fireball, a rider at the front was holding a long flame whip to destroy the obstacles that were on the way and another rider at the back used to submachine to destroy any objects that were thrown towards them.

"I knew he won't die so easily!" said yao xiang, then in next second, he ran towards the bridge.

Slowly more and more people started to follow him!

This was a miracle!

At the same time,

Chu yunsheng's vision started to get blurry, he had received almost all the damages from the shockwaves and the rocks caused by the explosions, the yuan qi inside his body once again returned to the chaotic state. He had reached his limit.

When the motorbike finally arrived at the west district's defence line,

He has already passed out.

"Medic!, Medic......" he seemed to hear someone was crying.... But he could not open his eyes.....


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