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Chapter 155 Fly Over!

 Chapter 155 Fly Over!

No one wants to die, including chu yunsheng!

He had to get back the control!

With his condition right now and Without the golden shell, he can't get back to the city.

The strong living desire drove chu yunsheng to fight with the mysterious force once again!

One minute the golden shell listened to chu yunsheng, another minute it listened to the mysterious force, it walked back and forward constantly like a headless chicken.

Time slowly passed, chu yunsheng's face was already covered with sweat, he was on the verge of collapse, the mysterious force was too strong...


Chu yunsheng lost his "consciousness" and entered that colourful channel once again.

The mysterious force seemed to break through the multidimensional barriers and went straight into his mind!

His consciousness started to slowly dissipate, it became more and more blurry as if someone was has gained control of his consciousness, he was desperately trying to get it back, but no matter how he was trying, he could not defeat that power, compared to "it", his consciousness seemed so weak and so small.

Chu yun sheng could feel "its" cold indifference, arrogance and overwhelming disdain! He could feel that "it" looked at him like a human look at an ant!


"Commander, please issue the order. It is already late for 15 minutes! The artillery and Missile force...." Qin min urged. they will be facing the serious charges if they delayed the time to counterattack the swarm.

"Commander Fu, please! Please! Wait for yunsheng! Please!" Chu han was crying out loud. When she heard from someone saying that chu yunsheng had gone to bomb the tombs, she desperately squeezed into the defence line to find out more information.

"Commander, we can't delay it any longer!" political commissar Sun let out a long sigh.

"Who dares to give the order, I will kill you!" yao xiang quickly ran back from the front line, he was glaring and pointed the sword at Qin Min and the political commissar Sun.

He was a simple man, he never had an argument with someone before. But this time he pointed the sword at those senior officers.

"Yao xiang, have you lost your mind? Are you threatening the military officers!?" Qin min was shocked

"you guys are going to break your promises! I know what kind of warheads you are going to use, Mr.chu is still on the other side of the river, if you launch it, you think he can still survive?" dig yan said coldly, behind him there are a lot of dark warriors.

"More people will die if we delay it!" the officers argued.

"Without chu yunsheng, they are already dead!" ding yan said loudly.

All the officers were speechless, yes, without chu yunsheng, those people at the front line probably were already dead.

"Stop! Wait for 5 more minutes, then....... " fu liaoyuan said sternly.

Just when he finished his words, the ear-piercing sounds arose in the sky behind the defence line, it caused by a lot of artillery shells travelling through the air, and those shells were heading towards the other side of the river.

"It's CGH's direct order!" fu liaoyuan Murmured

Chu han instantly collapsed on the ground...


Since the dark age began, chu yunsheng has never stopped thinking about how he would die. he could be starved to death, eaten by the insect, burned by the fire, frozen by the ice, gunned down by his own kind, and blown up by bombs...... but he never thought of someone would wipe out his consciousness!

The memories flashed through his mind like a reversed movie, it was reverse playing his entire life.

Some were the precious memories, some he had almost forgotten about it.

Until the memories about the ancient book appeared, the strange thing happened!

An overwhelming power was storming towards him from all directions, the entire channel was shaken by it!

Inside the colorful channel, chu yunsheng could clearly "see" the ancient book was glowing a strange light and floating in the air, then ancients book started to open by itself and the pages started to turn, it was turning faster and faster, at the same time all the strange symbols flew out of the book, each one of them were flashing the dazzling light.

More and more symbols started to appear, and they were arranged in a strange formation. Then there were twelve special symbols started to become even brighter one after another,

Formation completed! Chu yunsheng did not know why, but he suddenly felt those two words appeared in his mind.

The space inside the colourful channel was distorted and started to change its shape. And the stream of light inside the channel started to reverse!

All chu yun sheng's memories and consciousness started to fly back in an incredible speed!

The origin of the mysterious force instantly changed its "feelings" from indifference and arrogance to doubt, shock. Pain, struggle, and finally, there was even a fear and tremble!


The stream of light continues flying towards chu yunsheng until he gained back all the memory and consciousness, however, the stream of light was still passing something into his mind! The "ancient book" started to help chu yunsheng taking the consciousness from the original of the mysterious force!

...i am "Mǐn"...


The golden shell's brain could no longer withstand three powerful forces' fight, it exploded like a watermelon all of the sudden.

Chu yunsheng has regained his conscious, he subconsciously checked the ancient book inside the storage yuan fu

It was still sitting inside the storage yuan fu quietly.


All the insects inside the city suddenly stopped the attack at the same time!

"What happened?" said a soldier in the south district defence line, he was very confused to see the insect suddenly stopped moving.

"Insect has stopped attacking? Quick! Report it back to GCH!" a military officer in the east district defence line was shocked.

"What do they want to do this time?" said a dark warrior in the north district defence line.

In the next moment, everyone in the city gasped in shock.

All the insects, no matter golden shells, red shells or the green shells, they all turned around and facing the same direction in "panic".

First, they were quiet.... Then confused..... Then they whimpered with sadness, then they suddenly started to run at their fastest speed. they wanted to get to the place so desperately that they did not even care about their own lives, insects were pushing one after another, some even jumped on the top of each other, golden shells were pushing the slow or injured red shells against the wall the make the way for themselves, they did not care if they had crushed the red shell insects into the minced meat or not.

Even the green shells have also completed disappeared from the central city!

All the people inside the city were looking at each other!

What happened?

Why the swarm was so scared?


Chu yunsheng was blown up by the shockwave, the golden shell was already dead, he could not dig into the ground to avoid the bombardment.

He just had a "mind battle", and his body was still stiff, he could not move properly.

He wanted to run, but he couldn't, so he could only see himself being blown up into the sky by the shells then fell on the ground, then being blown up into the sky again.

Even he had the shield and armour, the shock made by the explosion still caused him to spit out blood.

He was trying his best to look for a shelter to calm down the energy inside his body.

There was a tomb which was turned upside down on the ground near the bridge. its huge body crushed so many insects underneath it when it fell.

Insects bodies are huge, there were so many gaps between them, it was the best place to hide.

He was running towards the tomb while dodging the artillery shells. When he finally got to the tomb, the artillery shells started to become more frequent and more crowded.

Chu yunsheng knew that this is just the ordinary bombardment, soon there will be missiles carrying the special warheads flying toward him.

At that time, no matter what kind of shield or armour he has, he will definitely be dead.

But he did want to die, he needs to get back. He tried to calm himself down and started to suppressed and adjusted the chaotic qi circulation inside his body.

Just when he slightly recovered, he saw a red figure was roaring towards him. It made him jumped.

The red figure was originally heading towards the bridge, but it was attacked by the green shells, so it had to turn around and head towards chu yunsheng.

Only until when it got close, did chu yunsheng realised that it was two people on a motorbike. The bike was on fire and the riders were a woman and a man. the man was sitting at the back, however, he was already dead.

"Why you are here?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised, the woman was Lán cháoyīn who helped him to escape from the fog city.

"The mission was not only given to you, i was sent here by the 5th division" she then stared at chu yunsheng:" but it looks like only you succeed it!"

"The 5th division? how come I have never seen you at the front line?" Chu Yunsheng knit his brow. The 5th division and the 9th division were defending the same place, there is no way he would miss her.

Lán cháoyīn did not answer him, she pointed at the jin ling and said:"i can fly over the river!"

"Fly over!?" Chu Yunsheng was confused why she suddenly changed the subject. next second he realised what she was talking about. he looked at the river and look at her. is she stupid! he thought.

"That's right, fly over! I have a special combat ability - fire levitation, I could control the bike to fly some distance, the gaps between destroyed bridge was not too far, we can break out from there, But i am still waiting..... " Lán cháoyīn was very confident.

"What are you waiting for?" said chu yunsheng.

"Missile! The one that carries the most powerful warhead, i need its shockwave to extend my flying distance!" Lán cháoyīn took a deep breath and said.

Chu yunsheng was speechless, how ballsy this woman is! What exactly was she thinking?

"My defence ability is very weak and my attack ability is not very strong either, so I need someone to help me, otherwise, i can't even get to the bridge, let alone withstand the shockwave!"Lán cháoyīn said while tying up her hair.