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Chapter 153 the tombs

 chapter 153 the tombs

There were too many insects at the front, the car could not get through at all.

Chu yunsheng immediately stored the explosive inside the storage yuan fu, activated his armour and jumped on the top of one monster's back and leapt onto a roof of a building.

Even though he did not think he could survive, but the survival instinct still made him prepare everything he can to make it possible.

He still has one last resort.

A golden shell!

His plan was to hollow out a small area of golden shell's back. Then he will hide inside the back of the golden shell and ride it all the way to the other side the of the river.

The golden shell's body was huge, just its head is already as big as a bus. Its main body is more than twice size of its head!

The shells on its body are divided into three sections. There are gaps between each section. The larva-like long transparent worms which he had seen before are often staying in those gaps.

However, the gaps are too narrow to be able to fit chu yunsheng inside. So chu yunsheng had to make it wider and deeper. But it can't remove too many. Otherwise, insects won't be able to live long.

On the third floor of a building, Chu yunsheng summoned the golden shell he had been sealed for a long time.

When it was summoned, it instantly filled up the entire space. It even broke the floor's ceiling and walls.

Chu yun sheng instantly felt the bizarre spiritual connection between him and the golden shell.

This is probably the Feng yin ling which is means the seal mark the book was talking about!

Then a strange thing happened, just when the spiritual connection between him and the monster was established, he instantly felt a mysterious power was calling the golden shell and driving it moving instinctively towards the city central.

Chu yunsheng was shocked, he has experience in sealing the monster and summoning the monster before, but he has never encountered the same situation like this before.

However, compared to the seal mark this mysterious power is very weak. When Chu yunsheng noticed it, he immediately infused the yuan qi to into the seal mark to enhance the golden shell's control.

The gaps between the shells are closed most of the time, it will be open only when the golden shell releasing The larva-like long transparent worms.

it means that chu yunsheng still had to make a slight adjustment so he will be able to see what's at the front while riding the golden shell.

Time is pressing, all chu yunsheng could think about is to make the space as quick as possible. So his method was very violent.

Luckily the golden shell was restrained by the seal mark, otherwise, it would have probably screamed in pain very loud.

Space was made in the shell in the middle, and chu yunsheng used his sword to poke a hole on the side which is facing the front. This hole is going to be his only view of outside.

After he prepared everything, chu yun sheng activated the armour and hide inside the golden shell, he then ordered the golden shell to destroy two walls and returned back to the street which was filled with insects.

The energy shield has the ability to block all scent from spreading out. So as long as he didn't make any big movement. The red shells shouldn't be able to notice him.

Although the golden shell is much bigger than the red shell, but it was still very difficult for the golden shell to move on the street when all other insects were moving in different directions. It often stopped in the middle of the street to let big crowd past first.

Golden shell has the ability to dig into the ground, however, when chu Yunsheng tried to dig the tunnel, a strange energy force constantly push the golden shell out.

This was probably the reason why the golden shell hasn't dug their way into the city. Chu yun sheng thought.

The Yangtze River was already hard enough to cross, plus so many red shells and fewer golden shells were covered the sticky substance floating on the top of the river. It made the crossing was even harder!

However, there is no way back. He spent almost 20 minutes to arrive at the riverside. And he only has less than 40 minutes to bomb the tombs.

He carefully controlled the golden shell to push away the red shell that blocked his way. He made it look like an "accident".

When he got to ⅓ of the river. The surface of the river suddenly got foggy. It was covered with black fog. Chu yunsheng had heard the rumour about when there is a back fog on the river surface. The monsters in the river will often appear.

he gritted his teeth. He has already got this far, he couldn't afford to get eaten by some kind of underwater monster. So He started to control the golden shell and speed up its pace. More and more monsters were pushed into the river by it.

The other side of the river just right in front of him.

Suddenly he heard something broke out of the river behind him. He couldn't see it because it was covered with black fog. he also didn't have the time to see it!

He didn't want to see, but it doesn't mean he won't be affected by it.

even chu yun sheng speed up his pace, but he still couldn't run faster than the giant wave. The golden shell was thrown into the sky and fall on the top of a group of red shells.

At the same time, the other golden shells which were about to cross the river all spit the fire at the place where the wave came from.

Through the hole in the shell, and with the help of fire that was spat by the golden shell. Chu yunsheng vaguely saw a thick long and black neck came out of the water. On top of the long neck, there was a huge head which has many long spikes on it, each spike has many thorns. The monster's whole head looked like a shuttlecock lost all its feathers.

Was this the water monster they talked about? This thought flashed through chu yun sheng's head. He immediately ordered the golden to get up and running. He wasn't willing to die like this, he wanted to die with the tombs!

However, it was too late, the water monster bowed its head down and blow a gust of cold wind towards to insect's crowd which chu yun sheng was at.

Within a split second, an area of roughly 50 meters in diameter was instantly frozen into ice on top of the river. It extended all the way to the riverside which chu yunsheng wanted to get to.

The conflict between the water monster and the insects broke out instantly. Many red shells jumped towards the water monster used their shape legs to stabs its skin.

Some red shells couldn't get to the water monster, they all spat the corrosive liquid at it to assist the golden shells' fire attack. The ice, fire, corrosive liquid flew everywhere inside the black fog.

Chu yun sheng almost got frozen, although he has the armour and shield, it was still extremely freezing for him.

the Golden shell was completely frozen. But chu yun sheng felt that it was alive. However, if it wanted to break out of ice just by itself. It will take a lot of time. It is something chu yun sheng doesn't have.

So chu yun sheng immediately transfer more ben ti yuan qi to help it recover.


Chu yunsheng ordered the golden to spit out the fire to break the ice. And they immediately left the place, where the fight was still ongoing.

The ground on the other side of the river has covered with the sticky substance. Chu yunsheng was no longer able to see the soil anymore.

The first tomb was about a hundred meters away from the river. And that was his first target.

He had brought 10 bombs in total. His mission is to destroy the three tombs which were nearest to the river. Other than that, it is not his problem at the moment.

The giant tombs can swallow any kind of air strikes. no one knew how they achieved it. But that's not chu yun sheng's concerns. His job is to destroy it. He didn't need to go inside the tomb to do it, he could just keep the bomb close to the tombs. Even if it cannot destroy it. As long as the explosion is able to disable its anti-air ability. That is also fine.

Chu yunsheng looked at his watch, it is already less than 20 minutes, he didn't know how bad the situations were over other three districts. But from the situation in the west district, he could tell, it is not very optimistic.

When the golden shell stepped onto the sticky ground, he instantly noticed that the mysterious calling he had suppressed earlier on, instantly increased several times stronger. If he weren't concentrating on control the golden shell, it would probably already turned around and started to run towards the city.

10meter, 30meter, 50....

He got closer and closer.

Chu yunsheng used a lot of energy to suppress the mysterious calling and forced the golden shell to move toward the direction where he wanted to go.

A lot of red shells ran past them and rushed to the Yangtze River.

A few minutes later, he finally approached the first tomb.

The tomb was as big as a hill, it has dark red surface and covered with tubes and tentacles. It also has many bumps on it. Chu yun sheng didn't know what is inside, but it is definitely something he does not like.

Some of those tubes were constantly producing the sticky substances. Some of the tubes often produce cocoon-like organism from time to time. Chu yun sheng could tell it has something inside because it was constantly creeping.

Chu yunsheng carefully rides the golden shell near the tombs, he planned to use the sword to make a hole on the tombs and then set a bomb to explode at 20 minutes later. then squeeze the bombs into the hole.

All the monsters just kept trying to rush towards the riverside. No one seemed to notice this strange golden shell's movement. He guessed that it is a perfect opportunity to do it, so he immediately stabbed the sword into the tomb

It was surprisingly easy to stab into the tomb's wall.

But in next second, he quickly took back the sword and hide into the gap again. Because when he tried to slide open the tomb, all the insects around the golden shell has stopped, they all turned around and facing the golden shell....