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Chapter 152 Take care of my family

 Chapter 152 Take care of my family

When chu yunsheng arrived at the west district, the insect's push has already begun!

"What is the situation?" chu yun sheng asked zhu lingdie who was standing on the higher ground and using the megaphone to command the dark warriors.

"The insect has gone crazy! Brother chu, look there!" she pointed at the other side of the river and said anxiously. but She was finally relieved when chu yun sheng returned to the regiment,

Chu yunsheng gazed afar, the fire that spurted out by the tombs and fireballs cast out by the long snake-like monster lit up the entire riverside. The insects on the other side of river bank were piling up!

Yes, that's right, it was piling up!

One after another, one on top of each other, they all flocked towards the riverside, there wasn't any space left.

The tombs have generated more and more sticky substance to spread on top of the river.

There were so many insects on the riverside that some of the insects even got pushed into the river.

But the insects still did not seem to slow down a bit!

Is it because of the stele? chu yunsheng suddenly had this strange idea in his mind.

However, it is not the time for him to think too much about it. He immediately charged out and headed towards the defence line with his submachine gun.

Then, even more strange thing happened!

the Insects seemed to have changed their strategy!

The green shells did not dive down at the soldiers at all, they all headed straight towards the central area.

All the golden shell also did not dig out of the ground, but from the ground movement, everyone knew that they were digging towards the city.

Not everyone at the front line is the dark warriors, but the west district defence line was very long. No matter how they fight back, it still did not seem to work at all.

there were too many insects... too many... as if all the insects have come out of the tombs, it was covering the sky... ground.... And underneath the ground....

Although there was not any purple flame monster, but with this amount of insects, they swept over the entire defence line without any difficulties.

the Soldiers died one after another, dark warriors lost their fire support also died one after another.

The new recruit could not run away, the disciplinary patrols were pointing the submachine gun at them, they had no choice but and forced to picked up the other dead soldier's weapon and charged toward the swarm!

the Defence line was pushed back and back... they lost they land one bit by bit.

All the refugees were running towards the city centre in panic, the streets, buildings... any place they could think of was filled with people.

However, the city central were filled with the green shells. All the people inside the central were trying to push out.

Eventually, all the people inside the city were stuck together, it formed a circular ring around the central city. People inside wanted to get out, people outside wanted to get in!


xx street on the west district....

Three tanks were stopped in the middle of the street. one inside was the crazy insects. The other side was the struggling soldiers and dark warriors

:"lao ding, how many people do we have left!" chu yun sheng's heart sunk. He had seen this kind of situation before, it was right before the horror city fell.

"Less than 30! Mr. chu, there is no place for us to retreat anymore, there were so many people behind us! " ding yan urged when he approached chu yunsheng. he was also holding the submachine gun.

Chu yun sheng found a gap and turned around to look the situation behind him. Then his hand started to tremble, and no matter how he tried to control it, it just could not stop!

It is not about the number of people he saw. It is the office building which he could vaguely see from the place he was standing.

He subconsciously pulled the trigger and aimed at the monsters, but his mind was blank!

What should i do? What should i do?

He bit his lips so hard and it started to bleed. But he still did not have answers.

"I am out of ammo! Out of ammo!" a soldier shouted in panic

"AMMO, I NEED AMMO!" another soldier also shouted in panic.

Chu yunsheng felt that the world seemed to have slowed down.

One soldier after another was pinched by the red shells and throw into the sky.

Yao xiang could not unleash his fire ring cut anymore and he was bleeding a lot. But he still swung the sword to hack the insects.

Duan danian's men were stuck onto the wall by the red shell and screamed in pain.

it seemed like almost all the soldiers had run out of ammo!

And all the dark warriors seemed to be exhausted with their energy


Suddenly! A loud explosion, it followed by explosions after explosions!

It was the suicide squads from the both divisions, they detonated the bombs behind the insects!

Chu yunsheng suddenly woke up, he grasped ding yan while his lips were still bleeding and his eyes were red:" ding yan, take care of my family! If i am fucking dead..... Take care of them for me......." he roared.

"Mr. Chu........ You...." ding yan suddenly realised something. Ding yan is a type of person who could control his emotions very well, but at that moment, his body also started to shake.

Chu yun sheng glared at him and shouted again:"Answer me! Fucking answer me!"

"I'll, i promise!" ding yan grit his teeth and said one by one, he has already realised what chu yunsheng was planning to do.

Chu yun sheng released him and wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips. He took a deep breath and Shouted:"I'M GONNA BLOW YOU UP!!!"

Now, it is the only way to save the city, save his family and everyone else. Only when he blew the tombs up, the artillery will have a chance to bombard them and stop them.

The sudden appearance of stone stele has completely ruined his plan. The insects have gone crazy, it left him no time to reinforce the front line with Yu tu Yuan Fu(Refer DBA wiki).

There is no way he could run away safely with his family.

Once, the last bit of defence was broken, then he will also be dead!

So chu yunsheng decided to throw caution to the wind: Motherfuckers, i am going to bring your tombs down to the hell with me!

"Brother chu! Have you lost your mind, you can't go, it is a suicide!" yao xiang ran towards chu yun sheng and hold his arm tightly.

Chu yunsheng gazed at the office building, then he suddenly hit the little tiger's head with the sword.

The little tiger instantly fainted on the ground!

"Yao xiang, take care of it, remember it does not eat human flesh, it only eat monster meat!" chu yunsheng moved yao xiang's hand away and crouched down. He stroked little tiger's face gently then stood up:"ding yan, remembered, hold on for one hour" then he charged out.

He ran past several blocks to find zhu lingdie. During the retreat, he saw zhu lingdie and other high-ranking commanders were at this area.

:"where is the bomb? I am going to the other side!" chu yunsheng did not care about how they feel at the moment, he said directly.

"Brother chu?" zhu lingdie was injured, there was a hole in her stomach. She was very weak at the moment.

"I NEED THE BOMB!" he said slowly one by one.

Zhu lingdie suddenly smiled, but she forgot she was still injured, it caused her to spit out blood. She struggled to stand on her feet and pointed at a group of soldiers not far behind them:"they are the last suicide squad in our division, all the bombs have....." she passed out before she finished her sentence.

Chu yun sheng looked at her, then turned around and walked towards the suicide squad.

"Tell me, how do i use it?" chu yun sheng pushed away those soldiers and asked.

Everyone looked at him and confused, but no one answered him.

"Let me teach you, it is very simple....." fu liaoyuan walked forward from the back of crowd and said sternly

".........Mr.chu, after you detonated the explosives, you have 15 minutes to leave, after 15 minutes, the artillery bombardment will start....." fu liaoyuan patted on chu yun sheng's shoulder and said.

"You think i will still be alive?" chu yunsheng interrupted him.

"You can! Don't underestimate your own power, we believe you will come back to us! I promise you, on my honour and the emblem that attached to my hat, we will take care of your family, we will use every single one of our soldiers lives to protect your family until you come back!" fu liaoyuan said calmly but each of his word carries a lot of weight.

Chu yunsheng smiled, he turned around and got into the cars which were loaded with the explosives and drove towards the swarm.

"Is he going to go alone?" qin min could not help but asked.

"Yes, he is, our men will be the trouble for him!" fu liaoyuan seemed to answer the question for chu yunsheng. Then he turned around and said to his men sternly:"mark the office building as our last line of defence, whoever retreated, kill!"

"But can he really do it? Is he really going to come back alive?"

Everyone was staring at the car that carries everyone's hope!

Chu yun sheng broke the windshield with the submachine gun and using the energy bullets to make the way in the insect's crowd.

Soon, he disappeared from everyone's sight.