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Chapter 151 Black Stone Stele

 Chapter 151 Black Stone Stele

However, zhu lingdie did not know that chu yunsheng does not care about a king's title. He only cares about if he can get the monster's body or not.

:"commander, chu yunsheng wants that monster's body." zhu lingdie said loudly when she just walked in the headquarters.

:"commander, that's a new monster! According to the policy, we need to send it to the GRD! We can't just give to him without any order!" qin min suddenly raised his head in the piles of reports. He tried to remind this impetuous commander not to rush to the decision.

:"give to him, just give to him!" said fu liao yuan. His hand clenched a report which has a series of death figures on it. He took a deep breath and said to zhu lingdie sternly:"" not only we can give it to him, we can also help him to move it to wherever the place be he likes!"

:"commander!" qin min knew he couldn't stop him, but he couldn't help himself. He was worried that if the commander doing this continuously, one day his opponent will use it to against him. And if that really happens, those people who follow him will also have a big trouble!

This is no longer in the age of light, if they lose their power, they will lose their lives and their family's lives too.

:"zhu yatou, you said that chu yunsheng is a researcher right? we gave it to him is the same as we gave it to the research department. So we didn't break the rule! Besides, the east district also killed one right. It's more than they need for the research!" fu liaoyuan let out a dry laugh. He knew what they were worried about. But he believes that what he does is the right thing.

:"don't you want to see him?" zhu lingdie was hesitant. She knew uncle was looking for the swordsman for a very long time, but why would he stopped talking about it when he finally found out who he is.

:"see him?" he stood up and smiled at her:" then? Giving him some promises? Asking him to be loyal to us? Zhu yatou, the timing is different now. All the promises are useless. As long as we do our part to show him that he will get our division's full support! Whether See him or not, it doesn't really matter now."

"full support!?" zhu lingdie was shocked. She knew exactly how important his word meant. All other division's commanders have never said such thing to their own dark warrior's king.

:"you are shocked, that's not surprising. I'm giving you a special authorization now. Take a look this report from the GCH." fu liaoyuan said calmly, he picked up a document from the table and passed it to zhu lingdie.

:"..........east district defence line....... New monster..... Long antenna..... scaly armor....damages and casualties were Incalculable... warning to all the divisions........ Rank 3 dark warrior and below will not do any damage to it. Two kings fought the monster together,....... killed it...... both injured....urgent report! " zhu lingdie quickly glanced through the report, then she was stunned.

Two kings fought together!? Rank 3 below won't do any damage!?

But she saw Chu yunsheng killed the monster just by himself. and it was at when he was urgently retreating from the front line.

Does it mean that he is even more powerful than two dark warriors combine?

Where did he get the powerful armor from? Is it the latest research product? How can she not know anything about it?

Her hands suddenly shook a little bit. The moment when chu yunsheng standing on the top of monster flashed through her mind.

:"now you know why. Go. Take care of this thing. Also tell him that in the report, I have written down that the new monster was killed by him and the fire and wind masters together." said fu liaoyuan.

:"it's shame that he doesn't want to bomb the tomb!" Suddenly said qin min when he saw zhu lingdie left.

Fu liaoyuan just smiled at him did not say anything, then he changed to a stern face and gazed at the other side of the river.

When chu yunsheng got the body, he found out that he couldn't segment the shells.

The sharp sword could not cut through its scaly armor, it still couldn't cut off its antenna even after it died!

This sword has been following him since the horror city. It is the weapon he likes the most.

There were so many monsters were killed by it, from the green fluorescent monsters to the flame bird. He couldn't even remember how many monsters exactly.

He often considers the protection first. Whenever he had materials, he would consider refining the armor first.

When the armour has reached to tier 2. but the sword still reminds at their 1.

It is time to refine the sword! He thought

Without tier 2 sword, he won't be able to do anything to this monster's body.

Refining the sword is both time-consuming and energy consuming. It is also the first time he refines the tier 2 weapons. So he has to find a quiet place to study the incantations. The office buildings 10th floor is the most suitable place.

The defence line wasn't dangerous at the moment. Since the red purple flame monster was killed, the other side of the river was very quiet, the swarm even stopped firing the fireballs.

Zhu lingdie also told him that the new monster only appeared in the east and west, and there were only two in total. It could be that this type of monster is extremely rare. But no one knows for sure.

Since the front line was safe at the moment, so Chu yunsheng returned to the office building. in order to increase his chances of successfully refining the sword, he also visited lecturer tang and other professors who ding yan had secretly gathered.

However, their progress wasn't as fast as Chu yunsheng expected.

Based on the description they wrote down, Chu yunsheng finalized each word's meaning then added 30 new symbols to a small dictionary he made for the ancient book.

On the 10th floor, the little tiger was still guarding chu yunsheng like usual. Every Time when chu yunsheng asks it to guard the door, it will not allow anyone to go through the door, even Chu yunsheng's family

Chu yunsheng gave up the idea of using the red shell's legs to refined to the sword. He used the green shell's back legs as raw material. Comparing to the red shell's leg, it is much sharper.

In fact, the best material is the golden shell, however, he didn't have that many golden shell's bodies with him.

Considering it is the first time he refines the sword. if it failed, he still has many green shell's legs which were gathered from the riverside.

But if he uses the golden shell, he won't have a second chance if he failed.

Chu yunsheng calmed himself down to recite the incantation, the sword was floating in the air and sucking the Essence from the green shell's leg on the ground.

While the sword was sucking the essence, it's color also started to turn light red.

During the refining process, he encountered several mistakes, it almost caused the sword to explode. Luckily the explosion did not happen.

Three hours later, after constantly using yuan qi and having an intensive concentration, The tier two's sword was finally formed

But the sword has not yet completed! There is one more incantation left.

Similar to tier 2 armor, tier 2 sword has 2 simple combat abilities to choose from: physical damage or the energy damage!

Physical damage will increase the sword's sharpness provide additions damage to the monster's physical shell.

Energy damage will provide additional damage to all kind of energy shield.

Both are very important to him, so he hesitated!

After a careful consideration, chu yunsheng finally decide to chose the physical damage!

He needs to prepare himself. if there are more red purple flame monsters. He may not be able to get into the monster's body next time. So he needs something to be able to cut through the monster's body! Let alone he needs to segment the monster's body now!!

After a buzzing sound, the sword was completed!

The 10 floor was instantly filled with the light-green light. And the symbols that represent physical damage appear in the air then shrunk back to the sword.

Despite the exhaustion, chu yunsheng still wanted to test the sword on the red purple flame monster's body which was kept not far behind the front line.

Just when he about to get up, the ground started to shake, not only the building he was staying at was shaking, the whole city was shaking.

Chu yunsheng was shocked. artillery bombardment? he thought. But he didn't hear any sound caused by the shells when they traveled through the air!

The gigantic leg monster?

He immediately approached the window. What he saw next. he will probably never be able to forget.

A huge black stone stele emerged from the ground in the central city. All the buildings that were on top of it were collapsed and fall on the side.

The stone stele kept rising until it reaches about a hundred meter high. Its dark surface was so smooth that it was reflecting the light in the city. The collapsed buildings didn't seem to make a single scratch on it.

Three helicopters hurriedly arrived at the place and used their bright searchlights to examined the Stele.

Suddenly! all the tombs outside the city started to spurt out flames and smokes!

All the monsters outside the city also started to roar loudly and frantically at the same time!

"Woo ~ woo ~ woo! Woo ~ woo ~ woo!"

The sirens at for all defence lines all went off at the same time!


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