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Chapter 147 Abuse Of Power

 Chapter 147 Abuse Of Power

Fāng yùsēn's home is allocated at the core part of the city central. All the important people were living there. And they are heavily guarded.

Chu yun sheng had lied to professor sun for the first time. he wasn't sure if he could help them to build the food processing machine, but he still asked someone to send a message to them. The message was, if he helped him to saves a person, he will find a way to help them make the machine.

He didn't hide everything, in the message, he told the professor Sun what kind of person they are dealing with, so it's up to them to make the decision.

When chu yun sheng arrived at the city central. Ding yan and other people have also arrived.

:"Mr.chu, it's not wise to offend entire Fang family just for a woman. is it really worth us to risk it?" ding yan had already got the information before he arrived here. He said to chu yun sheng sternly.

:"she has something I need, it is very important." said chu yun sheng.

:"very important?" ding yan asked.

:"yes, very important, as important as the sword I'm holding!" chu yun sheng replied.

:"but you can wait, wait until their conflict is over, we can't get involved in this." ding yan said calmly. He needs to persuade chu yun sheng before it is too late.

:"whoever the second division supports, is on the losing side...and you don't know this woman, if she can't get help, she will tell everything to the Fang family. Then they will use the thing to threaten us to work for him. It will be even more difficult for us to get it back!" chu yun sheng shook his head, this is the reason why he didn't like her at all.

:"then why didn't she do it already? It seems like join them is much better for her." ding yan suddenly asked. There is a trace of a strange smile in the corner of his lips.

:"according to Liang Xicheng, Fang YuSen is a sadist, he likes to torture woman, a lot of women were already ruined by him....." chu yun sheng felt embarrassed. He also didn't believe it when liang xicheng told him this.

:"huh! This woman!" ding yan snorted coldly.

:"whichever the side she chooses is not my problem, I just need to get the stuff I want as soon as possible." said chu yun sheng.

:"I've heard your plan, it need a slight adjustment. the core area is heavily guarded. as the deputy chief commander's residence. It would be even more impossible to sneak in!

Also even your invited three parties here, I don't think Fang's family will hand over the person. They dare to do this means that they must have something or someone they can depend on.

If you want to save this woman, use two plan at the same time, ask three parties to stir up the conflict, the bigger and the messier the better. in that way, they will arrange more people to guard at the front. It's will be much easier to sneak in!" ding yan squint his eyes and said

Chu yun sheng nodded his head,

"But, the conflict won't last long, the discipline troops will arrive very soon. Are you sure you can locate her and get her out very quickly?" ding yan asked again.

:"don't worry about that, go arrange the three parties to stir up the conflicts, if the gun king is able to come out that would be great!" chu yun said with confidence. As long as when he is near the map, he is sure that he will be able to locate her.


:"the ice king doesn't want to come?" Fang YuSen sneered.

:" the ice king said the front line is very dangerous at the moment, he can't leave." a military officer said carefully.

"He just doesn't want to get involved. Just sending a few dark warriors here, what does he think we are? The beggars?" Fang YuSen smiled.

:"the commander asked me to bring a security battalion to protect you." the officer didn't know why he was smiling, but he didn't dare to ask.

:"thank you all, you can leave now. remember to arrange the security deployment. Tell all the people it might be a tough night tonight, ask them to stay on a high alert. Also, the food will be doubled tonight. Thank you all for the hard work!" Fang YuSen nodded his head.

Kidnap a gun king's man is his grandfather's plan. And kidnap lin shuiyao was just his own decision. Whenever he thought of the girl's slender and soft body, he just couldn't suppress the desire to torture her. If it weren't that his grandfather still has hope on the gun king. The place he kept lin shuiyao would not be the secret chamber, it would be his basement!

Fang YuSen sneered, to him the women just like toys to make this boring apocalyptic life become more interesting. Once his grandfather's plan is successful, then whatever the ice king or the gun king, they will all be working for him. Only his family will be the real king.

:"master Fang, the second division is here." a dark warrior said nervously, he ran in hurriedly from the entrance.

:"how many people?: Fang YuSen's face instantly fell and said sternly.

:"a lot master Fang, not only them, the second, third, 9th division and GRD they all here!"

"9th division, what are they doing here? Wait. you said GRD is also here?" fang yusen instantly stood up from the sofa.

"Yes. master Fang, all the brothers are moving to the front to stop them from coming in, what do we do now?"

"Let me go talk to them!" fang yusen grit his teeth. his grandfather's plan is already started, there is no way back.

Meanwhile outside the deputy chief commander Fang's residence. Many soldiers and dark warriors were gathered at the front entrance by ding yan.

A group of the disciplinary troop has already arrived, however. there were too many soldiers and dark warriors. They had to wait for the backup!

"Fang yusen, you motherfucker, release her!" liang xicheng was cursing at the gate. He did not seem to be scared of the machine guns that were aiming at them by the 3rd division's security battalion.

"Fang yu sen come out..........."

"Brothers, how dare they aim the gun at us, they think we are scared, tell our armor regiment to drive tank to here, let's crush those bastards "

"We are defending the front line, but this fucker is harming our family at our back. Fuck this shit, if they don't give us an explanation! We will rebel."

"Who dares to cause trouble here!" fang yusen came out of the residence with all the dark warriors.

"Fang fucker, hand over the person, otherwise, we will do it ourselves." said the gun king's representative.

"Watch your tone! Where do you think this place is!? And I don't know what you are talking about. If you don't leave, everyone will be treated as rebels!" fang yusen sneered.

"Fang yusen, are you fucking retarded, three divisions and GRD, you are going to treat us as rebels? And stop lying, hand over the girl. "

"You want to abuse your power?" said fang yusen and then he secretly gave the disciplinary officer a look.

"Yes, we are! so what are you going to do! you think only you can do it. Motherfucker! We were risking our lives at the frontline, you are doing this to us! Bah !" said qian deduo and then he spat on the ground.

"Just ignore him, we will do it ourselves!" some people shouted.

"In the name of disciplinary troops, i command you to drop your weapons, if you don't stop it, you will be taken away for the investigation!" a disciplinary officer just arrived at the scene and shouted using the megaphone.

"Fuck you, everyone knows the disciplinary troops is under the deputy chief commander fang's control!"

The front entrance was getting more and more chaotic, although they have not started to use the weapon, but they already started to push in. for the safety, fang yusen had already retreated back to the house.

There are very few luxury mansions in the central city. But Fang's family got two of them. One at the front and one at the back. The concrete walls were built around the mansions since they moved in.

Chu yun sheng was standing on the roof of a tall building next to two mansion. When he saw many guards started to move to the front, he immediately activated his armor and sneaked into the second mansion with the little tiger.

The second map is in there. he could feel it.