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Chapter 145 The gun king was injured

 Chapter 145 The gun king was injured

Chapter 145 The gun king was injured.

When the swarm finally retreated, it was already the 8.00 on the second day. All the defence's gaps had been fixed. Now many soldiers are busy moving the bodies and other injured soldiers to the back of the defence line.

The dark warrior regiment of 9th division was also exhausted. Especially lu guolong, he had already passed out because of exhaustion.

Chu yun sheng sat on the ground to eat his food despite the blood on the ground. he was also very tired, the food was sent to them by the second division's logistics personnel. But they can't wait to find a clean place to eat.

:"May I ask, who is chu yun sheng?" said politely by an officer who was wearing a pair of glasses. who was also holding a briefcase underneath his armpit.

:"I am!" said chu yun sheng, he was leaning against ice wall which they just fixed and secretly using the absorption yuan fu to absorb the energy from the red shells inside the ice.

"Hello Mr.Chu, my name is Qiu Shaoqin, I'm from the second division's headquarter. The division commander would like to discuss something with you. Could you....." said Qiu Shaoqin, then adjusted his glasses.

Chu yun sheng knit his brow. Not only He was extremely tired at the moment, but also he wanted to use the break time to absorb yuan qi from the red shells. The time was extremely precious to him. he even forces himself to stay awake to absorb monster's energy. How did he have time to talk to someone he didn't even know.

Not to mention that he already knew, the most of du qishan's men are in the second division. They all know about chu yun sheng's ability, what if they want him to bomb the tombs as well? It will only make both side embarrassed.

:"I'm eating at the moment, and I still need a break, later on, I'll go talk to him. But not now!" chu yun sheng simply replied. Later on when he finished absorbing the energy. He can find any excuse to run away from here. For example, he could say the west defence line need their immediate assistance....

:"but. Mr.Chu, can you not do it now......."Qiu Shaoqin wanted to carry on. But chu yun sheng has already closed his eyes. He raised his brows. Even the gun king would not show such disrespect.

But the commander and the political commissar had repeatedly warned him to show as much respect as possible, so he had no choice but let out a dry laugh.

Just right after Qiu Shaoqin left. Another group came to look for chu yun sheng. Chu yun sheng found The man who led group was very familiar. :"brother chu! they were right. It really is you. You really didn't die! " shouted the man before he even approached chu yun sheng. He seemed to be very excited.

Chu yun sheng felt a little bit melancholy. Why everyone he saw would say this to him as if they think it is not normal that he is still alive.

Professor Sun said this, ding yan also said it. So did yao xiang, ban shi jun and this man.

Chu yun sheng had already realised who his man is . He is Qian deduo, Qian big mouth who he knew back in the Dong shen university's escort team.

:" Why are you here?" chu yun sheng immediately changed the subject, he had experienced enough trouble caused by this guy's mouth. He had to avoid it.

:"oh.. Dong shen university was following the second division during the evacuation. so when we got to the city, we still follow them...... Brother chu, you don't know.......we had been through........." qian de duo simply sat on the floor with them and started "activate" his non-stop talking ability. and Everyone else was stunned.

:"ok...stop..... We can talk about this later... who told you I'm still alive?" chu yun sheng immediately stopped him. The only person he could think of and also able to compete with this guy's non-stop talking ability is yu xiaohai.

:"ban shijun came by yesterday, then someone in the first regiment also leaked out some of your information. But there are too many rumours, so we don't know which one is real. But it doesn't matter now. I finally got to see you in person. Almost didn't recognize you!" then he suddenly approached chu yun sheng and winked his eyes then whispered to chu yun sheng:"brother chu, your celebrity friend is still alive. Originally we were planning to go to the west district to see you when we heard you are still alive. But we did not expect the insect suddenly started to push the front line!"

"Oh, was it." chu yun sheng smiled, he did not like lin shuiyao, because he thinks she is a smart woman, he was scared that she will use him once again.

"Since we came to jin ling, we have been living in the south district. then i joined the gun king's clan." qian deduo knew chu yun sheng would not believe him, so he just let out a hollow laugh. Then he suddenly seemed to remember something. After he looked around, he whispered to chu yun sheng:" brother chu, the gun king was injured by someone, few of his strongest men were also injured as well. That's the reason why we couldn't fix the gaps and need to request for assistance.."

:"injured? How? Who did it?" chu yun sheng heart sunk, at this crucial moment, why would someone injure him? No wonder he only saw shen shaoze.

:"I don't know, but rumour says they were injured by a man in the red cloak. But no one actually saw it, the gun king also prohibited any information from spreading out." said qian deduo.

:"the Man in the clock!?" chu yun sheng suddenly stood up. It's the Cloaked man again, what did he want, why did choose this moment to injured the gun king. Is he with the insect? He thought.

:" what about other two kings?" chu yun sheng thought for a second then asked.

:"They are all at the defence line. Look, over there, the third division's ice king was still there. And apparently, the fire king has been staying at the East defence line for two days now." qian deduo was startled by chu yun sheng's reaction, he didn't know why would chu yun sheng act like this.

Chu yun sheng knit his brows and started to think: if the cloaked man is really with the monster, why he didn't attack two other kings? Why would he let "fake" Qi xuan go to the battle to kill the monster?

The second division command headquarters.

"commander, chu yun sheng didn't seem to want to come here." Qiu Shaoqin told them what happened.

:"Oh, if he doesn't want to come, let's go visit him!" said yang baili, he put down the pen then pick up the hat from the table.

:"commander, do you really think it's necessary. You still have documents need to check, just ask xiao qiu to try one more time!" political commissar quan immediately stopped him. This chu yun sheng guy really puts himself air. How could the commander of second division go to visit him instead!

:"lao quan take a look at this report. From last night until now, 30 of his clan member, not single one of them died. There was only one person had minor injuries, and it was caused by their own people. This is his real power, this is why he deserves a visit." said yang baili, he put the hat on and gently knocked the table.

": how did he do it?" political commissar quan immediately picked up the report and started to read it.

:"that's why I need to visit him!" yang baili had already put on his military coat and started to walk outside.

..........Meanwhile at the front line......

chu yun sheng's mind was filled with the cloaked man after qian de duo left. The cloaked man was like a time bomb that could explode at any time!

What he's most worried about was the uncertainty of the cloaked man's real strength, according to qi xuan's last word. He is at least at rank 5, but he has no idea how powerful the rank 5 is.

at the moment, the only information he could use to determine the cloaked man's power was, the gun king and his men fought the cloaked man to a draw.

Just when he planned to go back to the west district to have a discussion with ding yan about this, he saw a group of people walked towards him from the second division.

"Hello, Mr.Chu, my name is yang baili!" said yang baili while smiling.

:"hello, commander yang." chu yun sheng reached his hand out to have a handshake with him.

:"Mr.chu, first of all, on behalf of the second division and the martyred Regiment commander du qishang, I thank you for what you did back in the fog city. I'll request the GCH to reward you for what you did." yang baili's voice sounds very deep and strong.

"Thank you, but i don't need any reward, everyone was just trying to save themselves, so am i" chu yun sheng rejected.

"Mr. chu does not seek fame and fortune. You are truly a great man! " then he suddenly changed his topic:"to be honest with you Mr. chu, i admire your ability, since you have already joined 9th division, and lao fu is also my old friend, i will not ask you to come to my division, but i have a simple suggestion, i don't know if you are interested." he said Bluntly.

:"Please!" chu yun sheng smiled.

"I have heard something about you from the staff officer tao, i think i have a rough idea what you want, and i can provide those things to you, i don't care what you need those things for, all we need is, if you could help us if our division is in danger!" yang baili simply said. After the gun king was injured, his dark warrior regiment's power was greatly decreased.

also Ban shijun and other military dark warriors who were originally in his division were all transferred into the special force.

That was why he sent the reinforcement requests to the 9th division which was the nearest division to them, so many time.

Yang baili clearly felt that this guy could not be restrained by Fu liao yuan and Zhu Lingdie. So he could get a promise from this man.