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Chapter 144 seal the golden shell

 Chapter 144 seal the golden shell

Chapter 144 seal the golden shell

"brothers! the reinforcement was here, let's push them back!" the first regiment commander of the second division shouted. He stood up, lifted the machine gun and charged toward the insects which had broken through the defence wall.

If the west district's battlefield could be described as horrifying. Then there isn't any word can be used to describe the situation in the south district.

the South defence line has three divisions. The second, Third and 7th. the overall strength of them is greater than 5th and 9th combined. Their enemy was also much larger than the west district. Without the river to stop the swarm advancing. It was much difficult for them to defend.

The first defence line has already collapsed. The swarm also ripped open three gaps on the defence wall in the second defence line.

"starting from the left, first company take the first gap, second take the second. third take the third. And fourth company follow me to reinforce other areas!" zhu lingdie jumped off the truck and shouted. after they stopped the first wave of attack in the west. The fourth team leader was hurriedly decided.

Chu yun sheng held the sub machine gun and charged towards the gap with his company which was around 90 people. The little tiger closely followed behind him.

Chu yun sheng only recognized one man who was still fighting in the gap. It was the shen shaoze. He was covered with blood, no one knows if the blood belongs to him or someone else.

he was already surrounded by 4 red shells when chu yun sheng arrived. There was also a green shell that about to dive at him.


Chu yun sheng's sub-machine gun was fully loaded. The green shell was shot down and he broke into the encirclement.

Yao xiang and lu yu used their combination attack to push the insects in the gap back.

:" it's you?...... Thank.... You.." said shen shaoze, then he passed out.

:"take him away!" said chu yun sheng.. He threw the shen shaoze to his men behind him

The gap on the defence wall was about 30 meters wide. All the insects flocked into the gap and try to break in from there.

:"ice warriors freeze the bodies of the monsters in the gap. use those bodies to fill the gap. first platoon focus on the fireballs and green shells, second and third let's push them out!" chu yun sheng shouted loudly.

At the moment, he had to ask wu kezhao and little tiger to block the fireballs. He needed to focus on fixing the gaps!

30 dark warriors immediately cast their ability at the same time to fill the gap, all the insects including the live ones were frozen in the gap. Even Chu yun sheng's feet were also frozen!

:"lu guolong, hurry up reinforce the ice in the gap" chu yun sheng broke the ice and jumped on the top of defence wall to use the submachine gun to strafe the insects outside the wall and preventing them from damaging the ice in the gap!

Of course, The second division had also tried to do it before. But whenever they did it, before they could completely fill the gap, the ice will be destroyed by the monsters again.

However, the first company which was led by chu yun sheng was much stronger than them. Especially chu yun sheng's enchanted submachine gun.

:"Oh! Fuck me.... " Lu luolong cursed silently. Although what he did was not the most dangerous, but he was assigned to the most important job. He had already used some of his energy back in the west defence line, now he has to do this. I'm just a rank 1 warrior! he moaned.

The gap was quickly filled up at a speed visible to the human eyes.

On the roof of a building no far behind the defence line, Yang baili was constantly using the binoculars to check the situations of the three gaps!

Suddenly he noticed that a gap need to be filled up!


Then the soldiers behind the gap burst into cheers. It once again confirmed what he saw was correct.

"Who was that man holding the submachine gun? Anyone knew?" yang baili pointed at the chu yun sheng, then he turned around and asked the people behind him.

His staff officers immediately picked up the binoculars to see the person who he talked about. But no one seemed to know who he was.

:"I know! His surname is chu, the wind and fire master has joined his clan! So did the 13th master...." shen shaoze was helped by a soldier to walk towards the front. He was injured and exhausted with energy earlier. after some simple treatment, he woke up. But He insisted to stay near the front line to observe the situation.

": wait, just say the name! What's his full name?" yang baili interrupted him.

:"chu yun sheng, i don't know many things about him, he came from the west district." shen shaoze shook his head.

:"chu yun sheng? I have heard this name somewhere?" yang baili knit his brow, then suddenly he told one soldier:"get the staff officer of the first regiment here immediately!"

A few minutes later, the staff officer hurriedly ran into the headquarter.

"Staff officer Tao, was it a person called chu yun sheng saved you back in fog city?" said yang baili.

"Yes, commander!" staff officer Tao nodded his head.

"No wonder, the most powerful man in the fog city. Lao tao, you did not do your job properly. How could you let lao fu get the man before us!" yang baili sighed.

Sheng shaoze was shocked. The most powerful man in the fog city!? This person is real!?

His men usually hang around with the soldiers from the first regiment of the second division. a regiment which was originally called 126th regiment. they have heard some rumour about the man, but no one mentioned the actual name. They even said the four dark warrior's kings are nothing compared to the most powerful man in the fog city. However, most people just take it as a joke.

But when it came from the division commander's mouth, it is totally different. He is the commander of the second division, he would never exaggerate such thing.

Sheng shaozhen could not help but gaze afar at chu yun sheng's figure. Is this man really that powerful? Maybe the most powerful man in the fog city is real. But i don't think he is really stronger than the four kings!

:"commander, we had an unpleasant past with him, we all thought he died until yesterday. the captain ban was checking the dark warrior's record......" he suddenly stopped there, because it reminded him about Du qishan.

"Forget it, arrange him to talk to me, after we push back the insect." yang baili shook his head.

After chu yun sheng saw the gap was filled up, he immediately asked everyone to move back 100 meters. because He had seen a golden shell and a group a red shell was crawling towards him.

Chu yun sheng has many people with him now, he was not scared of them at all. All he worried about was the ice in the gap. He was worried that the golden shell might spit fire to destroy the defence line which he just spent so much effort to fix it.

Chu yun sheng has also heard some rumours about why Jin ling city could survive this long. It is said that there is some mysterious dark energy underneath the jin ling city. Those dark energies prevented the channel to be opened inside the city, it also prevents golden shell to dig into the city. Without them, the city would have already fallen!

At this moment, only the rank 3 and above dark warriors were standing on the defence wall. All the low ranking dark warriors were asked to stay at back.

Chu yun sheng did not wait for the golden shell to approach the wall, he immediately initiated the attack. With the help from yao xiang, lu yu, wu kezhao, bai yutang. A golden shell did not stand a chance in the combat. Within a few minutes, it was heavily injured by them.

Seeing the dying golden shell, chu yun sheng suddenly remembered that he still had an empty monster seal yuan fu. Now it is the perfect time to use it. he thought.

"It is almost dead, leave it to me, you all go to help other people!" monster seal yuan fu will be his last resort, so he did not want many people to know. At least, at the moment, he did not want them to know about it.

Lu yu and other people did not doubt chu yun sheng's ability, they all think chu yun sheng could kill a live golden shell, let alone a dying one.

The golden shell has already lost its ability to move, so chu yun sheng was not worried it would run away. He waited there and kill all the red shells that passed over the golden shell. The bodies of red shells started to stack up higher and higher until it covers the golden shell entirely.

The rest of red shells saw they could not break in through chu yun sheng. So they all moved to the other side. chu yun sheng immediately took out the monster seal yuan fu and jump down the piles of red shells' bodies. It is the perfect moment for him to seal the monster, no one would be able to see it.

Chu yun sheng recited the incantation to activate the yuan fu, he suppressed golden light from glowing bright in the darkness. It took him a while to finally restrain the golden shell inside the yuan fu.

When the monster was seal inside the yuan fu, chu yun sheng's remaining yuan qi was instantly sucked into the yuan fu to heal the dying monster!

His yuan qi started to reduce rapidly. Chu yun sheng was started. He did not have much yuan qi left, and some monsters were still charging towards him. He immediately turned around, ran towards the defence wall, and jumped over the defence line. Then took out the absorption yuan fu to restore his energy.