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Chapter 142, you want me to cross the river?

 Chapter 142, you want me to cross the river?

Chapter 142, you want me to cross the river?

Bang! Bang! bang!..........

Chu yun sheng has already finished his bullets. What he was firing now was the pure fire element bullet. There were too many green shells, he also used a lot of yuan qi. Within few minutes, his yuan qi storage was down to half.

Fortunately, the first push did not last long.

Until there were only three green shells left, everyone surrounded those last three and used their abilities to smash them into pieces.

When The first push finally stopped, The entire defense line was already filled with burning smoke and ice pieces.

The area that chu yun sheng was guarding is near the south district. He could still hear the sound of gunfire constantly coming from the south district. He could imagine that the situation must be very bad over there.

Luckily the west district has the yangtze river. All the red shells were stopped by it. However, the sheer number of insects that were crawling on the broken bridge and the other side of river bank still scared everyone.

The first wave just stopped temporarily. But many soldiers were already burned and turned into the black carbon, some even were completely melted. Medics were constantly crossing the battlefield to take away the injured soldiers one by one and moved them to a hospital facility behind the defence line.

All the dark warriors were also exhausted. most of them were still sitting on the ground panting.

"How many people died?" chu yun sheng asked ding yan.

"4 dark warriors, all rank 1. Plus the one zhu lingdie executed, 5 in total!" said ding yan while dusting off the ice pieces from his cloth. Some of the ice warriors had a mental breakdown, they kept casting out their energies even the monster retreated! The dark warrior's discipline was a lot worse than he expected, it could not compete with the ordinary soldier at all.

"Ask brothers to hurry up finishing the break, the insects might start second push anytime soon. Tell them to gather at the shed over there. I will give them some energy shields like what you used to have!" chu yun sheng said sternly. '

Originally he planned to slowly arm his men with liu jia energy shield because he did not know them that well. However, when he saw those people risked their lives to follow his order without any hesitance, and people in the other group did not move at all. he has changed his mind!

After all, those 30 people's family were all in the office building, and everyone was in the same boat.

No matter how familiar is he with the incantations, a single liu jia energy shield still cost him two units of yuan qi, so, in order to make 30 of them, he has to use the backup absorption yuan fu.

In terms of the other dark warriors in the regiment, even he wanted to arm them, it still could not be done in a short period of time. That is more than 700 units of yuan qi in total if he wanted to arm them all.

The first priority should always be his men first.

"You don't need to worry, i have already arranged everything, also, i have arranged bai yutang and wu kezhao'group to join your company. Those two people are very useful. at least, they would listen to you." ding yan nodded his head.

After ding yan left, chu yun sheng checked the little tiger if it was injured. Luckily only minor Frostbite. Nothing serious. Then he gave it a huge piece of red shell's meat and ask it to guard the shed.

He had already gained insight into the liu jia energy shield. so He was able to cast the yuan fu without triggering the special light effect.

Apart from chu yun sheng, yao xiang and ding yan. all the 35 people were gasped with their mouth wide open when chu yun sheng finished the incantations.

Although The energy shield won't be able to increase the energy inside their body, but their overall physical strength such as hearing, vision, strength and speed were increased. This is something they could clearly feel it.

In terms of energy shield protection, sooner or later they will be able to experience it.

All those dark warriors were already impressed by a lot of things that chu yun sheng could do, the sword attack, the weapons that he gave to yao xiang and lu yu. Now the energy shield. Everyone was thinking about what else does this man have.

The more powerful the dark warrior get, the more they wanted a protection equipment. Chu yun sheng was not only able to make the weapon. He was also able to make a protection equipment. This kind of ability is usually what they wanted the most.

"Mr.chu, zhu lingdie wants to gather everyone, she wants to announce something." ding yan said/

"Let's go!" chu yun sheng took the lead and walked towards to battlefield once again.

Zhu ling die was standing on the higher ground and holding a megaphone. There were four bodies were lying in front of her. When everyone was gathered. She switched on the megaphone. :"i know everyone was tired, we all need a break. so i will make it short, i will only mention two things here.

The first thing: today is the first day our regiment joined the fight, we have lost four of our brothers. In the name of the 9th division, i can guarantee that their families will receive protection from the 9th division for life.

The second one is a good new, the GRD has agreed to give us a batch of prototype armour. They will send them over to the 9th division's headquarters. We have the first priority to equip them!"

The announcement was mainly trying to eliminate dark warrior's concerns. The first corner was their family's safety. The second one is the safeties of themselves. Because of this announcement and what she did earlier in the battle, she gained more or less a little bit trust from all the dark warriors.

"Brother chu, i need to talk to you in private!" zhu lingdie approached chu yun sheng and said quietly.

Chu yun sheng nodded his head and walked into a tent with her.

:"brother chu, i am not going to lie, the division has already got the east and the south district's reports, they suffered huge losses, the second division have lost an entire company during the first push... ....... "zhu lingdie said sternly.

"Commander zhu, just get to the point,even without the report, i can still imagine how bad the situation is."chu yun sheng interrupted her.

"The division commander had a discussion with me earlier, sooner or later the swarm will find a way to cross the river, but because of those tombs, the artillery could not do anything to them. the commander hopes we could send someone one over to plant the bomb and blow them up! So the military could bombard them!" zhu lingdie did not feel annoyed when chu yun sheng interrupted her, she carefully explained what the commander wants.

"You want me to cross the river!?" chu yun sheng was shocked.

"Brother chu, that's why i need to discuss with you, it is not an order....." zhu lingdie said quietly.

"Even if it is an order, i still won't do it! End of discussion, commander zhu, i don't even know if i can approach those tombs. Let alone if i have time to install those bombs! Tell that commander, ask him to see for himself. How many insects are on the other side of the river! many monsters are still hiding in the dark, we still have not yet seen them!." chu yun sheng refused immediately. This is a suicide mission! he turned around straight away and shook his head while walking out of the tent.

Zhu lingdie looked at his back and let out a long sigh.