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Chapter 141 The push begins

 Chapter 141 The push begins

Chapter 141 The push begins

"look! What's that!?" a man shouted in surprise.

It instantly woke up those who were still stunned.

In the swarm's base, dozens of monsters crawled out of sticky bloody colored substances, the top half of their body was thin and long, and the bottom half of their body was big and fat. They all twisted their body to stand up straight. then suddenly, as if they were trying to push something out their body, their bottom half suddenly expanded then the swelling part quickly moved through their 10 meters long body, when they opened their mouth, instantly, many dazzling fireballs were shot out, and flew over the river and headed towards Jin ling city!

"take cover! take cover!"...........

Soldiers who were on the lookout, shouted in their hoarse voice to remind those who still standing watching to take the cover.

Chu yun sheng immediately dragged Ding yan away and jumped off the shipping containers. they leaned closely against the containers and waited for the fireballs to land.


The fireballs have the diameter up to three meters. They smashed on the defense line and instantly blow up. The violent fire energy immediately burst out and set surrounding on fire.

Those who couldn't find a place to take cover, all ran around attempt to dodge the fireballs.

Those violent fire element energies are different than the regular fire, even the dark warriors were hit by it, they will also be either dead or injured

Stange long monsters were constantly shooting out the fireballs. The west defense line fell into chaos.

The dark warrior regiment has not properly formed yet. All the dark warriors were scattered and once again fight individually on their own.

"Medic! Medic!"two soldiers hoarsely shouted while running out the place they took cover. they were attempting to save a soldier who was on fire.

Behind them, there was another fireball heading toward them, if they don't move, it will definitely land on them.

Chu yun sheng's roughly knew how powerful the fireball is. He estimated that with the help of both the energy shield and the combat armor, he will be able to withstand the attack for a while.

As he was thinking, He immediately activated his armor and tapped the lu yu's shoulder. :"Lu yu!" he shouted When he leaped forward to block the fireballs.


Lu yu has already realized what chu yun sheng wanted him to do, within a split second, he shot out the frost arrow.

The fierce ice element collided with the violent fire element, and the ice element was trying its best to reduce the fireballs power, however. One frost arrow was not enough!

With the help of armor and energy shield, chu yun sheng barely slowed down the fireball and diverted its course.

Then lu yu unleashed its second frost arrow. It stuck onto the fireball and stop it from being exploded. The third arrow closely followed behind, when it hit the fireball, the fireball was finally frozen!

"All the ice dark warriors, immediately unleash your power to reduce the power of the fireballs!" chu yun sheng shouted while pushing the ice "fireball" away!

Those fireballs are not ordinary fireballs, regular water could not put out the fire at all. They had to use the ice element to destroy it.

However, after chu yun sheng shouted, only around 30 people started to unleash their energy. most those people were from this clan. There were very few other people followed his order.

"In the name of Dark warrior regiment commander, I order all the ice dark warriors to cooperate with chu yun sheng. Any deserters will be killed immediately! " no one knew where did Zhu lingdie get a megaphone from. but She was shouting through the megaphone while standing on a higher ground, despite many flying fireballs.

What chu yun sheng did earlier made her believe that there is still a chance. As a regiment commander, she has to act immediately and act harshly. However, almost half of ice warriors still only care about them self, they were running around to seek the cover. No one seemed to listen to zhu lingdie's command.

"Deserter! Kill!" zhu lingdie said sternly while pointing at a rank 2 ice warrior who was still hiding in the corner. she immediately gave the order to a rank 3 dark yi class dark behind her.

A rank 3 yi class dark warrior, followed by 3 rank 2 dark warriors charged towards the ice warrior while many fireballs still flying towards them. The ice warriors' face already turned pale. But there was no second chance for him. He was instantly killed under the cover which he thought was going to protect him during the battle!

The ice warrior's clan members did not dare to move, the deputy commander ding yan has already asked yao xiang to take a dozen of fire warriors and bai yu tang's group to assist those three people.

"Who else disobeys the order, they will be killed just like him" zhu lingdie shouted using the megaphone while standing on the higher ground. At that moment, she was like a goddess of death.

All the dark warriors have been used to the relaxing life. No one expected zhu lingdie would really do it. With the help from bai yutang, and chu yun sheng's group, there is no way for them to overthrow zhu lingdie, so they had no choice but grit their teeth to follow the order.

"Wu kezhao, we are responsible for blocking the fireballs, all ice warriors assist us to freeze them! Fire warriors watch out for the green shells!" chu yun sheng pointed at wu kezhao shouted. Amongst all the dark warriors here, only wu kezhao's metal element ability is able to block the fireballs like him. It would be a suicide mission if chu yun sheng asks rest of people to block the fireballs!

"What! Fuck you! Why me! I was injured........" wu kezhao cursed. But he did not dare to say it loudly.

The west district's defense line was split into north part and south part. The north was defended by the 5th division. Chu yun sheng's regiment only responsible for the south part of the defense line.

But even though it's just half of defense line, it was still very long. Fireballs were flying towards them from all the directions, even the 300 hundred people all spread out, they still could not stop all of them. So the dark warrior regiment only focused on the area which under the insect's strongest attack.

Chu yun sheng, wu kezhao and the little tiger were constantly blocking the fireball, all the ice warrior were assisting them to freeze the fireballs in time.

At Rhe beginning, they were still very clumsy. Most of the time, they would freeze chuy yun sheng with the fireballs. But more they unleash the power, the better they start to cooperate with each other.

Some of the fireballs could not be blocked in time. however, once they landed, all the ice dark warriors will try to put it out as soon as possible.

the rate of casualty started to reduce. The ordinary soldiers could finally retreat back to their heavy weapon's position, and get ready for the green shells.

Bratatat! Bratatat!

When The cloud of Green shells just passed the river, they immediately received the storm of bullets. a few of the machine guns were controlled by the gun dark warriors who originally sent there by Zhu Lingdie. There were around 20 of them, and everyone takes a turn to use the gun in case of the energy exhaustion.

When they got closer, many rocket launchers started to fire at the cloud of the green shells!

The west district's sky was filled with dark dots and rocket explosions.

Almost ⅓ of the green shell could not make it to the other side of the river. But the remaining of them still flying towards the defense line in high speed.

Ding yan and zhu lingdie has already arranged the fire dark warrior in a battle formation and waiting for the green shell to get even closer. The 9th division's ordinary soldiers were behind the covers and using the guns to assist them.

The bloody battle was coming towards them.

It was either they die, of the insects die!

The sound of explosions, gun fires, screaming, and insects screeching, never stopped.

Chu yun sheng blocked one of the fireballs and stopped on the ground to adjust this breath. He gazed at the long strange monsters at the other side of the river. Those monsters seemed to reach their limits, they had already stopped shooting out the fireballs.

Wu kezhao has already collapsed on the ground because of exhaustion. his energy was far less than chu yun sheng.

Suddenly, a green shell breakout the bullets storm and dive at the little tiger with its sharp beak. Chu yun sheng knew that the little tiger probably also did not have much energy left. It may not be able to dodge this attack.

He immediately gave up blocking the fireballs and trying to save the little tiger.


A loud gunshot, the sound clearly was not caused by the regular firearm.

The green shell was hit, it made a hole in this body, and it was constantly bleeding out the sticky liquid. but it was only slow down for a split second then it was still flying towards the little tiger.

"Bang! Bang!......."

Several continuous shots, not a single one missed!

The green shell was hit and lost its speed then fall on the ground. This time the green shell was completed dead.

Chu yun sheng looked at the direction where the sound came from. He saw a tall and slender woman in a trench coat was holding a type 1 dark energy gun. It seemed like she finished one clip and trying to reload the gun.

"brother chu, are you alright!" yao xiang ran to chu yun sheng after he killed a green shell.

"I'm ok, you sword is too powerful, be careful, don't hurt our own people!" chu yun sheng reminded him.

Yao xiang nodded his head, then charged out once again.

Chu yun sheng picked up a Submachine gun from a puddle of blood next to a soldier, he then took out huo bing yuan fu from the storage yuan fu and cast it onto the submachine gun.

The pistol is too slow, and the sword is not suitable for the long range fight. He could unleash the sword qi, but it will waste too much energy.

He just needs to use the submachine gun to shot down the green shell. And the injured the green shell will be dealt by those rank 1 warriors.

He once again charged towards to front line with the little tiger.

----------------------the 9th division Defence headquarters------------------------------------

"Commander, the situation has been stabilized!" Qin Min hurriedly ran in from outside.

"stabilized shit....... if there isn't any river or the bridge wasn't destroyed. The swarm has already reached jin ling!" said fu liaoyuan while gazing at the front line.

"report! Commander! the Second Division in the South district defense Line is requesting for assistance!" said a signaller after he gave the salute.

"tell them to hold for a half hour, I'll send a regiment over!" fu liaoyuan knit his brows and said.

"commander, but the south district has three divisions, we only have two!" qin min tried to remind him something.

"But we have Yangtze river, they don't! This is it, end of discussion! Also, draft a new plan, and ask zhu ya tou to come here. Prepare a suicide squad and get them ready to cross the river and bomb those tombs! We can't afford to lose our defence line, we need to stop them from advancing any further!" fu liao yuan grit his teeth and said ferociously.