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chapter 140 Who said a gun without a bullet wont kill people

 chapter 140 Who said a gun without a bullet won't kill people

chapter 140 Who said a gun without a bullet won't kill people

"Bai Yutang gave up, Wu Kezhao do you still want to continue?" said zhu lingdie, she seemed to try to remind him something. zhu lingdie knows that bai yutang is no match for chu yun sheng, but she was still surprised that bai yutang would give up so easily. Did I underestimate his power? She thought.

"of course, why not. Don't you think that is going to scare me away!" wu kezhao was also surprised to see bai yutang gave up. Although he was reckless. But he wasn't stupid, at least he realized that the opponent was not a weak person as he thought. But he already said those word earlier, it is hard to take them back! More importantly, he was very confident that he is much stronger than bai yutang. Especially when his ability contained the rarest element which is the metal element!

Chu yun sheng reloaded the clip which has a total of 15 bullets, Then patiently waited for the signal to start. He knew that this is just a competition, and everyone will be brothers and fight together side by side in the future. so he just infused ⅓ of one yuan qi unit into each bullet.

chu yun sheng's fired his gun immediately after zhu ljngdie's signal.

"Despicable!" Wu Kezhao cursed loudly.

No one is able to dodge the bullet at such close range! Even the dark warriors. Wu kezhao's body burst out a dim golden light attempted to block two blazing bullets. The impact made him moved back one step.

Rank 3 bing class or above! Wu kezhao thought. He immediately started to rotate around chu yun sheng and attempt to move closer to attack. In his mind, as long as he is able to move quickly, chu yun sheng will eventually use up its bullets. Then he will be able to take this man down easily.

The reason why chu yun sheng wanted to fire the gun first was that his aim is very bad. He wanted to take the first move to fire at the non-moving target.

When wu kezhao started to move, chu yun sheng immediately lost his advantages. However, it doesn't mean that he is going to stay there waiting for wu kezhao to stop. His speed is also very quick, and even quicker than wu kezhao.

So, he immediately bent his knee and charged out to chase wu kezhao who was still running.

What chu yun sheng was doing totally surprised wu kezhao. Before, he was still trying to find a way to approach chu yun sheng. But he didn't expect this man would come to him first.

He was overjoyed, just when he about to turned around and counterattack. Chu yun sheng fired another two shots. It instantly made wu kezhao spit out blood. He quickly changed his moving patterns and carrying on running. He didn't dare to turn around anymore. Close range is much more dangerous than he thought it would be. If he turned around, he might end up like what zhu lingdie said which was wrapped around by the bandages.

On the field, one person was busy running, the other was closely chasing behind. The sound of gunshot constantly appears. It was lucky for wu kezhao that chu Yunsheng's aim is very bad. His unpredictable running pattern also helped him a lot. Most of chu yun sheng's shots were missed.

He was calculating in his mind . 10, 11, fuck, where the fuck was he aiming at........ Fuck 12..... 14.... One more left. His chance is near. He intentionally slowly down his speed to lure chu yun sheng to fire the last bullet.

This was the first time chu yun sheng fight with a rank 3 metal element dark warrior. Although almost half of his bullets failed to hit the target, but the rest half was still very powerful. He was quite surprised to see wu kezhao could still withstand his attack.

"haha, punk, finally! You ran out of bullets! Now it's my turn!" said wu kezhao when chu yun sheng fired the last shot. He has never felt so great before.

Chu yun sheng didn't count the bullets. because he didn't think he needed to. With yuan tian stage two's strength, and the help from the level two Huo Bing yuan fu. He could still shoot the fire yuan qi bullet from the empty chamber. And it is as powerful as the real bullet.

Wu kezhao didn't give chu yun sheng a chance to reload the clip. While he was saying those words. He already jumped towards chu yun sheng. While he was still in the air. The bright golden light started to appear around his arm and flowed towards his fist. Now it is time for him to run he thought.

Just when all the people thought chu yun sheng was going to lose. Three gunshots arose.

Bang! Bang ! Bang!

The sounds were totally different this time.

The first shot blocked wu kezhao's attack, the second one hit his chest, the third one closely followed

Three shots, every shot contained one full unit of yuan qi. The power was doubled.

"fuck!" wu kezhao only felt a sharp pain, it instantly broke up all the energy he gathered earlier. He felt he was hit by a staff(Chinese weapon a thick stick.) and his body flew back uncontrollably and smashed onto the ground. The energy movement inside his body was tossed around. It made him instantly spit out blood. He even smelt something was burning.

"no way, it's impossible, you ran out of bullets!" said wu kezhao despite the burning pain in his chest.

"who said without a bullet, you can't fire a gun!" chu yun sheng put back his gun. He has already won the fight.

who said without a bullet, you can't fire a gun?

Not only wu kezhao was confused, all the dark warriors including zhu lingdie was confused. This completely subverts their knowledge of the gun dark warrior!

Amongst those dark warriors who were watching the competition, there were also some gun dark warriors. Most of the time they were treated as the weak members of the team. They were upset and they don't know what to do. But now, Chu yun sheng's words gave them hope. This is their future, they can be powerful as well!

"third group, the winner is chu yun sheng!" said zhu lingdie, who was the first one came back from the shock.

When they just about to start the last competition, they heard loud noises appeared behind them. There was a commotion amongst the 9th division's troops. All the soldiers flocked towards the defense line. The sounds people that made when they were scared constantly appears in the defense line.

"What happened?" a dark warrior stopped a soldier and asked nervously.

"The other side of river......the other side of the river!.....!" the soldier was so scared, that he could not even say it properly.

People were scared of insects, any movement made by them will make them panic. Even the dark warriors.

Immediately 300 hundred dark warriors ran towards the front line, regardless there is a competition or not.

Chu yun sheng's speed was the fastest, he jumped on three large abandoned shipping containers which were laid on the defense wall and gazed afar at the other side of the river.

It was almost noon if it was still in the age of light, It was the time when the hazy shimmer in the sky was the brightest. The black fog that always covered the river has also dispersed. At the place far beyond the other side of the river, many huge blurred shadows appeared in everyone's sight. there seemed to be many the bright red lights sources were spurted to the sky and the red fog covering the shadows. The whole northern river region was filled in the bloody color.

"Brother chu, use this." zhu ling die passed over the military binoculars and said sternly.

Chu yun sheng took over the binoculars and looked at the other side of the river once again. what he saw made him broke out in a cold sweat.

In the other side of the river, at originally the swarm's position, there were many gigantic tomb shaped organisms appeared out of nowhere. they were at least 60 meters high, More than 50 meters in diameter and it seemed to attach to the ground. The whole "body" was covered in bloody red color and it was constantly creeping from bottom to the top.

The gigantic "hole" at the top of the organisms opens and closes sometimes to spurt out a fire towards the sky.

Many giant tubes were spread out from its bottom to pour the crimson colored sticky substances on the ground.

There were the uncountable amount of red shells traveling between tombs and tombs; most of green shells were perching at on the middle part of the tombs.

Chu yun sheng glanced at the farther places, because of the dim light, apart from the many tombs at the front, all he could see were the blurry tombs shapes at the back. But he believed that they are definitely even more of them.

The crimson colored sticky substances have already spread to the river side. There was also a huge tube on the broken bridge, and the tube seemed to be damaged by something.

Then chu yun sheng heart sunk, if the bridge weren't blown up, those sticky substances probably had already reached the west district. However, east and south district don't have river this kind of natural terrain. How are they going to solve this problem?

"Is this hell?" zhu lingdie Murmured.

No one was able to answer her question, everyone's mind was still blank!

"Fire! Fire! Fire!"

The 9th division's artillery regiment has started the bombardment.

The Whistling artillery shells made dazzling lights in the silent sky. It brought everyone's hope with them, flew towards the other side of the river.

The artillery shells flew over everyone's head, they flew over the river and reached the tombs. However, but there was no explosions, no destructions. It only has distortion!

Yes! The distortion!

If chu yun sheng needs to find a word to describe what he saw, he could only use distortion to describe it.

The hole on the top of the tombs suddenly rotated to open, then the whole space at the other side of the river seemed to be distorted, all the shells were sucked into the tombs. not a single shell landed outside.

The body of the tombs was still slowly creeping from the bottom to the top, it's body even expanded as twice as big, but no explosion.

The whole west district fell in silence, no one talks, there was not even any sound of breathing!

No one was willing to accept this result, everyone chose to believe it was a hallucination.

An irresistible panic and despair emerged from everyone's mind.

And the tombs at the other side of the river slowly opened it's hole once again to spurt out the fire and smoke.