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Chapter 138 Yangtze River Bridge

 Chapter 138 Yangtze River Bridge

Chapter 138 Yangtze River Bridge

"Division commander, do insects have any movement?" Qín mín walked into the division headquarters and asked. the swarm has surrounded them for a day, but there was no sign of them pushing forward. No one exactly what was going on.

The night was getting darker, everyone was tired and supplies was still a big problem. If the insects start to push in during the night, the situation will be even worse.

"Don't worry, we have Yangtze river this natural barrier to our west, those monsters won't be able to push in that easily."fu liao yan's eyes were covered with blood vessels, he flicked off the cigarette ash and said:"pass the order down, prepare the explosives and get Engineering battalion ready to destroy the yangtze river bridge!"

"Commander, don't you want to wait for the GCH's order? This is a big decision, once the bridge is destroyed, no one will be able to cross the river! " qin min suddenly had a shudder, the document on his hand almost fall on the ground. This decision is too bold!

"We have already submitted the report 8 hours ago, GCH now is in a mess, they don't have time to consider this small decision. Don't we have the order from the top already? now the other side of the river is already filled with the insects, do you still want to go to the other side? Do you think someone will be able to escape from that side? I have already discussed this with Lao Song. BLOW! IT! UP!" fu liaoyuan squeezed the cigarette tightly. He took a sip of the water then smashed the cup on the table. Lack of sleeping made him face looked wan and sallow. A moment later, he raised his head and asked:"Oh right, did you find that sword man? What is the progress?"

"We still don't have any clue. but xiao zhu said wind and fire master could also deal with the golden shell. At this time, she probably got them!" Qin min shook his head, the sword man seemed to disappear in jin ling, he had gone through all the dark warrior's record in jin ling, he still could not find the sword man. Sometimes he wondered, was his commander hallucinating at that time.

"What is the wind and fire master! That Yātou(footnote 1) was always talking about it, she must have been fooled by those rumors, I don't buy it. I only trust what I saw, you carry on finding that man. No! Doubled your manpower, ask entire security battalion find this man!" Fu liao yuan said loudly.

Then qin min was kicked out by fu liao yuan. When he just got out, he ran into the political commissar who just came back from GCH's meeting. political commissar shouted at him before he even greeted him:"lao fu, bomb the bridge! Bomb the bridge! GCH has approved!"


Shi qiying could not stop sweating at this moment, he was not scared of the 9th division. Because the 9th division is weaker than his division. So they will not do anything to him.

But GRD and military special force are different. No matter how much courage he has, it is not something that a single regiment commander can handle.

So when chu yun sheng mentioned they can leave, they immediately retreated with his men, he did not dare to stay here a single second longer.

After the third division left, ban shi jun spoke to chu yun sheng before the 9th division has a chance to talk:" Mr.chu, I know that you probably won't like the special force's strict rules, but do you want to join the 2nd division, most of our brothers who fought with you before are in there....they all hoped that they can fight together with you once again..... "

"Captain ban, thank you for inviting me. But i already promised to join the 9th division, their garrison will be located in the west district. It is much convenient for me." chu yun sheng smiled, and declined him.

In fact, the west district will be guarded by 2 divisions, the 5th and 9th. Because he knows someone from the 9th, that why he chose 9th instead of 5th.

"Mr.chu...." ban shi jun was still trying to persuade him.

At the same time, all the family members slowly came out of the basement, they were nervously looking at outside from the windows.

Chu yun sheng raised his hand to stop him talking and pointed at the building behind him. ": captain ban, look at them,. if I join the 2nd division, who is going to protect them. To them, this is their home. So....."

The office building has been reinforced by lu guolong, he spent days to get it done, so not only the family members do not want to go. Even lu luolong also does not want to go as well.

Ban shi jun did not know what to say. He also could not stay here for long, he had already broken the procedure to bring out the team. So he just greeted yao xiang and hurriedly left with his team members.

Professor Sun also gave chu yun sheng a "GRD key protected area" plate from the car before he left, he kept reminding chu yun sheng to go to the lab as soon as he can.

After the professor left, now it only left zhu lingdie and the 9th division's troops.

Zhu lingdie didn't have any chance to talk when she came in. although she looked calm, but inside her mind, she was overwhelmed with the shock by the people came to help Chu Yunsheng.

Compare to Duan da nian, she knows more than just a special rank badge. She knows exactly how important the professor sun's role in GRD is. This old man normally doesn't go out of lab unless it is extremely important.

And even a person like him could make an effort to come to help chu yun sheng and gave him a protection plate.

And there was more. That special force. they only follow the command directly issued by the GCH. Not a single division has authority to command this troop. Let alone a small dark warrior's clan. Du lingdie couldn't believe what she saw.

"brother Chu, this is Ning Mingxuan, the regiment commander of the 9th division. he represents the 9th division to invite you to join them." zhu lingdie quickly adjusted her emotions.

"commander ning, nice to meet you. In terms of cooperation, ding yan will discuss it with you. He represents us. I just need one thing from you. Guaranteed safety of our families." chu yun sheng's time was limited, he still needs to spend some time to separate symbols and give some symbols to the lecturer tang to decipher first. He also needs to arrange his men to gather more people like lecturer tang.

"Mr.Chu please be rest assured. At 6:00 tomorrow. The 9th and the 5th division will formally take over the entire west district. All the dark warriors in the west district will need to listen to our command." Ning Mingxuan said sternly.

Originally Ning Mingxuan thought zhu lingdie's request wasn't wise. He even thought that it was stupid to have a conflict with the 3rd division. But he changed his mind when he saw the special force and GRD.

All the divisions wish to have a good relationship with GRD. A good relationship will bring them more weapons and equipment. Because whenever there is a latest developed weapon, it will be up to GRD to decide which division can test the weapon first.

Chu yun sheng's clan wasn't exactly like what zhu lingdie said in the division. But this person knew professor sun, it is more than enough for them to invite him.

Ning Mingxuan was not angry that chu yun sheng only asked his man to discuss the cooperation with him. As long as he can get him into his division.

While ding yan was discussing the conditions with the representative. Chu yun sheng returned to the 10th floor to break up the incantations and copy the symbol from the book. He also noted down the symbols he knew in Chinese as a "blueprint", he hopes that the lecturer will follow the same pattern to decipher the symbols.

After an hour, ding yuan finally finished the meeting and signed the document with Ning Mingxuan.

According to the recruitment protocol. A total of 36 people in Chu yun sheng's clan are now formally joined dark warrior independent regiment of the 9th division. They will need to be assembled and stand by at the west district defense line, at 6:00 tomorrow.

Later on, the office building was added one more sign: "residential area of dark warrior independent regiment of the 9th division" plus the other plate that was mounted on the wall earlier which was given by the GRD, now the office building has become The safest area in the entire West District.

When The time was near 0:00, a bright flash light suddenly appeared at the Yangtze river which was to the west of the city. Then continuous loud explosions, soon a giant red fireball brought up a dark cloud and pushed it up to the sky. It instantly lit up the entire city western area.

Soon after the first wave of the explosions, few other waves of explosions followed, this time, they were from the farther regions of the city north and south.

All the refugees in the west district came out of their shanties, houses, and cars in panic. They all wanted to know if it was the insect started to push again!?

After chu yun sheng heard the explosion, he immediately ran to the roof, in the huge fire caused by the explosion, he vaguely saw the Yangtze River Bridge - a bridge Embodies countless people's efforts and proud, had collapsed and fallen into the river!