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Chapter 137 Illegal siege

 Chapter 137 Illegal siege

Chapter 137 Illegal siege

Who is this guy, why so many people wanted to help him? Why no one heard of him before? Shi yiqing and zeng xing rui were baffled, they did not know how to carry on with this search, all they could do right now is wait, they hoped that they will be able to get out of this office building safe.

Chu yun sheng's group was also very confused.

They understand why the 9th division was here. because it was the division zhu lingdie wanted them to join. but that military special force, chu yun sheng has no idea why they were here. Also, how did professor sun knew he was living here.

When he was trying to think any possible answers. A man walked out the special force team. He took off the helmet then said:" Mr.Chu, it is really you! You are alive! When I saw the report, I couldn't believe what I saw!!." the man was very excited.

Chu yun sheng found the person very familiar, but he couldn't remember exactly where he has met him before. Yao xiang walked towards him and said:" bother chu, he is du qishan's men, the company commander ban shi jun! "

Chu yun sheng finally remembers who he is. However, he still knit his brow. He doesn't want to deal with the military, especially du qishan that bastard.

If he could choose, he would rather work with 9th division than work with du qishan!

Ban shijun knew why Chu yun sheng wasn't happy, he apologized:"Mr.Chu I'm very happy that you are still alive. At least I can apologize to you in person, that day....."

Chu yun sheng deactivated the armor and interrupted him:" captain ban we fought side by side before, I remembered that at the end, you still tried to save me. So i don't blame you. You don't need to apologize to me. But Du qishan that motherfucker....!"

"Commander him... him...." ban shi jun pressed his lips together very hard. it seemed that he was trying to say something. But then he was interrupted by chu yun sheng once again.

"if you are trying to put in a good word for him. Then we can stop the conversation now." chu yun sheng said coldly.

:"Mr.Chu, Commander, he died!" ban shi jun took a deep breath and finally let it out.

"What!?" chu yun sheng felt like he was struck by a Lightning. He hates Du qishan for lying to him, he almost died because of Du qishan's lie. He was always cursing him secretly. and he wanted to punish him in person. But, he didn't expect Du qishan would die!

"after we reassembled with the division, we were trapped by the insects. Commander was blaming himself for leading the wrong way and caused so many brothers' death. After he handed the scientists over to the division. He insisted to stay at the end to delay the swarm's push.

Before we left, he told staff officer Tao that he had nothing left in this world, his wife died, his son died. He could not see the brothers die for him anymore...." ban shijun paused a second. He was trying to hold back his feelings. Then he carried on said:" then after we left, he detonated the entire division's explosives......"

After he heard what ban shi jun said, chu yun sheng started to breathe rapidly. He didn't expect it would end up like this!

Suddenly, he felt how ridiculous and pathetic he was. how could he even hate a dead man so much and for so long!

Du qishang once told him, he would do anything to finish the mission, this time he even sacrificed himself.

Chu yun sheng suddenly burst out hollow laughs. This motherfucker has won again.

At the end, He let out a long sigh. He lost, not only lost to du qishang, he lost to himself.

"fuck the fucking insects!" he cursed

:"I wanted to tell you when we were in the lab, but I couldn't." said the professor sun.

"the man was already dead, it's meaningless now." chu yun sheng shook his head. :" by the way, how did you know I am here?" said chu yun sheng.

"I informed him. when the new order was approved, we had a priority to go through the record first. Then we found out you are still alive." then he spoke to professor sun:" professor sun, if you knew Mr.Chu is alive, why don't you tell me."

"you military special force always comes and goes, and also xiao chu just arrived jin ling for few days. How can I tell you earlier?" professor sun replied.

Chu yun sheng unintentionally glanced at lu yaming who was hiding on the side. It was him provided his information to the GCH.

"all the conflicts between clans will be reported to the headquarters by the district area's commissioner. I saw the information that you had a conflict with ice king's man, and I was worried that I couldn't get the third division under the control. So inform the professor what happened to you." ban shi jun explained.

:"thank you, it's ok now." chu yun sheng has calmed down

"xiao chu, you are welcome, without you, we probably already died at the fog city." professor sun kept waving his hands:" xiao chu, come to the research department. I will use my life to guarantee your family's safety!"

" I'm a warrior, I'm useless to go to your department." chu yun sheng shook his head. Even though they helped him, he still couldn't trust them.

"xiao chu you know, this gun....." professor pointed at the type I dark energy gun and said To him in a very low voice:" Do you still remember the model you constructed? It was because of that model, lao fang was able to build this gun!"

He stopped chu yun sheng who was about to talk:" please let me finish first, I knew you can fight, you may even able to kill the flame bird! But you are always alone. no matter how good you are in the fight, it doesn't mean a lot to the entire city! Your ability is only useful at the research department, help us to develop even more powerful weapons to fight the monsters!"

"professor sun, you have overestimated my ability, it really just a coincidence. I couldn't even pass my exam paper back in university. Do you really think I have the ability to write some kind theories?" chu yun sheng wasn't lying. He didn't even know what he was doing at time. All he felt was like a dream, he learned something in the "dream", but he forgot it after he "woke up".

The knowledge from the ancient book contains high-end technological theories. It totally surpassed any basic physic theories known to human. So Even he took them out. Those scientists still won't be able to Decipher those dark theories. It is just like the monkey couldn't simple addition such as 1+1, how will they be able to understand the more complicated mathematical theories?

Unless all the scientists will be able to cultivate pure yuan qi like chu yun sheng, in that why, they don't need to understand the principles, they can still able to produce the weapon they needed!

But it is not realistic. because the multidimensional barriers are still there.

So even Chu yun sheng wish to help them, there is not many things he can do.

"let's do it this way. Professor sun, I gained the most of that knowledge during the battle with the monsters. I'll help you whenever I sensed something. Do you have any particular research subject want me to pay attentions to." this is all he could do, and he can't even guarantee if he could help them.

"this is probably the only way to do it, xiao chu, if you have time, please take a look at the new food research. We failed so many times...." professor sun was very disappointed, he knew chu yun sheng's background, he knew that he was not suitable for the research job. But he has has a glimmer of hope. However, that hope came from the harsh reality and pressure he didn't want to face. Because everyone including the regular civilians was relying too much on them.

"not weapons?" chu yun sheng was curious.


"xiao chu, many people are dying every day in jin ling, it is even more than the people killed by the monsters! As long as we are still alive, we will find a way to kill the monster, but if we all died..... All died...." he sighed.

Chu yun sheng just about to comfort him, then he suddenly noticed that shi qiying was still there! :"let's ask those people to leave first! we will talk about that later..." he immediately suggested.

:" what do they want?" professor sun instantly changed his expression and said sternly.

": they are accusing me of hiding 5 trucks of grain and want me to hand it in. I said I don't have it. They then try to take me away for the interrogation!" chu yun sheng laughed.

"shi qiying! Are you above the law!? I'll report it to your division commander. Chu yun sheng is working for the research department. Even he has the grain, it still belongs to our research department. If your commander still wants the food. Ask him to search our lab!" professor sun was shouting at shi qiying. This is the first time chu yun sheng saw the old man lost his temper, although he knew the old man was most likely acting it out.

"misunderstanding, it's all misunderstanding, I am just following my order, I didn't know that Mr.Chu was working for you. It was really a misunderstanding!" shi qiying didn't dare to talk back. In order to get new weapons and equipment, His division commander made a huge effort. If he messes up their relationship with the research department, who knows what will his commander do to him.

"even he is not working for the research department, do you think you can mess around with them!? Shi qiying, I'm telling you. you are attacking my 9th division's men without any reason. Just wait to be summoned to the Court-martial!" said a senior officer who finally squeezed in the crowd.